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Read WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 314 – Atone with Your Body

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Chapter 314: Atone with Your Body

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Huo Yunting whispered in her ear, “Your body is already responding.”

No way! I was only…

“Mm…” He kept her mind and her lips firmly under his control.

Soon, they were already stripping down everything until they were naked.

Huo Yunting was especially energetic that night and kept Lu Zhaoyang constantly on her toes.

Her own mother had forcefully replaced his mother’s place in the family, which caused the latter to become mentally ill. More recently, she caused her own miscarriage to frame him.

When put in this way, it seemed Lu Zhaoyang’s debt to Huo Yunting would never be fully repaid.

“Err, you… Softer, please…” Her hands circled around his neck on instinct.

Fine. Since she could now tolerate physical intimacy with him, she will repay him this time willingly with her body!

Unfortunately, Huo Yunting did not seem to hear her. He put even more force into his movements.

Lu Zhaoyang hugged him tighter around his neck until his nose was touching hers and growled, “B*stard, I said softer, it hurts…”

Huo Yunting replied with a pant, “You’re still so uptight. Just relax and it won’t hurt so much.”

He then took a bite of her earlobe.

His warm breath and short breathing turned her on so much that she wanted to scream. However, since Huo Zhenning was sleeping just opposite the room, she could only grit her teeth and suppress herself.

Huo Yunting did not seem to care about her difficulties and continued to arouse her even more with his touch.

Lu Zhaoyang let go of his neck and spread her arms in surrender. She kept her mouth shut and quietly endured him.

He planted warm kisses all over her body.

“My dear wife…”

“Yang Yang…”

Lu Zhaoyang did not answer back. She was at the brink of mental collapse.

His magnetic voice moaned by her ear and tantalized her senses!

She was so stupid to have come to apologize to him!



Are you done yet?!

That night, Lu Zhaoyang was thoroughly wrecked by Huo Yunting. They made out on the carpet, on the sofa, on his bed…

If she failed to wake up on time tomorrow morning, she would be so dead!

They would both be so dead!

The next morning, Lu Zhaoyang woke up feeling sore all over. She laid on bed and did not feel like moving at all.

Abruptly, she opened her eyes and thought of kicking the man next to her when she realized that she was already in her own room, all by herself.

She breathed out slowly. At least he was considerate!

Lu Zhaoyang dragged her lazy self out of bed and walked into the bathroom to examine herself. Fortunately, there were no marks on her neck.

The other concealed parts of her body, however… were covered with them.

Ah… She would never play the good-guy again. She wanted to hit her head against the wall for bringing this to herself!

After she got dressed, she went downstairs and found everyone else in the house already there except old Mrs Huo.

“Yang Yang, why did you leave last night?” Xue Yuming asked gently but with a questioning look.

“Oh, I wasn’t feeling so well last night and I did not want to risk disturbing you, so I went to my own room.” She replied softly and took a quick look at Huo Yunting, who was lounging on the sofa.

It was all his fault!

Huo Zhenning’s eyes flashed in displeasure. Why would she leave her mother in the middle of the night after promising to take care of her? It was so irresponsible of her!

Lu Zhaoyang noticed his displeasure and took her leave quickly. She had breakfast by herself and when she came back, Huo Yunting was already gone.

She noticed how Huo Zhenning was showering her mother with care and loving attention and thought that her mother had succeeded.

Nevertheless, why would her mother resort to something so horrible?


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