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Read Warlord Chapter 205 – Gene Lock (For Subscription)

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Read WebNovel Warlord Chapter 205 – Gene Lock (For Subscription)

Zero put away the special sensor pistol that he used to simulate a battle. In his eyes, the battlefield was gradually fading. That was the reason why the background wall was closing.

When the area around him was completely dark, another spotlight lit up above his head, and an area roughly the same size as a football field, with floor and walls embedded with metal plates, appeared in front of his eyes. This was a simulation site for actual combat. Through a holographic projection that covered the entire ground, it was able to create a virtual battlefield with a known environment.

Regardless of whether it was the handguns used by Zero, or the weapons used by Su He and Feng, they were all special sensors used to simulate a battle. However, in the holographic projection, these sensors would simulate a personal weapon to achieve the best level of performance.

Because of this, other than actual combat simulations, it was not necessary to actually kill the opponent. However, the techniques and tactics used on the battlefield were no different from reality. Only an organization like the Hall of Heroic Spirits could afford to use a holographic projection like this to hone the soldiers’ combat skills and the teamwork.

Two days ago, Valkyrie offered two sets of solutions to zero. The first was to combine his mastery of firearms and Agility strengthening to become a Windstar. The second was to invest in strength strengthening to evolve to become a Launcher Grandmaster.

Both professions had their own characteristics.

The Wind Shot focused on agility and accuracy, developing a professional ability to shoot accurately while moving at high speeds. Its most typical ability is the “Blast Consecutive Shooting”, which allows zero to make dazzling shooting movements while moving. In addition, zero also produces the ability to “multiple shooting”, “table tennis” and “mental marking”.

Among them, multiple shots enable the sniper rifle to fire multiple simultaneous attacks on the target in the blink of an eye. This is an upgraded version of the two-shot same-point technique used to shoot Rawls from zero to zero. It could be said that after multiple shots, the power of the elemental force field was no longer as strong and unbreakable.

As for the spirit mark, it was an auxiliary ability. This ability would form an energy mark on the target’s body at the spiritual level. Only a zero energy mark could sense it, but it only had a scope of effect of 300 meters. Furthermore, it could be covered by certain abilities and special equipment in the perception domain, so it wasn’t of much use. But with the increase in ability, when this ability advances to the “Soul Imprint”, it will become one of the most powerful tracking skills.

Finally, there was table tennis, which was not so much an ability as a shooting technique. It was a method of shooting by means of accurate calculation of the shot angle and environment of the shot by the shooter. It could disrupt the opponent’s judgment with a strange shooting trajectory in a specific environment, thus. .h.i.tting the target from an incredible angle.

The technique used to “shoot” Rankin was a ping pong ball. If he were to use a conventional method, Rankin, who was lying in front of the window of the fortification, would not be able to do this kind of action. But through ping-pong skills, zero shot him dead.

And all of these were the special characteristics of Feng Xing’s archers. Compared to the agile Windwalk shooter, the Launcher Master paid more attention to the destruction of his position. Through the combination of high strength and high accuracy, he was able to independently operate the heavy weapons that were usually carried on the chariot to blast the enemy’s position. It could be said that the role of a Launcher Master was more reflected in large scale battles.

In the end, Zero still chose the Wind Sagittarius job, which was due to his usual fighting style. With the help of [Rampage] and [Golden Right Eye], Zero could raise the combat power of a Wind Shooter by 20-30%.

For this, he put in 35 Evolution Points, which included the 15 Evolution Points needed to master the level 4 weapon. However, the four new abilities are all at the first stage. Just to advance to the second stage, each ability requires 4 evolution points, but it’s not as cheap as upgrading one’s basic abilities.

If Zero wanted to advance to a higher level, it would require him to be a Windwalker, which was a job that required him to be promoted by four levels. As Valkyrie said, every four stages are a node of evolution. It was just that leveling up a cla.s.s was not that simple. It required the skills and abilities of an extended cla.s.s to be upgraded at the same time. In other words, only when the four types of abilities were simultaneously upgraded would the cla.s.s with zero attributes be promoted.

Excluding the 7 points needed to evolve the Wind Blade, there were only 7 left. For this reason, after he upgraded the Wind Shooting Technique, which was suitable for the most extensive area, to the second level, he no longer had any extra points for him to use.

But through today’s series of simulations, Zero did not regret investing in this profession. The Wind Shooter had continued his usual fighting style and had greatly enhanced his overall fighting power. Therefore, it also gave him an irreplaceable position in the team.

At this time, the gate of the combat arena opened. Carío and a group of teachers filed in through the door. When one of the teachers shouted “Gather!”, nearly a hundred recruits formed a phalanx.

In his hand was a tablet computer. He looked at the screen and said, “Today’s results are out. I’m surprised that the vanguard team actually dropped to third place.” The second is Rankin’s Blunderer. As for the first, I have to say, you Windwalker really have some dog s.h.i.+t luck! “

Windwalker was the name of Team Su, but with the addition of the name of Feng Xing, it was truly a name worthy of its name.

“This is not luck, this is strength, sir!” Sue said loudly and winked at Zero.

Zero smiled but did not comment. But he knew in his heart that the vanguard team, which had always been outstanding, was not the type to rely on numbers to fight with. In fact, the members of the team of vanguards were no weaker than the Windwalkers. Today’s defeat was mainly due to the addition of a zero among the Windwalker. Zero was his first real combat experience, so the vanguard didn’t know much about him.

As for the zeroth rank professions, they also had the advantage of flexibility, which was why they would be thrown into disarray, resulting in their eventual failure. But the next time they met, it would not be as easy as this time.

Of course, in a real battlefield, there would never be a next time.

After recording the results of the a.s.sessment, Kalio announced the dissolution, which meant that the soldiers were free to do as they pleased for the rest of the time. For the first time, the team champions Su and company were quite excited. Feng even suggested going to a tavern to celebrate. However, he called for Zero. The instructor took out a communicator, pressed a certain b.u.t.ton, and tossed it to Zero.

“Answer it. Valkyrie seems to be looking for you.” He pointed to the communicator and said.

He picked up his communicator and heard Varkali’s voice from inside, “After the a.s.sessment, leave the barracks immediately. I’ve already ordered someone to prepare a carriage for you outside the camp. The body detection report that I did for you last time during evolution has been released. We found an object with a level 7 gene lock on your body. Let’s talk about the details in the Sovereign’s Hall. Father would like to speak to you in person. “

Zero was stunned. He didn’t know what rank 7 gene lock was. But he could hear the faint excitement in Valkyrie’s voice. Until then, he had always thought of Valkyrie as one of those emotionless machines.


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