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Being Discovered

Leylin and Kesha were both unemotional, knowing that it was not the time for any disputes. Their opportunity was fleeting, and could not be wasted.

Approximately ten seconds later, everyone entered Shadow Stealth and left.

A huge formidable energy undulation suddenly broke through the spell and created a violent explosion, just like a prominent bonfire in the darkness of the night.

Of course, this was intentionally set up by Leylin and company.

And with the continuous transmission of the energy undulations, some brilliant rays shone in their direction…

“We’re here! This is the furthest we can go, any further and we might alert the alarms that were set up, even in Shadow Stealth. The spell has too many defects that can be probed.

Robin led everyone into a hiding spot and then stopped his steps.

Leylin looked over and from where he stood, he was able to see to the bottom of the flowing river, In the middle of which was a huge whirlpool. The continuously whirling water sparkled on occasion, and some green Barbarian Bears and human Magi started to emerge from it.

“The entrance to this pocket dimension is unexpectedly just a whirlpool….” Leylin nodded his head. The undulations that were being emitted by the whirlpool did not seem to be fake.

He was deciding on a path of approach.

Leylin took a closer look at the surroundings of the whirlpool. The A.I. Chip was working at full power, forming a 3D map of the area in his mind. The enemy’s defense was naturally strong, with some large structures and a sentry system in place for defense. There were even some rank 3 Magi standing guard.

Leylin s.h.i.+fted his line of sight to the center and shot a glance at a Barbarian Bear. It had a thick neck with a weird looking flag on its back. There was another big headed, very old looking Green-skinned Barbarian. Lastly, there was an una.s.suming human Mage robed in grey.

“These three…” Leylin’s pupils dilated, ”They’re at least at Hydro Phase. As for the Barbarian Bear, it might already be at the Crystal Phase!”

Leylin and company were nearly equal in power to these Magi, and only held a slight edge in power. Once the patrols were counted in, numbering ten times their own, it would be very difficult to defeat them.

“I will make use of the secret gem to cover up our tracks. Wait for my signal and move together. My men and I will take care of the back!” Robin took out a black ring and spoke in a heavy tone.

Leylin and Kesha both nodded their heads, and walked in a straight line towards the whirlpool in the dark river.

There were some scattered buildings around where they were that looked brand new. It also had a rugged feel to it, most likely made by the Barbarian Bears. Leylin and company were amongst the shadowy construction area and moved progressively towards the centre with the help of the shadows of some patrolmen.

“If they come ten metres closer to us, we will attack!” Robin’s voice sounded out, the tone oppressive.

Rank 3 Magi were very sharp and alert. As soon as they came close, the party would certainly be discovered.

In the midst of the crack in the shadows, the outside world seemed like it was covered with a layer of fog, almost like a starch paste. It was very vague and fuzzy.

However, Leylin could clearly sense them advancing.

One metre… two metres… three metres…

Another seven meters to go and Leylin and the rest of the Warlocks would have the confidence to breach their defence and wipe them out completely before heading for the pocket dimension.

*Woo woo…* At this very moment, something unexpected suddenly happened. The decorative flag on the back of the Barbarian Bear started to flap and shudder.

A strange skull symbol on the scarlet red patch of the flag started to open its mouth, revealing a mouthful of sharp teeth as it wailed loudly.

“Intruder!” The Barbarian Bear stood up and hissed. The sound engulfing the entire area.

“d.a.m.n, we’ve been exposed! Charge!” A singular ray of brilliance shone through the hollowness and Robin appeared to take the lead.

“Innate poison!” Immediately, he opened up his poison domain.

In a split second, an invisible and terrifying ripple originated from Robin and started to spread. The surrounding patrolmen immediately started to collapse one after the other, with some dying on the spot and their bodies decomposing thereafter.

“Toxic Bile! You are a Warlock from the Ouroboros Clan!” The average-looking Magus wearing the grey robe clenched his teeth, as if he had some deep-seated hatred with the Ouroboros Clan.

“Activate the rank 5 poison defense spell formation!” He ferociously raised his hands and clapped.

A burst of intense brilliance erupted and a huge spell was cast, rays of green falling on every Magus present.

Like a protective armor, the spread of the green rays enveloped the Magi. Although the armor was trembling continuously, it resisted the attack of the Toxic Bile. As for the rest of the Magi around Robin, they were completely doomed for, even with the a.s.sistance of the spell formation.

“All of these sinners deserve death! Do not show mercy!” Kesha and Leylin entered the scene with her yell as she launched her own attack of poison. The rest of the Magi soon followed suit.

In the blink of an eye, the Kemoyin Serpent poison built up, repeatedly overlapping and growing. The formidable power increased to such an extent that even Leylin raised his eyebrows in awe.

