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Do you love Doo?

It was not hard to tell from Xueluo’s question that she had probably heard something.

Gentleman Bai sighed, “If Kid Mo insists on marrying someone … I can’t even look at him! Now, I just want Doudou and Yaya to live happily and not be wronged! “After a hundred years, I won’t be able to see anything!”

“Old Gramps, if Doudou and Doudou do not have the company of a mother’s love, can you call them good? No matter how considerate or gentle an outsider is towards them, it can’t compare to the selfless and grand nature of a mother’s love! “

Xueluo muttered. Judging from the old tutor’s tone, it seemed that he wanted to ignore him.

“Even if you say so, you can’t force it! Duo Duo and Bai Mo, these two children, will always argue and argue with each other, which is not good for Doudou’s and Yaya’s growth! “

Gentleman Bai’s words today were pretty calm. Actually, the reason Bai Mo and Yuan Duoduo had reached this step today was also because of his excessive matchmaking from the beginning. Since there was no opening or drainage, naturally, there were many contradictions between them.

“Old Gramps, if that Bai Mo really married Shui Qiannong, why didn’t you stop him?”

Xueluo asked again. He also knew that if he forcefully pushed Bai Mo and Yuan Duoduo together, they would still end up arguing incessantly.

“I won’t stop them!” Let him cause a ruckus! He did not know that he had woken up, but the rest of them were just useless! “

The old man’s declaration immediately made Xueluo feel a little discouraged.

“Old man, I think you’re still partial to your own grandson! “Don’t think about Dodo and the two young children at all!”

Not afraid that the old man would feel awkward either, Xueluo straightforwardly voiced out his dissatisfaction.

“Xueluo, you truly wronged me! This one is also at a loss for words! “

The old man sighed again, “At first, I asked Xinglang to give Duo Duo such that she could take care of Doudou … Who knew that Duo Duo would give up. “

“Those are all profound righteousness! I don’t want to see my children hurt in this divorce war! “

Gentleman Bai nodded in agreement, “Duo Duo is indeed sensible! Hopefully one day, Kid Mo will understand all of your good intentions! “

“Grandfather … Are you all right? “

Yuan Duoduo gasped as he ran in.

“Grandfather is fine, he just misses you! I’ll have to trouble you to come and see my grandfather. Look at Doudou and Yaya! “

Gentleman Bai’s words made Yuan Duoduo burst into tears.

“Mommy… Love Mommy! “

The two children ran over and hugged Yuan Duoduo who was half kneeling by the wheelchair’s side, one on the left and one on the right.

Yuan Duoduo could no longer hold back the longing he had felt for the two children.

Xueluo, who was at the side and saw this, felt his heart tighten and ache.

She was also a mother, and had experienced the separation of mother and son. That kind of pain could only be felt by a mother who had experienced it.

“Enough, Yuan Duoduo, what are you howling for now? For whom? What were you doing long ago?! “

Xueluo was a little angry at the Yuan Duoduo who was crying and criticizing her, “You think that just because you left your two daughters in the Bai Family to live a rich life, they are truly happy? Without a mother like you by their side, all our happiness would be for naught! “

“Sister-in-law, I don’t like hearing you say that!” “Could it be that the love that my father compared to, is also fake?”

Bai Mo did not know when he returned to Bai Family, but it just so happened to be in time for Xueluo’s unfair judgement.

Where did this fellow come from?

“Sister, I just hope that all four of you will be alright!” Mother love is not a subst.i.tute for any kind of love! “

Because he had set his heart on thinking for Bai Mo and Duo Duo, Xueluo did not make any sense of it.

“So fatherly love can be replaced?”

Bai Mo walked over and pulled his two daughters away from Yuan Duoduo’s embrace.

“Yaya wants my mother … “Hug!”

Doudou was an elated person, he could be embraced by anyone, but Yaya seemed to be a little willful.

Bai Mo’s stubborn words almost made Xueluo speechless.

Xueluo still wanted to say something, but was stopped by Yuan Duoduo by his arm.

“Xueluo, I heard that Nuonuo and the other two kids went to the Rouen to look for Mo Ranran.

Yuan Duoduo wanted to change the topic. He didn’t want Xueluo to become so embarra.s.sed because of him and Bai Mo.

“That little b.a.s.t.a.r.d of mine wanted to go out and play for fun himself, and he even pulled those bundles of bundles over his shoulder as a cus.h.i.+on. I am convinced as well. “

was convinced when his son’s thoughts were brought up.

“That’s right, Nuonuo’s little brain is a good thing! The legacy of his father Feng Xinglang! “

Yuan Duoduo sat Yaya who was sticking to her on his lap, talking while tidying up Xiaoxiao’s soft hair.

When Doudou saw it, he immediately slipped down from his father’s seat and ran over to stand beside Mommy and Little Sister Yaya.

“Duo Duo, you see, right? You must be closer with your child so that the two children can be more intimate with you! I really don’t know what’s more important to you than two children! “

Xueluo also emotionally complained to Yuan Duoduo.

Who would have thought that Bai Mo would have such energy!

Heh, sister-in-law, you’re underestimating Yuan Duoduo now! What could be more important than her career? In the whole world, she was the only one with real life value and ideals! She actually gave instant noodles to Doudou and Doudou! And it’s even overnight! “

Towards Bai Mo’s reprimands and complaints, Yuan Duoduo did not argue, and continued to braid his two children’s hair patiently.

“If that Duo Duo knows her wrongs and wants to return to being a good wife and mother to Doudou and Doudou, will you, Bai Mo, agree?”

Talking to Bai Mo this idiot was also fine, there was no need to beat around the bush, just say whatever you want to say.

“With her att.i.tude …”

Bai Mo slanted his eyes at the silent Yuan Duoduo, “It’s too late! I have already decided to marry Shui Qiannong as my wife! “


To be honest, Bai Mo’s heartless words could really make people go crazy from anger!

I really don’t know who he’s trying to anger!

“Mommy… “It hurts!”

The angered Yuan Duoduo accidentally pulled on Yaya’s hair.

“I’m sorry, Yaya … Mommy was careless! ” Yuan Duoduo immediately let go of his hands and apologized.

“Yuan Duoduo! You are always so clumsy! Do you think your daughter is a mouse? “

Bai Mo bellowed, and immediately ran over and s.n.a.t.c.hed Yaya away from his body, “Father will tie her up in a ponytail for you!”

Bai Mo’s ponytail was loose and loose. At least this way he wouldn’t hurt his daughter.

Seeing Bai Mo meticulously braiding Yaya’s hair, Xueluo was quite pleased: I can see that Bai Mo really dotes on his two darling daughters. Extreme doting!

“Bai Mo, have you loved Duo Duo?”

At that time, Xueluo had asked without thinking. And it didn’t go through the brain’s thinking and filtering.


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