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Warlock of the Magus World is a web novel produced by The Plagiarist, Wen Chao Gong, 文抄公.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Life Extraction

“Don’t mind these people. Our priority is to break into the residence!” The leader of the Morning Star Magi glanced at the many n.o.bles and commoners trying to escape and shook his head. Leaving them to the fire elementals, he darted straight for Scarlet Eye’s residence.

“You seem to have other intentions in this joint operation. Is it convenient for you to tell me more? As allies, we hope to provide some support!” At some point, Saka had arrived beside this Magus, and he smiled gently as he spoke.

However, when coupled with his huge stature and fierce face, this smile just seemed horrifying.

“It’s nothing much. We just have a few old enemies hidden amongst the Emberwings and need to take care of them,” the Morning Star Magus replied politely.

“Oh? Are they Magi from the other world like you?” Saka asked. This topic had him interested.

It had mostly been thanks to them that he was able to break into the capital and cause such huge damage. For this reason, he had a huge interest in these mysterious spells and this rumoured other world.

“Yes. However, they’re just a bunch of vile creatures that live off bloodlines, interested in the bloodlines of all living things. They don’t mind committing murder for this, they’re the source of all sin!” The Morning Star Magus’ criticism sounded righteous, as if he hadn’t been killing without restraint just a moment ago.

“I didn’t expect the situation to turn out this way already. Quick! Back to the leader’s residence!” Schiker’s hand subconsciously touched the pendant hung at his neck as he issued the command.

Bowens’ body was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy as he flew with Schiker, the flames in the air leaving behind a long blazing tail.

The speed of a Star rank far surpa.s.sed that of a chariot. In less than a minute, Bowens had brought Schiker back into the residence.

Schiker looked distracted. Just this morning, he had been in a good mood as he dressed formally to go out and celebrate with his father. Never could he have expected that he would return in such a pitiful state

Even with his many years of military experience, he could not adapt to these changes instantly.

A few military officials that had been left behind as guards immediately rushed forward in salute as they noticed him, “My Lord!”

When they’d heard the explosions in the square and seen the flames, their sense of responsibility as soldiers had told them that they should continue guarding this place.

“Mm! Notify everyone that war has arrived. Activate all defences in the residence!” Bowens exclaimed, and the command was quickly sent down. A golden layer of energy that looked like an overturned bowl covered the entire residence.

“Father…” Schiker touched the pendant on his neck, his eyes glinting with a decisive light.

“So you got here first?” Seven terrifying figures flew in his direction. Even before they arrived, the powerful pressure caused everyone in the residence to feel suffocated.

“Desas’ Flying Palm!” With the incantations sounding out, a giant palm with countless runes twining around it appeared in the air, slapping the golden s.h.i.+eld.

The golden s.h.i.+eld shook, but still stubbornly held on. Yet, cracks had already appeared on its surface.

It was as if an earthquake had occurred the moment the flying palm hit the s.h.i.+eld. Multiple buildings cracked, and the sound of gla.s.s shattering rang out as cups constantly fell to the ground.

“Uncle Bowens, can you take care of them?” Schiker had turned deathly pale.

“There are seven Star ranks who hold the power of water and ice. Even one on one I wouldn’t be confident, let alone against seven. The rest of the commanders either died in battle or are stuck outside…”

Bowens laughed bitterly and then patted Schiker on the head, his eyes full of love, “But don’t worry, I’ll protect you!”

“Uncle Bowens!” Schiker’s voice trembled, his eyes turning red.

“The defence in the leader’s residence is rather weak! Just a Morning Star is enough to deal with it…”

Outside the gigantic golden layer, Leylin and two other Morning Star Warlocks had long since snuck in. Seeing this scene, Emma rolled her eyes at Leylin, “From the map you showed me, the defensive spell formation should not be that simple…”

“Yes! Usually, this spell formation can take on one attack from a Morning Star, but can also be recharged and have its strength increased by several times! The key is in Schiker’s hands… Of course, I made a copy as well…”

Leylin laughed, retrieving a golden gem from his sleeves. Within it, one could see the image of a flaming phoenix.

