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Under the sunlight, the University of Auburn was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with vitality. Couples sat on the lawn and chatted and laughed, while on the way to the dorm, there were many types of blonde and brown-haired beauties that revealed sunny smiles. There were quite a few teenagers who were watching them and laughing foolishly, but didn’t dare to step forward.

Barrow followed three or four meters behind her. These past few days, the students seemed to have gotten used to the big guy next to Lan Luoshi. The boys who had been talking to her previously all stopped walking.

Of course, there was no lack of idle chatter, for example, this pure and charming Chinese girl was taken care of by the boss of an underground force, but the girl was too beautiful, to the point where the boss was worried, and followed her to and from school every day.

This might not be an easy way to gain a foothold, but many people felt that Lan Luoshi’s background was not simple. Even someone as grand as her had to protect her.

Gazing at Lan Luoshi from afar, Cheng Yan slightly narrowed her eyes. “What’s so great about that? Hmph, you actually brought a bodyguard to school based on your family’s status. I don’t believe you can stay in the sky forever!”

Although she was angry, Cheng Yan had no other choice. After all, she was just an ordinary girl from an ordinary family, and compared to Lan Luoshi, she was like a day in the world. She thought Guo Qiang would help her vent her anger, but who knew that Guo Qiang would just go missing after provoking Lan Luoshi?

“Barrow, I don’t think you need to follow me around every day. We cla.s.smates have a weird look in our eyes.” Lan Luoshi frowned. She clearly didn’t seem to become a monster in the eyes of others. How could there be a student who would bring a bodyguard to school …

In fact, the academy had wanted to talk to Lan Luoshi before, but there were still people who recognized Barrow’s ident.i.ty. After knowing his ident.i.ty, the academy gave up on this idea. No one wanted to provoke this underground boss.

Barrow smiled. “There’s no other way, Madam Lan. You are the fiancee of Lin Lin. I must complete the task he gave me.”

Lan Luoshi made a helpless face, she could only allow Barrow to follow her. She also knew the mission Lin Zichen had given her, so she only wanted to vent out a few words.

When they arrived at the school gates, Barrow waved his men to drive the car over. With Barrow’s protection, the Blue family would not even have to use the car. After all, Barrow’s car would be safer.

Lan Luoshi hadn’t even gotten in the car when she heard a voice from behind her.

“Lan Luoshi!”

She turned her head and saw a boy standing behind her, smiling at her.

The boy was around 1.8 meters tall, his brown hair was slightly curled, and his smile was extremely sunny. He had a pretty face, with a pair of deep blue eyes under his thick black brows, and a pair of slightly upturned lips under his tall nose.

“You are…” Lan Luoshi was stunned. She didn’t seem to recognize this sunny boy.

“h.e.l.lo, my name is Jiang Rui Ze. I’m in the third year of the Finance Department.” the boy said, revealing two rows of white teeth and a smile that was as pleasant as the spring breeze.

Lan Luoshi doubtfully nodded her head, “Oh …. h.e.l.lo senior, but we. I don’t think I know him. “

This Jiang Rui Ze was a Chinese name, and coupled with his western features, Lan Luoshi immediately understood that he was a hybrid.

Seeing Jiang Rui Ze and Lan Luo Shi talking, many people who were pa.s.sing by started whispering to each other. It seemed that many people knew who Jiang Rui Ze was.

“Wow, is that the senior who plays basketball? He actually knows Lan Luoshi? “

“Hehe, Lan Luoshi now has a bodyguard by her side. I’m afraid only senior student would dare to talk to her.”

“Jiang Chen is so handsome, he’s my sunshine.”

“This is the first time I’ve seen him. He’s as handsome as the legends say. Oh, no, he’s even more handsome.”

Jiang Ruize politely stretched out a hand and said, “Can you be considered to recognize him now?” Hehe, Luo Shi, can I call you that? Even though I’m from Australia, my dad is Chinese, so I don’t think it’s difficult for us to communicate. “

Lan Luoshi felt awkward after hearing Jiang Rui Ze’s words. Although she clearly felt that this was a form of conversation, Jiang Rui Ze was too polite after all. There seemed to be no reason for her to reject his courtesy.

Lan Luoshi had no choice but to shake hands with him. Jiang Ruize smiled, “I think we’re already friends. Then I won’t disturb you anymore. If there’s a chance, we can eat together.”

After saying that, Jiang Rui Ze handsome waved his hand, turned around and walked to the side of the road. He then started up a blue sports car and left.

Barrow looked at the car and could not help but frown. This car looks really familiar … “

After that, Lanluo got into the back of the car and Barrow got in the front, but he seemed to be thinking about that car just now. These two memorials were quite expensive, and they were limited edition.

He tried his best to recall this car. There were probably not many people who owned it in Australia, so he should be able to guess which family that brat belonged to. However, after thinking for a long time, he decided against it.

