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Warlock of the Magus World is a web novel created by The Plagiarist, Wen Chao Gong, 文抄公.
This webnovel is currently Ongoing.

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A Dark Magus!

Jamu’s face turned red and he suddenly shouted, “Third Form!”

An instant later, blood oozed from his skin.

The great amount of blood soaked into his clothes, staining it red. His whole body currently looked as if he had just been fished out of an ocean of blood.

With his blood bubbling up, a shocking amount of terrifying spiritual force was also sent out from Jamu’s body suddenly.

The large sword in Jamu’s hand immediately turned a bright red color, and its radiance momentarily grew by several metres.


The bandit leader’s black metal s.h.i.+eld was broken into pieces by the blood-red sword.

Following which, Jamu swung the sword in his hands and aimed a fierce chop at the black-garbed bandit leader.


The black-garbed bandit leader was sent flying by the attack, and the black ring-shaped magic artifact on his body shattered into pieces in mid-air. It then turned into fine dust, which drifted off with the wind.

“Good work, Jamu!”

“You truly are worthy of being called Senior Jamu!”

Witnessing this scene, all the other people from the Wetland Gardens Academy immediately began to cheer.

Jamu, on the other hand, immediately turned around with his sword aimed at the remaining bandits.

Apparently, he had planned to dispose of all these enemies in one breath; after all, the third form also placed a heavy burden on him and had other troublesome after effects.

“Jamu is the best…” Bessita said, seeing Jamu’s unusual power. She blushed, stars flas.h.i.+ng in her eyes.

“Pieces of tras.h.!.+ You have forced my hand!”

Suddenly, a strange hoa.r.s.e voice could be heard.

After hearing this voice, the bandits, who had been arrogant up until a moment ago, kneeled down as if they had seen G.o.d, their bodies slightly trembling.

Following this voice, a huge black palm appeared in midair and slammed at Jamu, just like someone swatting a housefly.


The black palm merely swatted, yet the blood-red sword in Jamu’s hand was sent flying. Soon after, a fist struck out. Jamu’s chest caved in, and he spurted out a large amount of blood as he was thrown back.

“An offi…official Magus?”

Lying on the ground, Jamu’s expression was one of incredulity, and then he lost consciousness.

“Official Magus?” Bessita’s expression paled, and she felt limp and collapsed as if the bones in her body had been removed. “We are finished!”

Although they had heard that there was a dark official Magus hiding in one of the many bandit groups, they had not antic.i.p.ated that they would encounter this particular one.

This was a high and mighty Magus! Would he even put their small group of acolytes in his eyes?

Unfortunately, the reality was cruel, and what one least expected would always happen.

The dark Magus was clothed in a black robe with golden accents, and with a black fog obscured his appearance, he instantly appeared in front of them.

*Awooooo!* George issued a loud howl and faced the dark Magus head-on.

Though powerful, George’s gigantic green form caused side effects such as losing rationality for an indeterminate period randomly. This effect was more obvious when the body was transformed.

He instinctively rushed towards the middle of the battlefield, heading for the dark Magus who was immensely pressuring him.

“George! Don’t!” shouted s.h.i.+era, with a look of despair on her face.

“A lowly acolyte dares to attack this mighty Lord Magus?”

The dark Magus sneered. A dangerous green phosph.o.r.escent claw from an unknown beast latched onto George.


Suddenly, raging black fireb.a.l.l.s struck this strange claw.

The raging black fireb.a.l.l.s seemed to fill the sky and dyed it a dark black.

This was merely a green claw, and though it tried to persist within the black flame, it was burned to ashes within a few seconds.

“Who was that?” The dark-gowned Magus asked in rage.

“Ai…” was the reply he heard, a soft and gentle sigh.

Immediately, Leylin’s body flashed past in a dark ray of light, appearing in front of George, who had transformed into the green giant.

At this moment, however, there was some drool flowing from one side of George’s mouth—he had completely lost his rationality. Seeing Leylin, he attempted to grab him.

The green giant’s arms had flexible and st.u.r.dy muscles, causing violent gales when they moved.

While facing this attack, Leylin calmly extended his right hand.


The huge fist was directly blocked by the pale, slender palm of Leylin.

At this moment, Leylin’s body was like an infant’s when compared to that of the green giant, but even so, Leylin still resisted the green giant’s full strength attack.

This scene appeared to be all too hilarious, but not a single person present was laughing.

“An offi…official Magus?”

Alexander’s jaws snapped wide open—thus resembling a toad—and he said, “Leylin is an official Magus! My heavens…”

“How foolish were we?” Lana and the other acolytes also were gaping foolishly.