*Zi Zi!* The green rays of brilliance were corroding the armor. The other Magi and tribes who were standing behind could not hide their stunned faces.

“Kill!” The huge Barbarian Bear said coldly after a loud roar. The muscles on its body bulged, and the velvet fur stood on end as its physique immediately widened.

As for the big-headed Green-skinned Barbarian, it quickly took out multiple bottles of different sizes, as if ready to cast spells.

“Leave him to me. You deal with the rest!” Robin looked over at the grey-robed Magus with fervour.

“I remember now, he is a Magus from Lone Zither, the sole survivor of the ma.s.sacre.”

At the mention of this name, the grey robed Magus’ face turned blood red, “Today, I shall avenge the death of my teachers and cla.s.smates!”

*Vroom!* A ball of black flame ignited from his body just like a human shaped column and dashed towards Robin.

“Seeing how things have developed till now, I can only go all out!”

Without any other choices, Leylin shrugged his shoulders and, with lightning speed, tossed out multiple test tubes and bottles containing potions.

“Potion combination spell—Divine Prairie Flame! “

A large number of fire snakes swirled and engulfed everyone who was desperately trying to defend against the Kemoyin Poison. Huge billows of smoke rose in the air along with their pitiful cries as a violent and deafening explosion erupted from the blaze.

‘It costs ten times as much to cast a spell here as it does outside. We need to preserve some strength to defend ourselves in case enemy troops catch up with us, so…’ Leylin drew out the black Meteor Sword from his waist.

The grooves on its blade buzzed continuously, as if thirsting for blood.

“Cross Slas.h.!.+” Leylin grasped his fallen sword and delivered a single forward hack!

A black cross-shaped ray from the edge of the blade streaked across and dismembered a majority of the Magi into pieces. The Kemoyin poison from the blade immediately caused their flesh to decompose.

“We are not here to kill people. We only have to get into the pocket dimension!”

Leylin looked at the surroundings and saw the human grey robed Magus blocked by Robin, while Kesha had picked to go up against the huge Barbarian Bear. He found it puzzling as to why she liked such big challenges.

Noah, on the other hand, led the Black Horrall Snake Magi and continued with the attack.

The entire field was a sea of confusion and chaos. An urgent bugle horn sounded and Leylin could feel the rays of light that chased them making their way back rapidly.

“Foreign human, do you also long for the Forgotten Land’s pocket dimension?”

With a brain that was twice the size of a regular human and a body covered with endless wrinkles, the Green-skinned Barbarian was done with it’s poison concoction and positioned itself in front of Leylin, revealing it’s few teeth that were stained yellow.

“I didn’t expect you to be a Potions Master as well!” Leylin looked intently at the grey coloured alms bowl the Green-skinned Barbarian was holding. In it was a bubbling dense green liquid.

“Get out of my way!” The fallen sword in Leylin’s hand created endless blade rays.

A huge ray of brilliance swiped across the ground and left a long deep gush.

“You shall make a fine addition to my, Modris’, collection!”

The Green-skinned Barbarian laughed. With it’s exceptionally nimble hands and the constant undulations on its body increasing steadily, it seemed as if it was more powerful than Leylin!

*Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+* The clever Green-skinned Barbarian split his body into three parts, and in turn each part grew as a whole. It headed straight for Leylin at full speed.

“Just this?” Leylin smiled callously as swiped his sword repeatedly and pierced through two of the phantom images.

The Green-skinned Barbarian’s smile showed a confidence in victory as it swiftly started chanting.

Beside one of the phantom images, the greenish liquid in the grey alms bowl exploded and manifested itself into a gooey monstrous hand.

The innumerable suction pads on the hand started trembling, seeming like it was attached to a tremendously huge body that was attempting to break free from the alms bowl.

Green billows of fog filled the air as if a cage and attempted to trap Leylin within.

But suddenly, the Green-skinned Barbarian’s eyes shot open.

Leylin showed no signs of panic or fear amidst the fog, and on the contrary, took out a potion of his own from his belt. A layer of pink smoke slowly dispersed, enveloping the alms bowl.

The pink smoke neuralized the green gas in moments, and soon droplets of liquid started to form that sprinkled onto the ground.

“How… How can it be…” The Green-skinned Barbarian’s jaw fell wide open.

“Are you surprised your summon mixture has zero effect? Do you think I can’t recognise it?” Leylin looked at the Green-skinned Barbarian, his smile showing his satisfaction.

“With just a potion of clean-jem neutralizing potion, the problem can be solved. You should be embarra.s.sed to use such mediocre potions against me!”


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