Schiker had already trusted him too much, and was not powerful on top of that. With the A.I. Chip’s scans and some psychological hints, obtaining information from him was much too easy. Leylin had even found out about this last resort, and made a copy of it.

“You’re really quite something!” Gilbert’s eyes brightened. “With this, we can sneak into the residence without being discovered. It would be even better if we could take control of the central administration of the spell formation.”

“Don’t even think about controlling the spell formation. Besides, since Scarlet Eye left it behind for Schiker, he probably hasn’t shown all his cards yet. We need to wait longer…”

Leylin saw these two Kemoyin dukes whose eyes were beginning to flare red, and his voice turned cold.

His tone seemed to have some unique power, causing the red in Gilbert and Emma’s eyes to dissipate. The two of them began to laugh wryly, “Seeing the situation, I got a little affected. My apologies…”

Immediately after, Emma’s eyes were full of astonishment when looking at Leylin, “The emotional instability from your bloodline has such a small effect, and you can even indirectly affect us…”

“With such a concentrated bloodline, it probably that of all Kemoyin Warlocks in history… Perhaps, the hope of overcoming our bloodline shackles lies with you!” Gilbert was beaming.

“My willpower is just slightly stronger than most others!” Leylin laughed wryly, ruthlessly pus.h.i.+ng down the destructive desires inside him.

Even after reaching Morning Star, a Warlock could curb the emotional instability from their bloodline fusing with their soul. It was just that it was much more troublesome. Matters that had to do with the soul could not be resolved with just regular potions or other methods. For now, he could only rely on his own willpower.

*Skree!* At this moment, the replica phoenix phantom in his hands began to call out.

“Schiker is about to use this! We’d better sneak in quickly!” Leylin chanted a few syllables, and the scarlet energy from Fireplume poured into a gemstone. It produced a golden yellow layer of energy that encompa.s.sed the three of them.

The moment the golden energy layer made contact with the residence, the two began to blend, causing Leylin and the other two’s figures to disappear.

At the same time, an even more glorious layer of gold appeared outside the residence. The cries of a phoenix rang out, blocking the attacks of all the Morning Star Magi.

“This level of defence?” The leader of the Morning Star Magi immediately turned grim.

Without being discovered by the Morning Star Magi and officials, Leylin and the two dukes successfully snuck into the residence. While Leylin was leading the way, he seemed to be very familiar with the area.

“Strange. Did you feel that?” Leylin looked absent-minded as he judged the second activation, deep in thought.

“A life extraction spell formation! The second level of this formation is evidently a method to steal life force. It can even defend against the combined attacks of multiple Morning Stars by stealing life force, and even soul force, from a gigantic living creature…” Gilbert nodded.

“On top of that, from the course of the energy, the energy that is being extracted comes not from the energy pool of the residence, but from… underground!” Emma touched the surface of the ground and confirmed.

Those of the Magus world were much more advanced than those from the rest of the worlds, mostly because of their foresight and minds that were suited for research.

After acquiring vast inheritances from ancient Magi, there were few races in other worlds that could surpa.s.s these people of the Magus World when it came to knowledge or capabilities at identification.

“In that case, there might be a powerful ancient creature confined underground, and it’s the type with a long life…”

Gilbert gave a hollow laugh, his face changing, “The firasource stones can’t be connected to this, can they…?”

“That’s very possible!” Leylin’s expression was serious as he nodded, recalling the time he had followed Loke underground and the red rays that had formed from the heart of the large spell formation.

For some reason, a sense of sadness surged inside as he thought back to that time.

‘These feelings?’ With the instability from his bloodline, Leylin paid a lot of attention to his emotions. He immediately discovered the source of the sorrow he was feeling.

‘Fireplume? If I hadn’t changed the nature of its energy, the effects would be even more prominent…’

“This feeling?” Bowens touched his chest, looking gloomy. “What’s going on?”

“I- I don’t know!” Schiker seemed to sense something as well, and began to sound fl.u.s.tered, “Father gave me this key in the morning, telling me that if there came a danger that could not be handled, I was to escape back into the residence and activate the second layer of defence!”

“Is that so?” Bowens’ eyes glinted with mixed emotions, “Since the lord has made preparations for this, then that’s great!”


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