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After w.a.n.g Yu finished speaking, Kong Wanchuan immediately laughed, “Oh? This is really … It seems like you are quite lucky today to be able to meet the genius doctor’s disciple that I’ve mentioned. “

“Ah?” “Haha, that’s too much of a coincidence. I got lucky today, and I can see this China’s future Chinese medicine fighting compet.i.tion!” Gu Hong laughed as well.

However, he didn’t know that Kong Wanchuan’s disciple was the same person as the young man he had mentioned. If he knew, he wouldn’t be able to face him even if he had to jump out of the window.

After all, he was the one who broke his promise back in the Ancient Game City. As a collector, this was a slap in the face for him.

Soon, w.a.n.g Yu brought Lin Zi Chen into Kong Wanchuan’s living room. However, the moment Lin Zi Chen entered, Gu Hong’s expression changed.

What a coincidence…

Seeing Lin Zi Chen, Gu Hong’s heart couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. In all of China, how many young talents could be called handsome?

No wonder he had already felt that this young man was extraordinary, it turned out that … He was Elder Kong’s disciple, and by the looks of it, the person he was the most proud of.

Today, I truly did not recognize the real person. This child looks ordinary, but in reality, he is just a low-key person.

To be called a doctor by Elder Kong, his status in the Chinese medicine field must be extraordinary. Today, there aren’t many youngsters like him.

However, when Lin Zi Chen saw Gu Hong, he was very calm and collected. However, there was a trace of change in his heart.

He chuckled to himself. Looks like it really was as Old Gu had said. We really do have some destiny. Hehe, maybe … This is fate between me and the Coldsteel Nine-petal Lotus, right?

“Zi Chen, come and sit. Why are you here today?” Kong Wanchuan said happily.

Every time he saw Lin Zichen, he would always be in this state. After all, for anyone, especially for someone who had succeeded, they would always want to see themselves in their later years as a successor.

Kong Wanchuan was proud that this young man had surpa.s.sed him.

Lin Zi Chen nodded, smiled and walked to Kong Wanchuan’s side and sat down. “Teacher, I will be staying for a while when I return to Beijing this time.”

“That’s great! Hehe! We have plenty of time to chat!” Kong Wanchuan was overjoyed. “Oh right, Zi Chen, this is Old Gu, an old friend of mine. He’s one of the great collectors of China.”

Lin Zi Chen turned to look at Gu Hong and smiled knowingly. On the surface, he didn’t seem like much, but Gu Hong was extremely embarra.s.sed. He really lost a lot of face coming to the stone mountain villa this time.

“Old Gu, it’s fate.”

When he said this, Gu Hong’s old face turned red. It was clear that he didn’t intend to pretend not to know him.

Kong Wanchuan immediately understood what Lin Zi Chen was saying. “Hmm?” Hehe, looks like … You two know each other? “

Gu Hong couldn’t help smacking his lips as he lowered his head, and his forehead was covered in sweat.

“Elder Kong, this… It’s the young man I told you about in the antique city. “

“Oh? Hehe, what a coincidence, this is fate, ah, how about this, Zi Chen, Elder Gu, tonight you must all eat at my place, how about we talk while we eat? “

Kong Wanchuan’s daily life was very peaceful. He had nothing to do but eat nothing, read some medical books, and drink a cup of tea. Today, his favorite student had returned. Together with his friend Old Gu, he was also very excited.

Lin Zi Chen smiled, “No problem, I believe that Elder Gu will also give me that kind of face.”

Gu Hong had a troubled expression. “This …”

“What is it? Old Gu still has matters to attend to? ” Kong Wanchuan said.

“It’s nothing much, but …” Gu Hong sighed, turning his head to look at Lin Zi Chen. “Mister Lin, it looks like I need to explain things to you.”

Lin Zi Chen laughed, “Hehe, Old Gu is too polite. After all, I’m a junior. What’s there to explain?”

Although Lin Zi Chen wasn’t of critical importance to Gu Hong, he was still Kong Wanchuan’s favorite disciple and would eventually become a famous person in China. Thus, he didn’t want Gu Hong to feel that he had broken his promise.

Actually, Gu Hong was also someone who cared a lot about face. If they hadn’t met again in his life just now, it would have been fine. But now that they had met, and moreover, the other party was someone destined to have the authority to speak, he had no choice but to explain himself.

“Old Kong, actually, there was a misunderstanding between Mister Lin and I.”

“Oh?” Kong Wanchuan frowned. “Tell me about it.”

Seeing the troubled expression on Gu Hong’s face, Lin Zi Chen chuckled and said, “Let me do it.”

“No no, I’ll tell you.”

As he spoke, Gu Hong took out a pack of Chinese cigarettes from his pocket, lit one up, and took a deep breath as he recounted the events in the antique city.

Hearing this, Kong Wanchuan thought for a while and took a deep breath, “Zi Chen, you… You really like that cauldron? “

Lin Zi Chen smiled and said, “I can’t say if I like it or not, but sometimes … …. The more we can’t get it, the more we might want to get it. “

Gu Hong didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Of course he remembered that Lin Zi Chen’s eyes had already set their sights on the cauldron the moment he entered the crowd. It was obvious that he’d taken a fancy to it with a single glance.

