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As the huge blade came crashing down, the purple lion Banda’s eyes widened. However, there was no arrogance or anger in his expression. Fear seemed to have filled every hair on his body.

Lin Zi Chen looked at the Purple Lion’s protective zhen Qi layer and angrily glared at it. His eyebrows knitted together as he activated his martial skill once again!


Breaking air allowed a martial artist’s attack to completely ignore the true energy protection of the opponent. And now, by chopping at the purple lion, this force was completely released!


In that moment, the ground in the depths of the Elephant Mountain trembled, and a few thunderclaps appeared in the sky that was already covered by dark clouds!

The howling of the gale was ear-piercing as a streak of fiery light appeared, illuminating the dark s.p.a.ce.

Half of the purple lion’s head was chopped off, and its body was separated from its body. Then, due to the explosive force, both its body and the head of the lion exploded, turning into dust and disappearing into the air.

In the end, even the soul of the Violet Lion Banta had been completely destroyed in s.p.a.ce. One strike had caused its soul to shatter!

The sound of another explosion shook the entire mountain. From the summit to the mountainside, rocks tumbled down, and there were even a few tall trees that were smashed in half by the force, falling down tens of thousands of feet.

The mountain was filled with endless explosions and echoes…

After a long time, the entire environment quieted down once again, and the clouds in the sky slowly dispersed. However, it was already night by now, and the sun had not appeared for an entire day deep within the Elephant Mountain.

At the cave entrance, Lin Zi Chen was sitting on the ground, breathing heavily, his eyes looking straight ahead, his heart unable to calm down for a long time.

Even the Purple Lion King was shocked. He did not think that Lin Zichen was a guy that fought with his life on the line. Against such a powerful force from the Purple Lion Banta, he actually ignored the danger of death and went all out.

It didn’t know if this was the so-called martial arts spirit of humans, but it was at a loss in the depths of its heart.

Should he help him refine the magical formation? After all, his strength might be sufficient to protect the small purple lion, but after some thought, it still rejected his idea.

Lin Zicheng was arrogant and conceited. Perhaps he had been lucky enough to defeat the Purple Lion Banta, but the Purple Lion Clan was not the strongest of them all, not to mention … Although the Purple Lion Clan was the most n.o.ble race within the Elephant Mountain, they were not the highest rulers …

After an unknown period of time, Xiao Feng said: “Master, you …. Are you all right? “

Lin Zi Chen took a deep breath, gritted his teeth and said: “I don’t know why, but my dantian hurts, but it doesn’t seem to hurt.”

Lin Zi Chen’s injuries were mostly external, including the wounds from his previous hunt and the heavy injuries from the Purple Lion Ban Tower’s attack. The only internal injury was when Ban Ta charged into the magical formation and attacked his dantian.

However, he could clearly feel that the internal injury was tolerable, but ever since he returned to the ground, there was a strange pain in his dantian.

“Ah?” Could it be that the purple lion was injured? “

“No …” “I don’t know, I need to start cultivating and recuperating.”

Lin Zi Chen struggled to stand up. After all, danger could appear at any time here. Moreover, he had killed Banta. He didn’t know if the Purple Lion Clan would be able to discover him.

He painfully walked into the cave. However, just as he walked in, he suddenly felt a strange presence …

The aura of a martial artist?

Lin Zi Chen was stunned, how could there be a martial artist’s breath in this cave? And that aura was obviously not coming from him.

He frowned slightly as he looked into the depths of the cave. As he walked deeper in, he could feel that the Qi was becoming denser. Finally, he saw a girl sitting cross-legged on a pile of dried gra.s.s!

Lin Zi Chen’s eyes widened as he looked at the young girl, and he immediately felt her aura. That’s right, she was a human, and a martial artist at that!

The young girl had a slim figure and wore a white dress. However, it didn’t look like a n.o.ble dress. Instead, it looked very fresh and clean. The long skirt covered her knees and looked very natural.

Her long hair was tied back, revealing a fair and delicate face. Her long eyelashes drooped down. Although her eyes were closed, one could still feel the allure of her watery eyes.

It was just that the girl’s breathing was a little weak at this moment, and her lips were a little pale, as if she had suffered a very serious injury.

“You are … A fighter? ” Lin Zi Chen said.

Hearing the voice, the girl slowly opened her eyes. With a painful look on her face, she said, “Yes, you …”

“Hehe, it’s rare to meet a fallen person. I’m injured, I’m afraid I have to train in this cave for a few days.” Lin Zi Chen smiled bitterly.

The young girl nodded. “So it’s like that, me too. Seven days ago, I was injured by a purple lion before hiding in this cave. This place is very safe.”

“Purple Lion? Then you’re really lucky, “said Lin Zichen as he turned around and walked towards the outside of the cave.” If you recover, don’t leave for the time being.

Out of concern, Lin Zi Chen still said this. After all, if the purple lion took revenge on her, the young girl would die if she left the cave.

“Ah?” “Why?”

Lin Zi Chen did not answer the young girl’s question, but directly went into a state of cultivation. He had to know what kind of injury was in his dantian, and why was it so painful.

Seeing that Lin Zi Chen did not answer, the young girl slightly pouted. She looked a little disappointed, but immediately continued to cultivate.