On the wide road, with the Bugatti Wyvern converging at a fast speed, Jiang Ruize pressed the throttle to the ground, feeling the pleasure of speed. He picked up a walkie-talkie and said, “Oh, Ma Ke, I’ve succeeded. I’ve become friends with Luo Shi.”

Very soon, a voice came over the walkie-talkie. “Jiang, you idiot. I’m having fun in the car with my girl.”

“To h.e.l.l with your girl. Ha ha, compared to Luo Shi, no girl is worth mentioning!” Jiang Rui Ze laughed heartily.

“Hey, friend, which Luo Shi are you talking about? This name is so weird, is it Chinese? ” The girl’s breathing could be heard from the walkie-talkie.

“Yeah, I’ve never seen such a beautiful girl in our first year at Auburn University. I’m sure I’ll get her. Buddy, can you keep your chick quiet?” Jiang Rui Ze said.

“I can’t control that. You need to know that I’m a strong man. Haha, then do you want to bring that girl with you next time we race? “Maybe she would have taken a fancy to me first?”

He pushed his hair to the back of his head, and then his silk-like hair began to blow in the wind. He said, “Give up. I, Jiang Ruize, have never taken a fancy to anyone, but this time, I can guarantee that she will become my wife!”

“Please, old man, don’t say that. It makes me feel sick. Since you said that, then what is Lisa?”

“Enough, I never said I liked her!”

“Oh, well, luckily she’s right under me, it’s all so wonderful!” Ma Ke smiled.

Jiang Rui Ze laughed, “Then I wish you all the best!”

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Rui Ze felt extremely happy. He stood up and continued to step on the accelerator. He opened his hands and felt the joy of this moment amidst the raging winds.

… ….

The Inst.i.tute of the Supernatural.

On the training field in the neutral zone, Lin Gang stood on a makeshift platform. He looked at the neat rows of students and nodded happily, “Everyone, I’m the vice of the Supernatural Academy, Lin Gang. I welcome you on behalf of the academy.”

There weren’t many people in the audience, only about forty people. However, the applause was loud and orderly. Special forces in military uniforms stood straight, and even the applause sounded the same. This was a team of high quality.

This is the first time many of you have entered the academy. Of course, there are also students who have left the academy, and have now returned, but no matter if you are a new or old student, I still welcome you very much. This training cla.s.s was specially arranged by the higher ups of the military in order to strengthen the strength of the special teams.

After Lin Gang finished speaking, another round of thunderous applause rang out. Situ Zhentian smiled and nodded his head, at the same time he did not forget to nod to the rest of the group. After all, they were all military personnel, and many of them were familiar with each other.

“Okay, I will proceed with the roll call and then we will split into groups, Ding Yu.”


“Liang Wentian!”


“Ren Tianying!”


When they heard Ren Tiaoying, the crowd couldn’t help but look over with respect. This martial artist who was once ranked on the Earth Martial Ranking had been selected by the authorities to enter the Chinese military. Not only did he repeatedly perform meritorious deeds, he had even become a Heaven Martial Ranking expert.

Lin Gang also nodded towards him with a smile. Although rank was very important in the military, Ren Tiaoying’s strength seemed to have surpa.s.sed this level. Even Lin Gang knew about this expert in the military.

After the cla.s.s rep finished calling out the names, he started to group up. Lin Gang turned towards Nangong Jue and said, “Old mister, you can arrange for them to enter the dorm, but …”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s just that this time, we’ve arranged for two chief instructors to carry out teaching, but chief instructor Lin … “Not yet.”

Nan Gong Jue frowned slightly, “What happened? This little rascal unchained himself at the most crucial moment, first arranging a place to stay, then going to the East District to look for him! “

Lin Gang had a troubled expression on his face, “I did, he’s not in the East District, that girl, Xiao Yu, said he …” “He’s cultivating in seclusion…”

“Concealed cultivation? “Hehe, Chief Instructor Lin is really different, always different.” Situ Zhentian coldly said.

Hearing that, Nan Gong Jue nodded his head, “Alright then, let’s start with tactics teaching, let Zhentian start first, as for Zi Chen’s ability to improve his teaching skills … … We’ll talk about it when he comes back. “

“Yes, sir!”

Afterwards, Lin Gang and Situ Zhentian arranged a dormitory for all the students in the advanced cultivation cla.s.s, while Nangong Jue directly returned to the administrative courtyard.

After entering the office, he sat down on the sofa and couldn’t help but smile. “This little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he actually hasn’t come out after so many days. It seems like the next few days will be spent teaching tactics …”

Nangong Jue already knew about Lin Zi Chen’s journey, but in order to avoid the conflict between him and Situ Zhentian, he didn’t say anything.

At this moment, the wood element and fire element runes’ energy was about to be completely poured into the rune stone. Compared to refining the Five Elements Symbol Array, any head instructor or cultivation cla.s.s seemed insignificant.

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