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Chapter 2819: 2819

Gu Xijiu did not know what to say, as what he said made absolutely no sense . She had to talk him out of the crazy idea . “I honestly think that this is a reckless waste . ”

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She never thought of the man as someone who ate so greedily . He would risk his life to dive into the core of the pool just for an egg that he wanted to eat!

“When something is properly used, it is never a waste, no matter how valuable it sounds . ” Di Fuyi took the egg in his hands and asked, “Speaking of which, how many ways do you know to cook an egg?” He gazed at Gu Xijiu for an answer .

“About that, I know nothing . ”

She was slightly embarra.s.sed by her lack of knowledge of culinary skills . As a divine being, she was well respected wherever she went, even though she hardly remembered anything that happened before her extensively long sleep . She never had to ask for anything, as people would always offer her everything . Moreover, her survival no longer depended on food . It did not matter if she ate or not .

Even so, she would still visit every corner of the world in search of gastronomic delights, not for survival, but for the satisfaction of good food that helped her immerse herself in the mundane world .

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She could easily name the good food in all six worlds . However, she was never a cook . She turned the question to him instead and asked, “How many ways do you know of?”

“One,” Di Fuyi hesitantly said .

They looked at one another in mutual understanding that they both failed in cooking .

Gu Xijiu was curious about the taste of the egg but still felt that cooking it would be a waste . It was not easy to get the egg, so hatching the egg sounded like a better idea . Therefore, she came up with an excuse . “For such a valuable egg, we should get someone professional to handle it . With this size, it can be turned into a few dishes . ”

Di Fuyi dismissed her suggestion, “No can do, it has to be cooked right here . Let’s just boil it . The taste of its freshness will be retained if we boil it . ”

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Gu Xijiu was still in awe . “May I ask, how many times have you cooked this sort of egg?”

Di Fuyi pointed out three fingers . “Not many, only three, if this time counts . This belongs to the majestic being, after all . It is insufficient and, most importantly, inappropriate for frequent hunting . Also, I do not like to keep eating the same food . Typically, I don’t want to eat something more than three times . ”

Gu Xijiu was shocked .

“Have you just pushed the Candle Dragons to extinction? I do know that it is hard for the Candle Dragon to breed; it is usually only one egg for a nest . Are there many of them in Earthsea?”

Di Fuyi shook his head . “Not too many . I know that there are not more than a hundred . The place is really their home . ”

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She was not expecting the amount . Gu Xijiu thought there were only three or four of them left . Luckily, three stolen eggs would not drive the Candle Dragon towards extinction .

“What effect does the egg have?” Gu Xijiu was intrigued by the scarcity of such a valuable resource . She had never used such an egg in her entire medical career . With someone who was brave enough to hunt for such an egg, she had thought that it would surely be used to hatch the creature .

“You will know about it soon,” Di Fuyi simply said . The man was trying to be mysterious .

Gu Xijiu asked no further questions . Since she could not help with the cooking part, she decided to take the time to meditate . Not too far away, a whirling ma.s.s of cold air was slowly terrorizing the ice . She wanted to venture into the vortex to restore some of her spiritual energy .

However, she was immediately stopped . “Not now . If you go now, you will be frozen into an ice statue . ”

“I just came out of the vortex a few days ago . I used to be in its core for a few days . ”

“It was then, not now . Every time we visit, the place will be reset . We need to comply with the new rules . ”

Gu Xijiu thought about the pill that he offered to her . “Could you give me the pill that you had given me before?”

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