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Warlock of the Magus World is a web novel completed by The Plagiarist, Wen Chao Gong, 文抄公.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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The moment Clayde declared his name, Leylin gave out an order silently.

“A.I. Chip, Scan the target in front of me!”
[Beep! Mission establis.h.i.+ng, scanning in progress… A defensive forcefield around the target detected, unable to collect data!]

As expected, the A.I. Chip still gave the same answer.

“Which is to say, if I broke through the layer of forcefield, I’ll be able to scan it?”

Leylin used an immense force on his legs and charged towards Clayde like a bullet.


Leylin’s right hand bulged, and the strength of his fist reached 7.1 degrees, smas.h.i.+ng onto Clayde’s chest.

The sound like a hammer striking at leather sounded. With a huge spark, Clayde was sent flying backwards.

Leylin stood at where Clayde stood originally as he looked at his arm.

Black scales appeared above the skin. On the scales, there were tiny traces of flames continuously flickering.
[Data of target’s defensive forcefield obtained, comparing to database!]
[Determined target’s innate spell as high-temperature forcefield, creating a flame of 24 degrees to burn objects within its vicinity!]
[Target’s forcefield damaged: 4.6%. 20 more strikes are estimated to break the defensive forcefield!]

The A.I. Chip reported to data to Leylin.

“Cough cough…”

At this moment, Clayde who was lying on the ground got up. There was soot on his somewhat dirtied face.

“What tremendous speed and strength! A pity that you only advanced not too long ago, so how many rank 1 spell could you have learnt? Two? One? Or do you only have your innate forcefield?”

Clayde patted his chest and yelled.

Often Magi, who just advanced were in their weakest stages, not to mention memorising a few rank 1 spells. More often than not, they could not afford a single use scroll or magic artifact either.

After Clayde had finished yelling, he chanted an incantation immediately.

The energy particles in the air changed visibly, s.h.i.+ning a dazzling yellow light.

“This might, at least 20 degrees…”

Leylin’s expression turned solemn. Right now his Kemoyin’s Scales resistance was only at 27 degrees. It was considered pretty good amongst newly advanced Magi, but it could not fend off all of the rank 1 spells.

Only by continuously tapping into the strength of the bloodline, the Kemoyin’s Scales would become stronger.

As for now, once the opponent’s attack exceeded 27 degrees, it would immediately break through his forcefield.

“I can’t let him cast any spells!” Leylin’s pupils contracted

*Cras.h.!.+* The black light flickered, and finely articulated scales surfaced on his body, even his face was included.

In an instant, Leylin was covered by a layer of snake’s scales. He right now looked half snake and half human.

The blackness of the scales had an ancient aura and reflected a cold, glossy light which sent Clayde’s heart racing a little faster.

“Such a defensive forcefield? So strong!”

“Die!” Leylin shouted, and he moved quicker than before, charging towards Clayde.

Clayde snorted, and a layer of green light appeared on his body which turned into thorns as they blocked Leylin.

*Bang!* *Bang!*

Leylin’s expression did not change as he swung his fists. After two punches, the thorns shattered.

After covering himself with the Kemoyin’s Scales and coupling it with his strength, Leylin was now like an ancient creature, with an aura that was unstoppable.

Clayde face turned rather unsightly after seeing Leylin breaking through the thorns like wild gra.s.s.

“You d.a.m.ned worm! What other methods you have, use them all now!”

Leylin howled and felt every drop of his blood being set ablaze. It made his appet.i.te to battle even more intense than before.

“d.a.m.n it!” As Clayde chanted, he kept on changing positions. Moreover, he even activated several magic artifacts to block Leylin from advancing.

Although the might of these low-grade magic artifacts were not strong and mostly restraint type, breaking through them still required some effort.

After Leylin broke through another layer of ice, Clayde finally finished his incantation of a rank 1 spell. An enormous blue fireball was sent flying towards Leylin.


After the heat wave had dissipated, the mud around the area melted, creating a large pit.

“Haha… No one could survive after being hit by my corrosive fireball!”

Clayde laughed heartily. The joy of killing a genius early in developing stages swelled in his chest.

However, Clayde’s expression very soon changed and he hurriedly retreated several steps, as if he saw something unfathomable.

“How… How’s this possible, he’s actually still alive?”

In the sea of blue fire, a human figure parted the flames and walked out from it.

At this moment, Leylin’s clothes were thoroughly razed to ashes, revealing his scaly body. The A.I. Chip’s warning continuously rang within his ear.
[Host has suffered an energy attack! Element: Fire, Acid. Estimated power: 20 degrees. Actual power: 26 degrees. Host’s innate spell, Kemoyin’s Scales, was activated! Energy consumed: 34%. No harm dealt directly to Host!]

“It’s actually an attack of 26 degrees. Just one more degree to breaking my defense!”