“Old Gu, this cauldron … You really made your move? “

“Of course, Elder Kong. With our relationship, I won’t lie to you.”

Kong Wanchuan thought for a while and said, “But I still don’t understand. With Old Gu’s ident.i.ty…” Why are you setting up a stall in an antique city? “

“That’s a good question. After all, Gu Hong’s family is rich, and he even has his own museum. Even buying a building to sell his treasures would be fine, much less buying a shop in an antique city.” Elder Kong, although I, Gu Hong, have collected tens of thousands of things, I am no longer interested in ordinary items, so I like to find some rare treasures. That’s why I often set up stalls in the ancient city. You can also see different kinds of treasures. This is made by the person who opened the store

“Not yet.”

Kong Wanchuan nodded, “I’ve heard that Old Gu does things without any rules. Hur Hur, that’s true. However, since that cauldron has made its move, why did he bring it with him?”

Sigh, or else what happened today is truly a coincidence. I have already sold this cauldron for 60 million, but the other party has requested to let the Jin Kang Auction House take care of it first, moreover, they agreed to deliver the goods this afternoon. I must also blame myself for going to the Ancient Game City to set up a stall this morning, so I might as well bring this cauldron along.

It was only after Gu Hong finished speaking that Kong Wanchuan finally understood. Lin Zichen also found out the whole story.

“Since Elder Gu has already sold it, it’s inconvenient for Zi Chen to say anything more. But like you said, it’s fate. But it seems like this cauldron and I are not fated to meet.” Lin Zi Chen said with a bitter smile.

Gu Hong laughed. “Maybe so. Before I came to Elder Kong’s place, I had my subordinates deliver the cauldron to the Jin Kang Auction House. As far as I’m concerned, the transaction has ended.”

Lin Zi Chen nodded, “It seems that’s true, but…” Old Gu, could you tell me who bought this cauldron? “

“Hmm? “Haha, Mr. Lin, I’m afraid this is not a good idea. Although I’m a collector, I’m actually a businessman. Sometimes …”

“I understand, then I won’t make things difficult for Elder Gu anymore. However, I don’t really understand. Since they bought this cauldron, why did they place it in the auction house first?”

“That I don’t know. I don’t know the person who bought the cauldron either. It was at my museum and he paid for it. I didn’t ask about it.” Gu Hong said.

Hearing this, Lin Zi Chen nodded and said, “So it’s like that, hur hur, you really are bold.”

He was sure that the person who bought the cauldron was an experienced alchemist. Otherwise, why would he spend sixty million to buy a stone like cauldron crafts?

Moreover, even if he could tell that this cauldron was made of cold iron, the price of 60 million would still exceed the value of the antique itself.

Counting the age and unique craftsmanship, this cauldron was only worth 20 to 30 million yuan at most. An astute antique dealer would never buy it for more than double the price.

In the end, Gu Hong was too embarra.s.sed to stay and eat. He knew that Kong Wanchuan liked medicinal plants, so he left a few precious ones behind before leaving.

Lin Zi Chen stayed at his teacher’s house for dinner, and told him that he would be staying at the stone mountain villa for the time being. He then told Kong Wanchuan his name plate.

Kong Wanchuan was overjoyed at the news. He said, “That’s great, Zi Chen. Come visit me often.”

Lin Zi Chen nodded. “Of course. I can also help you recuperate.”

With the Flame Crystal, Lin Zi Chen no longer needed to keep an eye on his alchemy every moment. Moreover, the proficiency of a low rank pill allowed him to easily refine it.

Kong Wanchuan had too many medical books, and many of them were even more valuable and rare than the books in the library. He could use the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine to supplement his alchemy skills.

Master and disciple talked until nine in the evening. In order not to disturb Kong Wanchuan’s rest, Lin Zi Chen said his goodbyes.

After returning to his villa, Lin Zichen thought to himself, anyway those medicinal herbs wouldn’t be delivered from the Sky Region these few days, there was still plenty of time, how about … … He would go to the Jin Kang Auction House to take a look, and perhaps he might even see the Cold Iron Cauldron again.

To an alchemist, the allure of a cauldron was equivalent to a martial artist’s desire for a high-grade cultivation technique. Therefore, it was impossible for Lin Zi Chen to give up hope. What if there was still a glimmer of hope?

Afterwards, Lin Zichen entered the Myriad Domain and started cultivating. In this period of time, Lin Zichen was very orderly. Ever since he finished his closed door cultivation in the mountain, he did his own things almost every day, and entered cultivation at night.

This kind of training was like sleep to him. After reaching the Transcending Mortality Stage, sleep was meaningless to him.

It was not until the morning of the next day that Lin Zichen woke up from his cultivation. However, just as he was about to start cultivating, he saw Xiao Feng looking surprised, as if she had seen something unbelievable.

“Hmm? Xiao Feng, what happened to you? “

“Master, it … “It …” Xiao Feng pointed with her eyes wide open. Lin Zichen followed Xiao Feng’s finger and also couldn’t help but be taken aback. That little purple lion had grown so much, it seemed to have grown up overnight …

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