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Chapter 2816: 2816

Both of them examined one another, but Gu Xijiu was the first to panic . The intruder was none other than Di Fuyi!

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Gu Xijiu never thought they would meet in the wild . More importantly, she was naked . She quickly kicked and splashed water onto his face in order to distract him and cause a small turbulence in the water . Gu Xijiu seized the window of opportunity to return to the land . Her robes were automatically directed to her, and soon, she was effortlessly dressed .

The entire escape took place rather quickly . Hence, she staggered a little to her feet when she landed . Other than that, everything went smoothly .

Nonetheless, her heart continued to pound in her chest . Being seen naked by another man could be awkward to deal with . She wished she could just disappear right at that moment, but the man already emerged from the water . His intense gaze never left her .

Leaving would only make her look defeated . It was not an option for the creator of the universe, who should keep her composure at all times .

“Why are you here?” Gu Xijiu returned his gaze but was soon embarra.s.sed by what she saw .

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The man was naked from the waist up . Although only his head and shoulders were above the water, the clear water was no shield to the rest of his lean, muscular body .

There was only a thin layer of undergarment that covered him from his waist to his ankles . Normally, his muscular body was completely hidden when he was dressed; he usually looked like a man of poise and grace . She never thought that he was actually a very well built man, physically .

The stature of his body was beyond perfect . Every inch of his muscle was firm and shapely, contributing to his unworldly beauty and effortless grace . Especially now that he was casually undressed with wet hair clinging onto his naked skin, it was a rather breathtaking view .

Di Fuyi finally recognized her . “I did not know you were here . We seem destined to meet . ”

She was unsure if destiny was a blessing or a disaster . Nevertheless, Gu Xijiu emphasized her question again, sternly, “You have yet to answer my question . ”

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Di Fuyi took it easy and slowly approached the sh.o.r.e . “Divine Lord, I was here first . I should be the one directing the question at you . ”

He was right . He did not emerge from the depths of the pool on purpose, only to catch her naked . In the blink of an eye, he was already by the sh.o.r.e . Perplexed, she took a few steps back . “What are you doing?”

“I am getting out of the water . Do you really think that I will be in the water for long?” Droplets of water continued to linger on his supple skin, which sparkled like diamonds under the light .

Just then, Gu Xijiu realized that it was inappropriate for her to stare . Therefore, she turned around to avoid looking at him . “Get dressed . I have something to ask you . ”

Di Fuyi hesitated a little while trying to get dressed . In amazement, the view of Gu Xijiu’s back caught his attention . “Sure,” he answered without any resistance, which was rare .

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It did not take long for him to get fully dressed like the gentleman that she used to know . However, his complexion was unusually paler than his healthy self . Water continued to drip from his hair, which somewhat affected his sleek outlook .

He wanted to dry his hair with a spell, but Gu Xijiu thought that he was taking a little too long . Without any time to waste, she cast a cleaning spell to dry him up in an instant .

Her act obviously caught him by surprise .

Meanwhile, Gu Xijiu sat on the top of a big rock . “Shouldn’t you be helping the Tu family to succeed to the Monster Kingdom? Why are you here, all of a sudden?”

Di Fuyi put a casual smile on his face and avoided her question . “Did you ask me to stay only to ask me about that?”

He did not answer any of her questions .

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