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The Appearance of Rank 2 Magus

“Giant, when you first decided to exploit me to detonate the seal, did you ever imagine that things would turn out like this?”

Leylin slowly walked forward, a strange look in his eyes.

He calmly raised his blood-red right hand, preparing to send out another magical attack!

*Xiu!* At this very moment, a figure separated from Giant’s body, the energy waves from its body indicating that it was also a peak rank 1 Magus! It pounced towards Leylin at a very high speed.

“Eye of Hallucination!” After this command, an apparition of a vertical eye appeared behind this figure.

The apparition let out dusky light with various colours flas.h.i.+ng past. Anyone who even chanced a glance at it would be dazzled and feel dizzy.

Two black magic artifacts in the form of daggers appeared in the figure’s hands, moving like a viper as they struck towards Leylin’s vital areas.

This attack was very sudden, and the a.s.sailant was a peak rank 1 Magus who specialised in sneak attacks. Even if it was a Magus like Marb, he would suffer greatly!

Strangely enough, there were no signs of shock on Leylin’s face. Instead what appeared was a grin as if he had expected it.

“You’ve finally appeared?”

Next, a cross-shaped, dark red pendant over his neck produced large amounts of dull red rays of light, and his body was covered with a layer of dense scales.

Leylin’s eyes had also turned into amber vertical pupils. Two rays of petrifying light were shot out of his eyes, piercing into the apparition of the vertical eye.

“Ahh!” Ashen gray rays of petrification ripped open the apparition, and a circle of petrification spread throughout the body of the black figure, causing him to yell miserably.

“Crimson Palm!” Leylin’s hands were covered with three layers of protection. The innermost layer was black — the Kemoyin’s Scales. The middle one was a dull red — an apparition from the Falling Star Pendant — and the outermost one was the protection from Crimson Palm’s flames.

The three layers produced different colours as they alternately sparkled on Leylin’s hands.

Leylin welcomed the two black daggers that were headed for him.

*Boom! Boom!*

Though the black daggers emitted the energy waves of middle-grade magic artifacts, they bounced away from Leylin.

Leylin’s Crimson Palm then unhesitatingly struck the chest of the black figure.


It was obvious that the black figure’s chest had caved in, and it was coupled with the ear-piercing sound of bones breaking.

*Boom!* The figure was flung to the ground, revealing a Magus that Leylin was very familiar with.

“Team leader Caesar, what are you doing here? And can you also explain why you chose to appear in such a strange way?”

Leylin came before Caesar and enquired.

From his tone, it was obvious that Leylin was not surprised at Caesar’s appearance here.

“Cough cough…” The dark figure who had launched a sneak attack was, as expected, Caesar.

However, he looked to be in a bad state, constantly coughing out blood, and his face ashen. Around his third vertical eye on his forehead, there was a ring of gray stone. This was the effect of the Eye of Petrification, and it was still spreading.

“You…… When did you find out?” Caesar did not reply to Leylin’s question, and instead, countered with another question.

“From the very beginning! In all honesty, I really admire you for daring to train in “Three Spirits In A Body”, which is an extremely dangerous ancient secret technique. You actually succeeded and forcefully separated your spirit into three portions!”

Admiration was apparent in Leylin’s expression.

He had previously used the A.I. Chip to simulate Caesar’s trump card, and then heavily researched about ancient secret techniques like these.

Even in ancient times, these kinds of techniques were considered to be very dangerous. Only lunatics would choose to train in them, as they forcefully separated a Magus’ soul into three parts, each having their own will, and having the ability to be spread apart or merged together in crucial moments.

In other words, a person would be separated into three individuals. As long as a single body remained alive, the other 2 bodies could be resurrected given enough resources.
This was basically a secret technique that defied the heavens.

The situation was now very obvious.

Caesar, Giant, and the little boy were the different bodies of a single Magus who practised “Three Spirits In A Body,” and Caesar was a spy who was buried the deepest in Four Seasons Garden, and the instigator of this entire thing!

Leylin had found it strange that the Thousand Meddling Hands knew so much about the Four Seasons Garden, were able to come up with a spell design to destroy the seal linked to the core body of consciousness, and possessed a map of the locations of the defense squads.

From the looks of it, with Caesar, the leader of the hunting team, as a spy, everything made sense.

Caesar forced a laugh, “It’s far from a success. Originally, if the boy had been able to become a peak rank 1 Magus as well, I would have been able to merge all three bodies and try to advance to become a rank 2 Magus! It’s a pity, though…”

While speaking, a ring of stone-like skin had spread from the sides of Caesar’s third eye, almost reaching his nose.