Leylin had some lingering fear before it manifested into a stronger killing intent!

*Bang!* His figure flickered and appeared right in front of Clayde. The fist covered with scales punched Clayde’s chest with a tremendous might.

*Cras.h.!.+* A bright red flame rose from Clayde’s chest, engulfing Leylin’s fist within.

*Bang!* Clayde’s face turned red as he was sent flying backwards.

Leylin stepped forward, ignoring the flames on his body as he throttled Clayde.

“Run! Why don’t you run again?”

Leylin’s expression turned malevolent, ramming fists after fists on Clayde’s body.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

Ma.s.sive explosions sounded continuously, and the earth quivered as if there was an earthquake.

Finally, after some time, Clayde cried out, and the flames on his body disappeared.
[Target’s defensive forcefield broken, acquiring data…]

The A.I. Chip’s voice intoned, bringing Leylin, who was somewhat frenzied back to his senses.

“What happened? I was actually this impulsive and reckless?”

Thinking of how he did not dodge or block as he smashed his opponent’s defensive forcefield, cold sweat trickled down Leylin’s forehead.

Normally he would have never acted that way. Not to mention the final barrage of attack like a madman was not his way of handling things usually.
[Clayde Lilytell. Strength: 4.5, Agility: 3.7, Vitality: 5.6, Spiritual force: 31. Elemental Essence Conversion: Fire! Progress: 30%…]

Clayde, who was lying on the ground, had his data extracted and sent to Leylin.

“Elemental Essence Conversion? No wonder his acidic fireball was so strong!” Realisation appeared on Leylin’s face.

After advancing into a rank 1 Magus, if one wanted to advance again, the basic conditions was to complete the Elemental Essence Conversion!

At this time, the importance of having an affinity for elements was finally shown. If one does not choose the highest affinity element to cultivate in, it’s impossible to have the Elemental Essence Conversion progress to get over 80%. Which is to say, they would never be able to advance into a rank 2 Magus!

Furthermore, with the increase in Elemental Essence Conversion, it would improve the might of spells of that particular element.

Originally Clayde’s acidic fireball only had a power degree of 20. However, after the 30% Elemental Essence Conversion it reached 26 degrees, almost breaking Leylin’s defenses.

Moreover, the multiplier effect could only be applied on one’s chosen element affinity. For instance, Clayde’s fiery spell could have a 30% multiplier, but the spells of other elements would remain the same. In cases such as Water or Ice Elements, the power might even be reduced.

However, why would Magi gifted with the affinity of Fire element even use Water and Ice spells?

Blue light flashed in Leylin’s eyes continuously. This was the first report of data he obtained from a rank 1 Magus. It could aid his understanding towards himself, complete the database and even compare the stats to a Warlock’s.

“You… Kill me now! The Lilytell family will never let you off!”

When the innate defensive forcefield of Magi was broken, they would also suffer damage on their sea of consciousness. At this moment, Clayde was already near his last breath.

“Why do I suddenly feel like the villain?”

Seeing Clayde, who put on a ‘loyal and unyielding’ expression, Leylin wanted to laugh.

“You wish for death? It’s too early for that!”

Leylin forcefully chugged a potion down Clayde’s throat. Clayde’s eyes turned white immediately, and he fainted. There were even some forbidden runes appearing on his body which isolated the branding of spell formation on his body.

After hastily cleaning up the area and packing his spoils, Leylin picked Clayde up and left the area.

With the vitality of 8.5, even if Leylin were to run for a day he would not be exhausted. The reason why he chose to ride a horse previously was just for convenience.

After running wildly for several li, Leylin then had the notion of checking his body status.

It worried him that he lost his control in the battle earlier.

“A.I. Chip! Bring out the data monitored earlier and investigate the cause of losing control!” Leylin managed to simmer down only after sitting in a refres.h.i.+ng stream and cooling off.
[Beep! Mission establis.h.i.+ng! Bringing out monitored data!] The A.I. Chip intoned icily, not bringing any trace of emotion.

[14 Hours 23 Minutes, abnormal activities observed within Host. Blood flow increased by almost 45%, activity of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent blood essence significantly increased!]

The A.I. Chip reported the series of data to Leylin. Through a comparison, there was a strange stimulant released by the Giant Kemoyin Serpent’s bloodline during the battle earlier. It was similar to doping, and the stimulation caused Leylin to lose his rationality.

“This is the origin of the Warlocks’ emotional aftereffects?”

Leylin muttered, immediately asking, “A.I. Chip, bring out the best solutions to solve this!”
[Beep! Method 1: Forsake the Giant Kemoyin Serpent! Method 2: Use the Serenity Potion! Method 3: …]

Very soon, the A.I. Chip presented the possible solutions to Leylin.


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