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Virtual World: The Legendary Thief is a web novel produced by Shi Luo Ye.
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Chapter 103 (Xin Yu Disappeared)

[Blood Moon Guardian] (Helmet – Blue Equipment)

Defense: 64

Stamina: +32

Strength: +18

Agility: +36

Extra: Increase Critical Strike rate by 3%

Required Level: 35

Not bad. Xin Yu was currently at level 33, not far from being able to wear this equipment. Considering her training speed, in three days, she should be able to reach it.

I looked at my own level. Just now, after killing the Rhino King, I had risen to level 39. The level 55 Gold BOSS, Rhino King, didn’t just gave me two purple and one blue equipment, but also dropped nearly 300 gold coins. With the gold coins I already had before, it totaled up to almost 500 gold coins. It could almost send me to ecstasy. Currently, the value of gold coins were higher than real money. Most of the players that had reached level 30 didn’t have enough gold coins to transfer to the four main cities. Even if they sc.r.a.ped enough silver coins and managed to get to the cities, they would then not have enough money to buy potions, learn skills, etc. In the future, people might exchange gold coins for real money. Haha, profiteers like me would totally make a huge fortune.

I hurriedly went back to the city and stored all three pieces of equipment in the warehouse. The Shadow Chain necklace required level 40; considering the speed of my leveling, it would need me two days to be able to wear it. As for the purple ax, as planned, I would wait for a week until more players came to this city before I put it to auction. As the system had announced, there would be a public auction during the weekend hosted by an NPC. At that time, the system would pick dozens of things out with the best value and list it on the auction. The auction’s term remained the same, the system would collect a two percent fee of the cost. Actually, let alone two percent. Because of the system picking, even a 20% fee would still result in a higher sum of money compared to the direct transactions with individuals.

After repairing my equipment that were almost broken, I looked at the time; it was already seven in the evening. It was quite surprising that no one had called me to go offline, so I log off to take a look.

Just as I walked out the door, I saw the worried look covering Lu Xue Han’s face. Xu Lin was also on the side busy dialing the phone. Not a single dish was on the table, and the kitchen had no slightest hint of any activities. The rest of the girls were nowhere to be seen.

Not good. Something wasn’t right.

I asked confusedly, “What’s going on? Where’s Guo Zi and the rest?”

Xu Lin anxiously said, “Xin Yu hasn’t come back since she went out this morning. I can’t get through her phone either, it looks like the SIM card has been pulled out. Guo Zi and the rest of the girls are out looking for her. Everyone is really worried.”

I frowned, “Has anyone reported this to the police?”

Xu Lin murmured, “I have discussed this with Xue Han and I think that it’s still too early for that, so there’s no point to call the police.”

I immediately put on my coat, turned around and said, “Wait for any news at home. I’ll go out looking for her. Xin Yu isn’t a small kid anymore and should know how to take care of herself. Something must have happened, otherwise, she wouldn’t make us worry.”

Xu Lin nodded, “Okay, then you should go. If there’s still no news until eight, I will call the police.”

Lu Xue Han opened her mouth wanting to say something but didn’t. I looked at her and without saying anything either, I went straight out of the door.

On the street, it was very cold. I also didn’t know where Xin Yu could be going, so I could only walk directionless on the street, looking at the busy crowd carefully for a familiar face. After looking for nearly half an hour, I sat frustratedly on a stone railing a the roadside. There wasn’t any news from Xu Lin either. Xin Yu, where did she go?

“Oh, isn’t this Lin Fan?”

A sweet voice came from behind me. I turned around to look and saw Cocoa with another girl behind me. They both looked at me confusedly, “What are you doing sitting here so late in the evening? Aren’t you cold?”

I looked up and smiled bitterly, “I’m looking for a friend, she has been missing for a day already.”

Cocoa blinked and asked, “Is it the beautiful girl that went out with you to KFC last time?”

I nodded surprisedly, “That’s right. Have you seen her?”

“Yes. About an hour ago, I saw her went into Youyao Bar.”

“How many people?”

“Well, I think she was alone. She looked as if she had just been crying…”

I gritted my teeth; why did Xin Yu go to such a place? To my understanding, that Youyao Bar wasn’t a good place. It was where a bunch of nothing-to-do hoodlums gathered. It was said that the place belonged to a son of a city officials and had simply reached to a state of lawlessness. Half a year ago, two girls were drugged and raped in that bar, possibly done by those guys.

That bar wasn’t too far. I immediately zipped my coat and said to Cocoa, “I’m going there to have a look. Thank you, Cocoa.”

Before she got a chance to say anything, I already disappeared into the night. The cold wind blew at my face and was painful, but the anxiety in my heart caused me to ignore it.

In a breath, I arrived at the bar’s entrance. Even before the two muscular waiters could inquire me, I had already gone in. Just as I entered, I could already smell a complex odor: alcohol, perfume, and even body odor. Why did Xin Yu even come to such a dirty and messy place?

I carefully looked at every woman’s face next to the counter. My eyes were immediately filled with a sight full of sensuality and beauty. The whole bar was full of girls with a half-naked body. Those pair of flesh squeezed by the bra looked even s.e.xier under the dim light. The guys were staring at the woman’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s and thighs with eyes full of l.u.s.t. Both s.e.xes with their own interest, looking to fulfill their needs.

d.a.m.n it. I searched almost every corner of the hall. Unfortunately, I still couldn’t find Xin Yu. Could it be she went into a private room?

I pushed open a private room. Upon seeing Xin Yu wasn’t there, I quickly smiled apologetically, “Sorry, I’m sorry. I enter the wrong room. Please continue…”

That was still okay. In some of the rooms, there was already a scene of pa.s.sion happening. I could only pull the man who was already lying on top of the woman. And after seeing that the woman wasn’t Xin Yu, I smiled apologetically, “I’m sorry, wrong person…”

I had searched almost all the rooms and also offended not a small number of people. Several thug-like people came over, pushed me hardly, and asked me fiercely, “F***ing kiddo, are you trying to make a mess here?”

Being pushed, I suddenly knocked myself over on the back of the counter, quickly putting a smile on my face and said, “Drink… I’m just drinking. Sorry. Waiter, bring me a bottle of red wine!”

“F***. Watch yourself!” The punk said as he went out.

Feeling depressed, I was just about to walk out when suddenly a flirty laughter voiced from behind me, “Miss, you’re alone? Do you want me to accompany you?”

As I turned around to look, I was surprised to the point of speechless. Xin Yu was sitting next to the bar, her face red. In front of her, there were two empty bottles of wine. A yellow-haired guy leaned over and stared at her with a lewd look. His pair of rat-like eyes was looking straight at Xin Yu’s chest and between her legs.

s.h.i.+t, this time would be trouble.


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