As for Bessita, this woman had basically become paralyzed on the ground—in short, she was unable to say anything!

The only one who looked happy at all was s.h.i.+era.

Currently, George was on the ground, bound by many black chains which sprouted from the ground underneath Leylin.

Following which, the transformation of George’s body seemed to be undergoing a change; it began shrinking while emitting steam. He gradually shrunk, and later regained the build of an ordinary man.

“George!” s.h.i.+era hurriedly approached and helped remove the black chains from George’s body.

George was in a coma, and his body was involuntarily twitching. He looked terrible; his face still had large patches of green, and his lips had lost their colour.

“Ley…..My Lord, I request that you save him.” s.h.i.+era clasped George’s face, a harried look on her own face.

“No need to worry!”

“This is only a biological rejection from the cells of a Green Metal Tree. It is very easy to solve.”

A milky-white beam emitted from Leylin’s palm, which was then irradiated onto George’s face.

When the milky white beam turned into thin white rays that bored through George’s nose and ears, the green patches on his face vanished at a very quick speed. A few seconds later, George a.s.sumed a serene expression, like an ordinary sleeping person.

After handling George, Leylin slowly stood up and saw the Magus in the black fog waiting at the side.

“I truly didn’t expect that I would run into an official Magus here.”

The voice of the dark Magus, whose face was wrapped in fog, sounded out. This voice belonged to neither a male nor a female; it was clearly a fake voice.

“I, too, didn’t expect that I would meet a dark Magus while taking a stroll after concealing my ident.i.ty,” Leylin stated flatly.

Even though he had partic.i.p.ated in a lot of raids and other such missions with the Thousands Meddling Hands, that was only for dealing with goals that had a degree of difficulty similar to raiding the Ennea Ivory Ring Tower.

As an official Magus, resorting to being a bandit and robbing acolytes was something he couldn’t do.

It seemed that the dark Magus who was facing Leylin was poverty-stricken. His strength, spiritual force, and the energy waves fluctuating from his body seemed comparatively weak. He must have recently broken through. His spiritual force and elemental essence conversion were also very low.

“In that case, I will give you some face and let them all off!” The dark Magus quickly spoke up.

Due to the lack of benefits, no Magus in their right mind would battle an enemy at the same level as themselves.


Leylin replied in a faint voice.

While he was considering that the enemy might go on ahead, the other dark Magus said, “Additionally, I have some exclusive information regarding the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane. Do you want to hear it?”

“News about the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane?” Doubtful, Leylin glanced at this dark Magus, sizing him up.

Based on the enemy’s strength, it would not be possible for him to have gathered any information. When he came across such lucky opportunities, Leylin generally maintained extreme caution.

“Not bad!”

However, Leylin still agreed, wanting to see what this dark Magus was trying to pull.

“You should leave first!”

The Magus in a black robe spoke to the horde of bandits, who were lucky to have survived.

“Yes, my lord!”

All of the bandits present immediately moved around wildly in their fright, and before one could blink, they had already disappeared.

Heavens! They had believed they would be raiding only a group of acolytes, and they did not think that they would unexpectedly find an official Magus within this group.

Moreover, seeing the att.i.tude of their true leader, the other party’s strength must have truly been very terrifying.

If a person like Leylin were to be in a bad mood, killing the bandits would be as difficult as dealing with an ant.

Thus, these bandits helped the fallen acolytes get up, and disappeared like the wind, leaving a mess behind.

“You all wait here for me!”

Leylin saw that after he had spoken, all the acolytes in his group bowed their bodies, including Bessita.

These acolytes had picked up this habit within their academies. Towards a Magus, they were required to show extreme respect and caution. Otherwise, they would be severely punished.

Seeing this scene, Leylin inwardly smiled and immediately left with the black-fog-masked dark Magus.

“Can we speak here?”

After the dark Magus had reached a faraway place, Leylin shouted, making the dark Magus halt.

“Finally, what is the news that you have? If what you say is really valuable, then no matter how many magic crystals or whatever else you want in exchange, I will not be stingy with it…”

“It is not very secure here. I need to bring you to a place where no one will be able to eavesdrop.” The dark Magus began explaining.

“Is that so?” Leylin was suspicious, but he still went along with this dark Magus.

“We’re here now.”

The dark Magus led Leylin to a strange pile of scattered stones

“I set up an isolation spell formation here that will ensure that all we say will stay private, and n.o.body will be able to listen in on our conversation.”

The Magus, whose face was concealed by dark fog, and could not have his or her gender identified, went straight for the middle of the pile of stones. Leylin, on the other hand, hesitated and stopped in his tracks.

“What’s wrong? Do you not believe me?”

The Magus surrounded by black fog questioned.


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