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Read WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 869 – In Trouble I

WARNING! Tsundere President is a web novel completed by Shopkeeper Fang, 饭掌柜.
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Read WebNovel WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 869 – In Trouble I

Chapter 869: 869、In Trouble I

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Wen He entered the room and initiated the self-destruct sequence after quickly familiarizing herself with the military interface in a language she only slightly comprehended—at least those were graphical interfaces and it was not hard to tell whether she had activated the sequence, judging from the countdown she triggered on the giant screen.

“T-5 minutes. Hehehe.” She gave a cunning glance and turned away, only to see the door thrown open, “Who’s there?” Shouted the two armed soldiers as they began launching a barrage of bullets across the room.

Wen He performed a graceful tumble and pulled out the gun from her sleeves. A click from her trigger and a few rapid fires made right through the soldiers foreheads. Having seen the threat eliminated, she sprinted outside. However, the shriek made by the soldiers before death had attracted attention from the others. The alarm was wailing as Wen He zigzagged through the corridor while dodging bullets in the dim blinking red lights.

She finally returned to the entrance and leaped into one of the military trucks. The key was already inserted and she started the engine before zooming away from the shower of bullets.

The intense escape had distracted them from the self-destruct sequence countdown, that right when she was approaching the meeting spot with Gu Jinzhi…


The earth-shaking explosion shocked her as the building behind her got turned into an enormous explosive cloud. The truck received a drastic quake in spite of being afar and nearly toppled. Unlike Wen He, the chasing soldiers were not fortunate enough to be not bounced off the cliff as cracks were heard when they flew into the air with shattered limbs.

“We did it…” Wen He muttered as she looked back and hit the pedal harder, “Calling team. Calling team. Mission : Success. Meet now. Over!” She contacted Huo Chen’s men through the communicator.

“Oh, my girl, you’re finally here.”

“Is this the time for you to act cool leaning against an oak tree?”

“Why not?” Well, probably because they had been surrounded by the opposing soldiers who had survived the explosion before reinforcements arrived.

“What should we do?” Wen He looked at Gu Jinzhi.

“RUN!” Gu Jinzhi hopped into the truck.

“Sit tight!” Wen He cracked her neck with a turn as she stomped the pedal mercilessly. The vehicle zoomed through the b.u.mpy path.

They no longer had the time to wait for the rest of the army to gather. Moreover, it would be hard to hide an over 20-men army in the forest. Wen He had another plan. “Abort! Abort! All teams go for Plan B. All teams go for Plan B. Over.”

Plan B was basically relocating the army to the rear of Country T’s military forces to them —doing things her way. It was much easier to handle the foes when they did crowd control to halve the pack. The soldiers chased after them. The road was initially flat but she decided to make a sharp turn into the forest. The truck was literally lifting and sinking as they further ventured into the forest. She sometimes would pa.s.s a glance at Gu Jinzhi whose face was paler than a terminal patient as he gripped the handle, looking dumbfounded.

“Are you okay?”

Gu Jinzhi forced a smile having heard that, “I’m fine. Focus on the road,” he then pointed at the path ahead, “Go down further the road and take a detour around the foot of the mountain. That place has a pretty complex layout, that should get rid of them.”

“Okay.” And Wen He headed down the slope with a 90 degree hairpin turn. From time to time, she would observe her rear through the rear-view mirror in which the soldiers were still there charging.

She frowned and was going to say something but the following sight shut her up immediately in fear.

One of the enemies put down his gun and seemingly rummaged through the bottom of the car, only to bring up a grenade later. He was snickering.


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