Soon, Lin Zichen realized that the pain in his dantian was not because of any injuries, but because of a large amount of true energy that had entered his dantian.

“Why is there so much zhenqi entering my body?”

Logically speaking, with Lin Zichen’s cultivation, the true qi within his body would become purer and purer. Only by doing this would his meridians become stronger and he would be able to move on to the next realm.

But now, the situation was as though he had cultivated for a year in a single night, causing his meridians and dantian to be overburdened.

“I never thought that my battle with the purple lion would actually increase my strength. Although I’m still far away from reaching the Heavenly Mortal Realm, at the very least, it will save me a lot of training time!”

Although his dantian was still in pain, Lin Zi Chen’s lips were slightly raised. If he could raise his cultivation, what difference did this pain make?

After two days, Lin Zi Chen had completely absorbed all of the Zhen Qi in his Dantian and turned it into his own Zhen Qi. The pain disappeared, and at the same time, his cultivation had also soared.

Amidst his happiness, Lin Zi Chen did not forget his harvest from this trip to the depths of the Elephant Mountain, which was that there were nearly a hundred Transcending Mortality Stage beast souls.

Now, he might be able to try forging the blade of the [Divine Sense Slash]!

Lin Zicheng had used quite a number of Na Yuan stage beast souls to forge the sword blade, but they were all like stones that sank into the ocean. However, he had already tried to forge the blade with a Transcending Mortality Stage beast spirit, and it was indeed effective.

These beast souls should be enough to refine, and compared to the sword hilt and blade, the beast spirits in his hands could be used as the master beast spirit. Thus, his choice was much higher.

The hilt of the sword was nimbleness, while Lin Zichen chose the Jadefox Beast Soul as the main beast spirit, the body of the sword was st.u.r.dy, and he used the Grizzly Spirit Bear Soul, as for the blade …

In the end, he decided to use the beast spirit of the Single Horned Wolf. Although he still had the Fire Fox beast spirit in his hand, so if he was the main beast spirit, then his swinging the sword would have a flame effect. However, he already had the fire lion’s flame, so there was no need to pursue the fire effect.

Therefore, the head wolf’s strong offense and spirit could be used to strengthen the sharpness and toughness of the sword blade!

According to the information of the [Divine Condensation] technique, after being refined, it could manifest the power to split a mountain, but Lin Zi Chen believed that it was only temporary. If he could get a stronger beast soul in the future and replace it with a previous one, then perhaps he could gain the power to split the sky!

Soon after, Lin Zichen took out his giant sword and began to forge it.

He spread all the Transcending Mortality Stage beast souls in front of him, feeling a sense of pride.

If these beast spirits were on the market, they would definitely be considered a priceless treasure. However, in the eyes of cultivators and alchemists, these were never-ending pursuits. They simply couldn’t be measured by price.

I’m afraid that in Hua Xia, if there were so many beast spirits, he, Lin Zi Chen, would probably be the first one.

Looking at the light on the edge of the sword, Lin Zi Chen smiled and waved his hand. A beast spirit slowly floated in the darkness. With a flick of his finger, the beast spirit quickly flew towards the light of the sword.

Lin Zi Chen was extremely familiar with the forging process and the forging methods. From the very beginning to now, he could already control the beast spirits with just his willpower.

The moment one beast spirit entered the glowing area of the sword blade, it underwent an extremely obvious change. This made Lin Zichen exceptionally happy, this effect seemed to be even more obvious than the last time, perhaps because the beast spirit in the depths of the Elephant Mountain was of a higher quality.

Next, the second one … The third …

As he watched the light around the edge of the blade slowly become clear and transparent, Lin Zichen felt an indescribable excitement in his heart.

After all, when he had used dozens of Origin Gathering Beast souls without any change, he did not understand why. Today, the sword had finally been forged successfully!

Xiao Feng, who was in the middle of the s.p.a.ce, couldn’t help but be surprised at Lin Zichen’s actions. In her eyes, besides the admiration from before, there was also a hint of admiration.

Although Xiao Feng didn’t know what Lin Zi Chen was doing, she could feel that Lin Zi Chen’s strength was far more than what was displayed just by looking at his giant blade.

When the Violet Lion King’s beast spirit felt this, it couldn’t help but sigh in its heart. Lin Zhichen’s arrogance … There really is a reason. This huge blade is the method he used to kill Banda. The huge blade has been getting stronger and stronger over the past few days. It seems like even if This King revives, he might not be able to withstand that attack!

To Lin Zicheng, the process of forging took place in the blink of an eye, but in reality, several days had already pa.s.sed. He was completely oblivious to the dangers lurking in the depths of the Elephant Mountain as he immersed himself in the process.

When the seventy-seventh beast spirit fused into the blade, a bright light shot out from the edge of the sword, illuminating the entire Wanxiang realm.

In the strong light, Lin Zichen smiled inwardly. He really wanted to pull out his sword and furiously slash at the mountain peak, but he did not. At this moment, he finally remembered that he was still deep within the Elephant Mountain.

“However, after refining it, Lin Zi Chen could not help but sigh.” This Transcending Mortality Stage beast spirit can be said to be priceless, while my throw looks like a beast spirit, but it’s filled with countless amounts of money. Although the martial path is the pursuit of cultivation, it’s also the expenditure of money, truly a country! “

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