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A small white bird landed, and Kesha opened her shut eyes. “From the energy fluctuations at that end, they have, at most, a Hydro Phase Magus overseeing them. What do we do?”

”Even though they have received some information related to us, it isn’t too risky to just barge in. We still have to obtain some sort of guide or map of the area to explore it, though……”

Robin let out a deep sigh, “My subordinates only acquired a part of the information about the outermost region. They have no clue as to the internal structure of Quicksand Castle…”

”Even if it’s a trap, the opponent’s teams have been trapped in the sculptured spell formation. Even if there was a trap set up, they would not have much manpower!” Leylin stoked his chin as he stated this a.s.sumption.

”In that case, we have nothing to be afraid of!” Robin’s laughed sardonically.

Having been chased after by their opponents for such a long time, almost to the extent of being chased out of the pocket dimension, he held a lot of pent up anger, a sentiment more or less shared by every other Warlock present.


A scaly hand suddenly extended outwards from emptiness and grabbed the chest of a Barbarian Bear Warrior, gouging out a still-throbbing bright-red heart.

Drops of fresh blood that had yet to lose their warmth dripped down unceasingly, causing the surrounding Magi to be scared stiff.

”Ah! A beautiful, short, death!” A Black Horrall Snake Warlock robed in black squeezed out of a crack in the shadows, his face revealing a mesmerised expression.

Magi could, more or less, be considered mentally ill, and Warlocks were no exception.

Previously, they had been restricted from acting by the royal bloodlines, but now there was no such thing. Once the orders for an attack were given, the alliance went into complete chaos as six Black Horrall Snake Warlocks, together with Noah, ma.s.sacred every Magus in sight, regardless of rank. Even acolytes were not spared.

That tragedy had caused some Magi to flee.

*Boom!* The central building exploded. Three magi with gloomy expressions floated in mid-air, their bodies emanating the terrifying energy of Hydro Phase Magi.

“Launch the spells!” the one at the center shouted. A ring of fluorescent light flickered and large runes formed a steel cage, firmly securing the entire campsite within.

”I knew you had some tricks up your sleeves. But where are your Hydro Phase and Crystal Phase Magi? Have they all died?”

Just when the three Hydro Phase Magi were about to go forth to stop them, a spark exploded out of the darkness. Robin, along with Leylin and Kesha, stepped out to block them with a sneer.

There were no Morning Star Magi in the Forgotten Land. Even the major powers of the region like the Barbarian Bears had few Crystal Phase Magi.

To deploy a small team to hunt after Leylin’s team was the most they could do without their tribe leaders. Even for that, they had to give up on many strategic locations.

Were this team to be trapped, this alliance in the pocket dimension would have their overall strength greatly reduced.

After all, this group of Magi was only exploring the place. n.o.body had expected them to invade.

“A mere one at the Hydro Phase and two at the Vapour Phase. I, Dominic, will ensure that none of you leave this place today!” The human Magus, who wore black robes with a cross-shaped floral pattern on his face, charged forward as Hydro Phase spiritual force surged forth like a tsunami.

”Oh really? But in the eyes of us royal Warlocks, you are like a lamb to be slaughtered!” Robin’s eyes showed a tinge of arrogance and a horrifyingly intimidating strength erupted fiercely from his body.

The same happened with Leylin and Kesha.

”Rank 3 innate spell—Intimidating Gaze!”

This was the formidable spell that high-level rank 3 Warlocks could master. Moreover, even the strength of this spell in the hands of rank 3 Black Horrall Snake Warlocks could not compare to when Leylin and party used it, even if they had trained in the same spell.

This deterrence strength was entirely attributed to the bloodline. The more concentrated the bloodline, the stronger its ancient roots, the more powerful the effect of intimidation would be.

“Rank 3 spell formation! The Domain of Unity!

The bodies of the three began to glow, the light merging to form a strange triangular diagram.

Under the effects of the spell, the dreadful force fields the three of them emitted actually started to indistinctly complement each other and increase in intensity, forming a force similar to that of the domain of a true Morning Star Magus!

Waves of hissing howls arose, those of ancient predatory Giant Kemoyin Serpents. s.p.a.ce vibrated endlessly and a more than thousand metre tall phantom of a giant serpent appeared. The serpent opened its amber eyes and stared straight at the 3 Magi ahead of it, making them break out in cold sweat.

