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Read Warlord Chapter 209 – Old Friends

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Read WebNovel Warlord Chapter 209 – Old Friends

He was shaking so much that Zero could not see the description of the quest on the tactical board. But the details of the mission were already imprinted in his mind, so he put away the tactical board and looked out at the world from the back of the truck.

Outside the carriage was a desolate world. At a glance, one could see that there was no end to it. No one was around.

The mutated gra.s.s was piled up in small piles, becoming one of the few decorations on the land. Compared to the wild of the old era, the vitality of plants in turbulent times was even more tenacious. For example, Zero saw weeds that average less than 50 cm in length, but their rhizomes were about 10 meters deep in the ground. As long as they had 10 MM worth of water, they would be able to survive for a week.

Except for the weeds, the only things left on the ground were the high-voltage towers that could no longer work. Some of them were curved, like the old humans, allowing the broken cables to hang to the ground. Some of them were bent, like the old humans, allowing the cables to hang to the ground. As for their limbs, they lay helplessly on the ground, like dead beast bones.

At the end of the earth, there were radiation clouds that covered the entire sky. Occasionally, lightning would flash in the clouds. It was like the phenomena in the sky before a torrential rain.

The wilderness was as lifeless as usual, desolate and barren.

Compared to the wilderness, Asgard was a heavenly existence. After staying in Asgard for almost a month, he had almost forgotten about the outside world. It was only when he returned to the wilderness that he suddenly realized that the world had not changed. Asgard was just a beautiful illusion, and more people were still living in h.e.l.l.

It was just that zero was not a savior. The cruelty of a great era was not something that could be saved by his own abilities. He knew this, so he turned his attention from the wilderness back to the actual mission.

The mission was carried out by a team of Windwalker, Vanguard, and Blaster. In order to complete the mission successfully, he had the three teams split up and merged together. Zero was the main person in charge of the mission. Anthony and Rankin, the other two teams leaders, were the aides, in charge of transferring Zero’s orders to their respective team members.

The reason for the mission was that one of the Heroic Spirit Hall’s vehicles had been robbed, and all the guards and drivers had been killed. Asgard is a closed city, although to a large extent self-sufficient, and there are some things that Asgard does not have. For example, there were some special medicines and metal materials. Therefore, the Heroic Spirit Hall purchased these materials through some ‘agents’ in the wilderness before sending them to Asgard.

The robbery was largely due to the negligence of the Transport Department. The long term safety record had caused the person in charge to have the idea of being careless. In order to save resources, he had reduced the strength of the guards, resulting in this tragedy. At present, the person in charge has been dismissed. However, the wagons naturally could not fall into the hands of some wild force for no reason at all. Hence, these soldiers had made their move.

There was medicine and food in the van, but that was only secondary. The most important thing was the custom-made metal components, which were required for the development of the new type of chariot in the Heroic Spirit Hall. Without these components, the development cycle would have to be delayed. Their main task was to investigate, find the murderer, clean up and retrieve these metal components.

Currently, because the incident happened near Phoenix City. This independent city, which did not belong to any major power, had already dispatched troops to control the location of the incident. The corpses of the victims were also pulled back to the city by Phoenix City for storage. The Hall of Heroic Spirits had already contacted the person in charge of Phoenix City. He would wait at the location of the incident for Zero to arrive and provide the greatest amount of help for them in their mission.

As for that person, he was none other than the military officer George whom Zero knew. Now that he thought about it, he could be considered an old friend.

George yawned and spilled his freshly brewed coffee with a shake of his hand.

“h.e.l.l.” He cursed angrily, his loud voice startling the two recruits on duty in the tent.

George was currently in the wilderness 300 kilometers away from Phoenix City. Just two days ago, a large number of carrion vultures appeared in this direction. Corpses vultures, like corpse wolves, eat rotting corpses. But they are picky eaters and like fresh corpses. Because of this, Phoenix City dispatched a small team to investigate, and discovered the material vehicle used by Asgard.

Originally, there weren’t any marks left on the goods vehicle. At first, Phoenix City thought of them as the unlucky companies in the wilderness. However, as soon as Asgard lost contact with the guards, they found the convoy stranded near Phoenix City. Thus, the Administration Department reported the matter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Asgard and contacted the higher-ups of Phoenix City. The Phoenix City took control of the situation and quietly waited for the people from the Heroic Spirit Hall to take over.

In the cities along the coastline, the Death G.o.d Ridge was the dividing line. Most of the cities or bases north of Death Ridge had been sheltered by the Dark Council. However, the cities and bases south of Death Ridge were relatively loose, and only a small part of them had to rely on the Dark Council to survive. Most of them were like Phoenix City, t.i.tan City and Remus, who had their own independent administrative authority.

Of course, the Dark Council was not a magnanimous organization. Based on the concept of “taking control of all resources”, it would be difficult for the Council to let these cities have their own resources and develop independently. But in these cities, there were some agents of the Hall of Heroic Spirits in the wilderness, or there were some commercial and even military “exchanges” with Asgarte.

For this reason, under the interference of the Heroic Spirit Hall, the Dark Council could only give up. After all, the Dark Council did not want to engage in an all-out war with the Heroic Spirit Hall in such a short period of time, so maintaining peace on the surface was necessary.

Phoenix City might not be an agent of the Heroic Spirit Hall, but from military to biological and chemical research, this city had close ties with the Heroic Spirit Hall, so they could consider it an ally. For this reason, the Phoenix City attached great importance to the kidnapping of the Heroic Spirit Hall’s goods vehicle, and appointed the high ranking military officer, George, as the main person in charge of a.s.sisting Heroic Spirit Hall in resolving the hijacking incident.

Otherwise, George wouldn’t have stayed in this camp for nearly five days.

He drank the rest of his coffee, not quite finished. At this time, a soldier ran into the tent and reported, “Sir, people from the Heroic Spirit Hall have arrived!”

“It’s finally here.” George threw the paper away.

The military officer strode out of the tent. Not far from the tent, there were materials and vehicles belonging to the Heroic Spirit Hall as well as the guards’ SUV. At present, both cars are barbed wire and sentries for Phoenix soldiers.

George looked up and saw two trucks approaching from the west. The truck came to a slow stop near the camp site. Then, one by one, the Asgard soldiers wearing the Night G.o.d tactical uniform jumped down from the back of the truck. As his gaze swept across the soldiers, George’s eyes suddenly lit up. A soldier with a blindfold on his right eye, black hair fluttering in the wind, and a handsome face appeared in George’s sight.

“Motherf * cker, since when did this kid run over to the Heroic Spirit Hall?” When George saw zero, an old face broke into a smile.


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