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Read Venerated Venomous Consort Chapter 2287 – The Devil King (5)

Venerated Venomous Consort is a web novel created by Mu Danfeng, 穆丹枫.
This webnovel is presently ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Venerated Venomous Consort Chapter 2287 – The Devil King (5)

Chapter 2287: The Devil King (5)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When the servant approached the Silver Wolf to carry it in her arms, all of is fur was standing on end. Unrelentingly, it kept growling at the servant. The servant was trained, so she was not concerned about a young Silver Wolf’s protest. With the flick of a finger, a glimpse of green-ray flashed before its eyes before turning into a rope. Instantly, all four of its legs were tied.

Driven by indignation, the Silver Wolf fought back unexpectedly and splashed the servant with water that was drawn from its mouth. The servant was unprepared, so she was thoroughly soaked. The Silver Wolf was trained with water-related spells. To be fair, it was good with the skill.

In the Devil Kingdom, it was very rare to come across an animal that actually knew how to use a spell. Only those with spiritual stones could use the spells that were related to their characteristic. However, most of the spells were either earth or wood related. Water-related spells could hardly be found.

All the ferocious beasts had to cultivate for at least 100 years before they could start using a spell. As for the young Silver Wolf, it looked no more than a year old and yet it could utilize the water-related spell so accurately.

It was such an extraordinary creature, most probably the only one of its kind. They initially thought that the price of 100,000 devil coins for a wolf was a waste of money or a loss. It was enough to buy an extravagant house in the Devil Kingdom. However, after witnessing what the young Silver Wolf could actually do, they all agreed that the money was well spent. The princess had good taste.

Although the Silver Wolf was good and talented, it was no match to the servant, whose spiritual power was already at level six. In the end, it was captured and brought to the princess. The princess carried it in her arms and brushed its soft fur on its head, gently. “It is better for you to be with me. I can train you better and make you stronger,” she rea.s.sured the wolf.

Its mouth was sealed, as tightly as the ties on its body. It could not help but purr. Anxiously, it fixed its red eye on the baby, as if asking for help. The baby returned the gaze with his big, black eyes, but there was nothing he could say. Thus, he pursed his lips in a silent protest.

The young princess noticed the baby. She studied his face and was immediately amazed. She took two steps forward but changed her mind soon. She could buy the Silver Wolf, but she certainly could not force the man into selling the child.

Swiftly, she decided to leave the restaurant. After giving her servants some orders, she then left promptly. One of the servants approached Luo Zheng and gave him a silver note. Its value was about 20,000 devil coins. “Mister, as the trip has been a rather hasty arrangement for the princess, she does not have enough money with her at the moment. Will you come with us to the residence to get the rest of your money?”

Under the current circ.u.mstance, Luo Zheng could only agree, “Sure!” With the baby on his back, he quickly followed the servant and left the restaurant. He already sold the Silver Wolf on her behalf without her consent, so he certainly had to get the remaining payment for her.

Hopefully, the lady would not blame him for his decision. Speaking of which, where did the lady go?

Luo Zheng had been worried about Gu Xijiu. It was apparent that she did need to go to the washroom. She left because she needed to go to the residence of the Devil King. She did her research and found out that the new Devil King currently resided in his residence.

Gu Xijiu managed to see the face of the Devil King clearly. He was Di Fuyi. Although he was not wearing the robes that he used to wear or the same mask, Gu Xijiu could still recognize him. His change of physique and voice failed to conceal his ident.i.ty from her.

Perhaps his disguise was able to fool everyone else, but it was not good enough to fool Gu Xijiu. After all, they had spent a lot of time together for her to know him well. Also, they had already shared intimacy. Therefore, she was sure that he was really Di Fuyi.


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