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Read Warlord Chapter 179 – Ninth Knight

Warlord is a web novel created by Chen Ran, 辰燃.
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Read WebNovel Warlord Chapter 179 – Ninth Knight

The wilderness during the day was hot and quiet. The rising heat squeezed the moisture out of all the lands, and even the mutated plants that could survive in such a cruel environment seemed to be lacking in vigor. A Six-Eyed Lizard climbed onto the mutated cactus covered with thorns. This type of lizard was very small, so small that it did not attract the attention of the mutated cactus. However, the little guy was very nimble, even though his cactus was covered with hard thorns. The Six-Eyed Lizard also knew that if the thorns stabbed into its body, its life would come to an end. However, it calmly and quickly moved through the cactus thorns. Under the observation of its six compound eyes, these seemingly dense thorns seemed to have some sort of secret path that could allow the Six-Eyed Lizard to pa.s.s through.

Climbing to the middle of the cactus, the lizard secured itself to the plant with the suction cup in its palm, blocking out the hot sunlight from the other side. Although it was hard to see real sunlight in the new age, the light cast by the big fireball in the sky from the radiation cloud to the ground still carried an astonis.h.i.+ng temperature. So the clouds of radiation hang over the sky for years, but no one wants to disperse them.

The radiation clouds were like the ozone layer of the earth. Without them, the temperature during the day would not be suitable for life. This has been proven in some areas where there are no clouds of radiation, which can set off the deadly light of fire. These areas become h.e.l.lish in the daytime.

After attaching itself to the plant, the Six-Eyed Lizard opened its mouth and a mutated tongue came out. The Six-Eyed Lizard’s tongue was somewhat like a needle. There was a meat needle growing on the front end, and the needle had a mouthpart that could suck things in. And the tongue is covered with tiny meat spikes, which ensure that the tongue can be firmly held in place when it enters the body and that it is difficult to break free.

During the turbulent times, every creature had its own survival techniques, and the Six-Eyed Lizard was no exception. It flicked its mutated tongue out at close to the speed of a bullet and plunged it into the cactus. Following which, slivers of foul smelling liquid were sucked into the lizard’s body through its tongue. It was the juice of the cactus, as well as a small amount of plant fibers. These things were enough for the Six-Eyed Lizard to survive for several days.

After a quick and simple meal, the Six-Eyed Lizard did not plan to leave. It even closed its eyes after it had eaten its fill. But at this moment, a tremor from the ground woke it up. The lizard opened its six compound eyes, climbed to another convenient position and looked in the direction of the tremor, and saw a modified heavy motorcycle.

A tire as big as the wheels of a truck was installed on the motorcycle. Under the nearly berserk kinetic energy provided by the locomotive, the tire was pressed against the ground, rapidly propelling the car towards the knight’s destination. On both sides of the rear wheels, three exhaust pipes as thick as an arm spewed out hot steam, raising a billowing cloud of smoke behind the motorcycle.

The motorcycle was shaped like a giant bullet and had a streamlined body design which forced the Knight to lie down on the locomotive. However, it minimized the wind resistance and allowed the heavy locomotive to travel at a speed of about 350 kilometers per hour. Therefore, in the eyes of the Six-Eyed Lizard, the locomotive whizzed past on the nearby road like a bullet.

The rider wore a hooded cloak and goggles to reduce the brightness of the day. The two pieces of clothing covered most of his face, but the chin that peeked out from under the hood and the silver hair that would occasionally pop out from the hat told of the Knight’s beauty.

The dull journey never seemed to end, but what appeared in the rearview mirror of the locomotive told the knight that it did not.

In the rearview mirror, a modified SUV appeared behind the locomotive. The SUV was fitted with a front fender with sharp steel spikes, and a miniature machine gun was mounted in front of the pa.s.senger seat to make it easier for the gunmen in the pa.s.senger seat to fire at any time. As for the rear of the SUV, it was a six-tube Greene heavy wheel that provided fast and swift firepower. It was definitely a killing machine in the wilderness.

Behind the SUV were several light motorcycles. The riders on the motorcycles were all dressed as hippies. They wore leather clothes with willow spikes on them. Their hair gushed with all kinds of strange colors, and their faces were painted with strange makeup. Each was carrying two riders, the riders dancing in the backseat, or chopping knives, but more of them loaded with lead bullets.

They let out strange roars and shrieks, but without exception, all of them stopped the locomotives in front of them.

The rider on the heavy motorcycle knew what he had encountered.

Wild mob, armed mob. The term mob means those who do not belong to any al-Qaeda. They roamed the wilderness, plundering resources for a living. In particular, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the armed mob were bandits. Not only did they rob and kill civilians, they didn’t even place a small portion of the base force in their eyes. Along the coastline, the infamous armed mob was the wolf bandits that were active to the south of Death’s Ridge.

“What an annoying bunch of bugs.” The knight on the heavy locomotive spoke in a deep and melodious voice. He lightly shook his head and continued to slow down until he finally stopped on the coastline.

The knight got out of the car and lifted his hood to reveal his long silver hair. He had silver hair, a pair of goggles, and a handsome face. The knight took off his cloak and threw it on the locomotive, revealing a dark red leather suit. On the chest area of the leather jacket, there were some black inscriptions. It was the design of the sword and s.h.i.+eld, and on the design, there was a dark golden Arabic number.


“Hey, stop sleeping, Arthur, come out and greet the guests.” This sword sheath was pitch-black and had dark golden patterns engraved on it. It was immediately catapulted high into the air by the catapult in the sheath, before landing steadily in the hands of the Knight.

This was a double-edged, single-handed sword with a b.l.o.o.d.y groove in the middle. The blade was sharp and concise. However, there were golden patterns intertwined on the hilt of the sword. They were both decorations and also had the effect of preventing slipping. At the end of the sword hilt, there was a hexagonal cyan gem embedded in the center of the golden patterns. Judging from the blue light that leaked out from the gem from time to time, it was more than just a decoration.

The knight held a sword in one hand, the sword tip drooping. In the reflection of the sunlight, a beautiful flowery script flashed on the blade of the one-handed sword, making the sword appear even more mysterious. An unnoticeable breeze was generated from the bottom of the knight’s feet and gently boiled in all directions, but it was quickly crushed by the many vehicles that had arrived. In this way, the knights in the road were surrounded by armed mob.

However, a faint smile still hung on the knight’s face.

At the same time, an off-road vehicle was heading towards the Shadow Capital. The car had not been modified at all, not even a machine gun, making it hard to believe how it had traversed the wilderness. However, this car did not need any weapons because the person driving the car was a humanoid weapon.

Valkyrie was driving. She had changed out of her Victorian dress and into a tight black tactical suit. It was the same long blue hair that the wind had pulled back, like a brilliant blue flame dotted with the desolation of the wilderness.

On the right side of the Valkyrie’s driver seat, a tactical panel displayed the information of the ninth Knight Levin. In the picture on the tactical board, the handsome face in the middle of the silver hair was exactly the same as the heavy locomotive rider’s face that was currently surrounded by a bag!


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