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Read WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 867 – Wen He, up for a bet?

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Read WebNovel WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 867 – Wen He, up for a bet?

Chapter 867: 867、Wen He, up for a bet?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Huo Chen lowered his eyes in bewilderment upon hearing her words. He grimaced and glanced at her for a few seconds before uttering something that brought a frown upon her face, “Aren’t you worried about the consequences after we had eloped together?”

“…” Wen He rolled her eyes.

Will it be even an elopement if we were just trying to survive?

It’s two different stories, Mr. General. Elope or not, staying or not, you got to be alive. If you are dead, you are just history and no one cares!

Huo Chen managed to remain calm as he read Wen He’s furrowed brows well enough. He did not intend to have a debate with her on the meaning of life. They did not have the time either.

That was when a cold hand seized Wen He’s face with a handkerchief. Wen He pa.s.sed out before she could make a sound.

Gu Jinzhi lifted the woman weak in his grip like a baby inside the cradle as he beamed at Huo Chen gracefully. That suave, laid-back look of his was rather infuriating to look at. “Well, General Huo, I guess we should stay out of this and not obstruct your mission.”

Huo Chen stared at Gu Jinzhi and squinted his eyes. He then gazed at Wen He for a brief moment during which something s.h.i.+ned in his eyes. “Follow me,” he said indifferently. Huo Chen basically arranged a 20-men team to escort Wen He and Gu Jinzhi through the north. There lied a river towards the north which the torrent could drift one without significant weight away immediately. It was a solution as there were less enemy personnel. Huo Chen’s men should not be discovered as long as they were traveling in small teams.

Wen He left unconscious in Jinzhi’s grip with the marching soldier as Huo Chen gave a final look before heading back into his site with his eyes closed.

This is a war I have to win even if it will cost my life!


As they traveled further away from the war zone, the deafening sound of cannons and guns faded away as the enemies had conglomerated around Huo Chen’s base by then—like a red herring to Wen He’s safety. The journey was smooth as they even conquered the torrent without much issue. It was the cries of the bird that woke Wen He up in the forest. The sun was peeking through the dense branches of the trees as she flailed in Jinzhi’s embrace. “Put me down!”

She remembered her interrupted conversation with Huo Chen as she quickly pushed Gu Jinzhi away, hopped onto the ground and began sprinting towards the opposite direction.

“Wen He!” Shouted Gu Jinzhi, “You’ll be dead if you go back now. Trust me.”

“..” The coldly issued warning did not stop her as she continued sprinting while Gu Jinzhi’s voice rang again in the forest, “How do you even go back when you don’t know the way?”

Wen He turned back and reached out her hand, “Give me the d*mn map.”

Gu Jinzhi frowned and wondered how Wen He survived up until her age with that peanut-sized brain of hers. She insisted on going even if she deeply knew it was a wild goose chase—seemingly lacking not only common sense.

He palmed his face and rubbed her hair. As if unleas.h.i.+ng pent-up furies, he rubbed her head hard till her curly hairs tangled into a mess. He smiled upon seeing her reaction, “Welp, I’m Mr. Yes, am I not?” He sat down and took out his map so detailed that one could even see the stream and every slope. “There.” He pointed at a certain spot, “This is where we are.”

He put up another goofy smile and continued, “So you head east for a certain distance,” his finger traveled through the right side of the map, “Walk past a river and a mountain, then you’ll be at Country T’s base. The base is probably unguarded now since they are having a full-fledged attack at your man’s base. Well, Wen He, up for a bet? You wanna help him, right?”


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