“Why did you lure us here?”

Caesar asked while lying on the ground, without activating any defence formation. He was now aware that he would not be able to withstand even a blow from Leylin and was not going to humiliate himself by trying to protect himself.

“You’re smart! I want to make a trade with you. I hope that…”

“No! Don’t listen to him! Kill him! I want to kill him!” Giant, who was seriously injured, began to yell.

Leylin sighed as he held his head, “Looks like I have to take care of all the troublesome matters first!”

He could clearly tell that out of all the three bodies that Caesar had, only Caesar himself was relatively sane. Giant and the little boy obviously had a few screws loose, which might have been a side effect of the technique.

The little boy’s craziness was possibly even a level above Giant. After his death, his maniacal tendencies were transferred to Giant.

Out of everyone present, Caesar was probably the only one willing to listen to his proposition. Giant was just an obstruction!

At this thought, Leylin’s eyes were filled with a murderous aura; he was prepared to act right away!

Even if Giant and the little boy died, Caesar would still be able to revive them given a lot of resources, and as long as he was still around. It would just take a little more time.

Caesar and Giant were currently heavily injured, and it was impossible for them to fight back.

“Young man, can you stop now?”

Just as Leylin was about to move forward and deal the final blow to Giant, an aged voice sounded by his ear.

A silver ring of spiritual force descended upon the battlefield.

This spiritual force was incredibly malicious and strong, to the point that the air was distorting. Silver spiritual force formed a large hand, which picked up Giant.

The silver hand formed out of spiritual force was extremely st.u.r.dy. The flames from Leylin’s Crimson Palm were still burning fiercely, but there seemed to be no effect on the hand.

Grains of solidified spiritual force constantly fluttered around, slowly extinguis.h.i.+ng the crimson flames on Giant’s legs.

“Spiritual force solidification!”

As he watched the silver, solidified spiritual force, Leylin suddenly thought back to the Gargamel that he had seen previously.

That being formed out of evilness also had the strength of a rank 2 Magus, and at that point in time, Leylin was basically helpless against it.

“A rank 2 Magus from the Thousand Meddling Hands?”

Leylin halted his footsteps.

The silver hand sent the heavily wounded Giant before a Magus donned in black robes.

This Magus was tall and slender but was surrounded by a terrifying spiritual force that even Leylin was fearful of. His eyes were a sparkling green, and anyone who saw him would feel immense fear from the evilness they gave off.

“Father! Father! After killing my ‘little boy’ spirit, he actually tried to kill me, the only member of your bloodline! He must pay the price in blood!”

Giant curled up beside the dark Magus, beginning to wail like a little child.

Caesar, on the other side, called out ‘Father’, his face ashen.

“So this dark Magus is actually Caesar’s father!” Leylin realised. However, something that the rank 2 dark Magus threw over made him feel anxious.

It was the head of a Magus. Its skin was pale, and its face was full of wrinkles. Leylin was extremely familiar with this face, as he had actually seen it not long ago.

“Reynold! You actually killed him!” Leylin’s eyes widened.

This rank 2 Magus was even more powerful than Leylin had expected, to actually be able to behead Reynold, who was also a rank 2 Magus!

*Pak!* at this moment, the petrification on Caesar’s face had extended to his neck, and his expression was still as if he had become a statue.


A streak of green flames began to burn, and the dark Magus traversed through s.p.a.ce and arrived in front of Caesar.

“Ancient Petrification Technique?” His voice was hoa.r.s.e, like two metal pieces against each other.

“Don’t worry, my child!” The dark Magus extended a pair of thin arms, which had green spores on them, and caressed Caesar’s stone head.

*Bzzz!* Milky white light descended onto Caesar’s head.

Within the light, greyish white stone skin fell off bit by bit, revealing Caesar’s original skin tone.

“Thank you, father! Also, he…” Caesar began to whisper in the dark Magus’ ear, and the Magus constantly nodded.

Upon seeing this scene, Giant, who was not far away, glared furiously like a child who had his sweets stolen. There was even some jealousy as he stared hard at Caesar.

“Aren’t you all the same person? Are you jealous of yourself?”

Leylin was speechless.

At this point, Caesar was done speaking. The rank 2 Magus turned his gaze to Leylin.

A powerful burst of spiritual force was fixed upon Leylin, to the point that he felt as if he was standing stark naked in a field of snow.


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