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Read Warlord Chapter 148 – Subterranean Waters

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Although it was not clear why Behemoth had appeared here, it appeared that he had chased away Parkland’s killer. However, for the current Monnie, the zero that fell into the crevice was more important.

Atasha’s face didn’t look too good either. She owed him twice already. The first time was in the Death Canyon. If it wasn’t zero, then Atasha would have already been reduced to a pile of debris in the radiation fire. The second time was right now, where Zero Sacrifice had exchanged her for a safe time to cross the bridge.

The black girl had never thought that she would ever be saved by an outsider, not to mention twice. The Shan people were simple in nature, and wors.h.i.+pped nature. He was merciless to his enemies and respectful to those who had helped him. Gunther was one example, but now there was a zero. Even though Zero had done nothing to the Horde, he had saved her twice, and that was enough.

She decided to protect Monnie for Zero, even though she couldn’t understand why someone of Zero’s caliber would bring Monnie with him. Although Monnie could be considered a beauty in terms of aesthetic standards, but even Atasha knew that a mercenary who had multiple abilities just like Zero and one of them had reached rank 5 was already considered strong in the wilderness. It was quite easy for such a person to have a woman.

It was only when Monnie was willing to use her own flesh and blood to heal Zero’s wounds that Atasha seemed to understand a little.

Since Zero was going to protect Monnie, he could say that he had a slim chance of survival. So if he didn’t come back, or if he didn’t come back, she was willing to take his responsibility.

The African woman patted Mony and said, “Let’s go, he …”

“No, I want to wait for him here!” Zero will definitely not die! ” Monnie was not a stubborn child, and most of the time she chose to obey. But this time, she wasn’t willing to give up. She wanted to give up on the light that had fallen into the bottomless abyss!

For Monnie, zero was the light that illuminated her dark world. She did not want to lose zero. She did not want to return to the dark world of her past. Even though she knew that the chances of survival were slim, this time, she decided to act rashly.

“Well, we’ll wait for him. “One day.” The last two words, however, were only for her to know. With the food and water they had, one day was their limit. Moreover, the pa.s.sersby who were going to the Windmill Town had to go hungry.

Monnie didn’t know. She just wanted to know what was happening to Zero.

The situation with Zero was not too good.

It had been almost a minute since he had released the rope and fallen into the crevice, but he still couldn’t see the end of the crevice. Zero was already in the darkness. It was unknown how deep the crack was, the sunlight could not reach it. However, from time to time, a strong wind would blow out from the bottom of the crevice. Every time a wind blew up, Zero would stretch out its body as much as possible, allowing the strong wind to cus.h.i.+on its fall.

After another minute or so, Zero’s ears started to hear the sound of water, and the moist steam a.s.saulted his face. He knew that he was finally going to see the bottom of the crevice.

He took a deep breath and pressed his hands against his legs, bracing himself like a javelin, minimizing the impact. As soon as he did this, he dove straight into the water. Zero could only pray that the underground waters were deep enough. Otherwise, he would have to kiss the earth’s crust intimately, and that would definitely not be a pleasant result.

Fortunately, the strong wind had cus.h.i.+oned the descent, and with water as a natural cus.h.i.+on, this area of underground water was very deep. By the time Zero’s fingers touched the floating sand of the riverbed, his body had almost stopped.

Following that, Zero’s body was pulled towards the direction of the mouth of the sea, rus.h.i.+ng towards the polluted sea. If Zero were to be washed into that endless sea, then he really would not be able to return.

While he was in the water, he pulled out a saber from his thigh and stabbed himself into the riverbed with all his might. The riverbed was full of mud. Although they were thick enough, they weren’t hard enough. As a result, Zero’s body did not stop. After being carried by the torrent for almost a hundred meters, the military knife had left a deep mark on the riverbed. However, the high silt finally provided enough resistance, allowing Zero to stop.

Zero took the opportunity to lie down on the riverbed, reducing the friction with the water. With one hand, he kept his saber fixed in the riverbed, while with the other, he reached for his army rucksack. In the outer pocket of the backpack were a few tactical glow sticks. It was pitch black under the water, and Zero needed a light to determine which way to go.

With two fingers in the opposite direction, the light source material in the glow stick was immediately activated. Immediately, a blurry yellow light lit up in front of Zero, illuminating an area of nearly three meters in the water. Unexpectedly, just as the light lit up, he suddenly saw a huge figure not far away from him.

The figure was about the size of a cow, but in the yellow light, Zero could see a lobster-like sh.e.l.l. This was because the outer sh.e.l.l was a deep black in color, and the surface of the sh.e.l.l was riddled with convex spots. But this creature did indeed have five pairs of long legs like a lobster. Its limbs were long and sharp, and it was able to dig deep into the riverbed to secure its body. From the back, it also had two pairs of pincers, left, right and small.

As if the light had stimulated the creature, it suddenly turned around. Therefore, Zero saw that this lobster-like creature had a fish head.

The fish’s eyes had degenerated, and the fat made them narrow into slits. However, there were two tentacle-like organs on its head. A pair of tentacles pointed to zero at the same time. Then, the strange fish opened its mouth, revealing its sharp fangs.

Sea dragon fis.h.!.+

It was a rare sea monster recorded in this book. It had the head of a fish and the body of a lobster. The eyes were degenerated by pollution, but the antennae on their heads were sensitive to heat, and all creatures emitting heat were the food of this monster. Sea dragon fish live in the offsh.o.r.e area, is a lactation organism, will go to the river area during the growth period to reproduce. During the breeding period, the seadragon fish were the most aggressive due to their instinct to protect their offspring.

The information regarding this strange fish flashed through Zero’s mind. Judging by the way the Sea Dragon Fish appeared in the underground water under the fissure, this strange fish was reproducing. Since there was a seadragon fish here, the other side wouldn’t stay too far away.

Thinking this, Zero suddenly felt the water flow behind him change slightly. He turned his head to look and saw another sea dragon fish that was even larger than him opening its huge mouth that was filled with sharp teeth and was about to bite down on Zero’s head!


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