‘A real domain should possess three basic attributes: weaken the enemy, strengthen the self, and bend fundamental laws!’ Leylin had a deep understanding regarding his own domain, all thanks to the large amounts of information hidden in the library of the Ouroboros Clan.

‘The terror of an individual Giant Kemoyin Serpent can at most weaken its enemies. When we cooperate, the terrifying force fields we generate complement and amplify each other!”’

In an instant, he saw the actions of the opposing Magi slow down. The acolytes fainted while rank 1 Magi could barely move. Rank 2 and 3 Magi could move and even cast spells, but their strength had been greatly reduced.

On the contrary, the Black Horrall Snake Warlocks had an abrupt increase in their aura, to the extent that they could compare to the Vapour Phase now. Under Noah’s lead, the low-ranked Magi unscrupulously ma.s.sacred the camp.

‘After combination, our powers now both weaken the enemy and strengthen our allies. What a pity that we cannot bend laws, else it would have been a terrifying true domain!’ Leylin could feel the terrifying force field adding to his powers.

An indescribable aura entered his body, exciting his bloodline to a boil and pus.h.i.+ng his power to that of the Hydro Phase.

Kesha’s situation was similar to his, but what shocked everyone the most was Robin’s transformation. As the core of this combination, he had received the greatest amplification of power. His aura increased nonstop and began to terrify even Leylin. Only Lucian had managed to inspire such emotion in him previously.

Supplemented by the innate gift of three Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlocks, Robin had already neared the threshold of the Crystal Phase. With the addition of his bloodline’s strength, he had completely stepped into the Crystal Phase in power!

”This terrifying force field! You are all Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlocks!” The human Magus, Dominic, squinted his eyes, his body trembling.

The reports had only mentioned that a group of rank 3 Warlocks had invaded the pocket dimension. Because Leylin and the other three had only used their innate poison spells when they entered and not this terrifying force field, the Magi had underestimated them.

Even if they were rank 3 Warlocks, the Black Horrall Snake bloodline and the Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline were in completely different leagues. Their strengths were poles apart.

Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlocks were very rare, and typically never strayed out of the Ouroboros Clan headquarters where they were well-protected. The human Magus had not expected the presence of so many Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlocks in this infiltrating party.

He could feel a portion of the spiritual force in his sea of consciousness being locked. His inability to use it caused his expression to change to one of bitterness.

A little over ten minutes later, the ma.s.sacre on the ground had come to an end. Limbs and flesh were strewn about everywhere. Noah and the nine remaining Black Horrall Snake Warlocks had not suffered any injuries, but their clothes had been dyed dark red.

The battle in the sky, too, had reached its climax.

”Ophidian Gnaw!”

Robin had grown even more terrifying, having activated his Kemoyin scales defence. The intricate black scales that covered him were smooth yet elegant, and there were even faint patterns on the surface, forming a complete rune the colour of blood.

He howled, and numerous streams of black air congealed into a large black phantom snake that swallowed a huge Barbarian Bear.

A cringeworthy sound of gnawing was emitted. Several seconds later, there was no longer a hint there of the existence of a Barbarian Bear Shaman.

”Shadow cage!” Leylin, Meteor Sword in hand, combed the area. From time to time, he would cast a few spells which caused the Green-skinned Barbarian Magus opposite him to retreat slowly.

*Boom!* At that time, a hidden trap burst out from behind the Green-skinned Barbarian Magus, morphing into a cage of shadows that trapped the Barbarian within.

”Die!” Leylin rushed forward, his quick steps containing the elegance of a dancer. His sword slashed across the neck of the Green-skinned Barbarian. Green blood spurted out as a head flew across the sky.

”AAAAH!” The human Magus let out a startling cry and distanced himself from Kesha, morphing into a ray of light that streaked into the distance.

The cage from before had immediately made an opening for him as he neared.

”You need my permission to leave!” Just as the Magus was going to rush out of the cage, a black palm blocked his path. Robin made his way there with a smile.

Leylin and Kesha tailed behind him and blocked his retreat. Upon seeing that scenario, the Magus smiled wryly and put up both his hands in an act of surrender.

”What now?” The surrendered Magus immediately fell to the ground and fainted. Robin looked anxiously at Kesha.

“Even though the opponent was very cooperative, but it is extremely troublesome to scour through a rank 3 Magus’ memories!” Kesha opened both her eyes, her face revealing an exhausted expression.


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