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Chapter 724: h.e.l.l (1)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


Within the transport tunnel which glowed red, a large number of black arms held Mystoca in a death grip. The immense force pulled him swiftly toward the other end of the tunnel.

“No!” he screamed with terror.


Mystoca felt as if he had broken through a thick obstacle and entered a narrow dimension with a thick texture and huge resistance.

He did not even have the time to look around when he felt layers upon layers of weakening arcane arts raining down upon him. His resistant skin was weakened to an unimaginably weak state.

This was akin to thinning steel into tofu.

Mystoca attempted to fight back, but he barely moved a muscle when a ma.s.s of radiant red light enveloped him.

“I’m pleased to meet you.” A big and strong man with many black arms appeared behind him. He was staring at him with a smile.

Mystoca opened his mouth to speak, but the black arms reached into his mouth as soon as it opened.

“Looks like you’re pleased as well.” Lu Sheng looked at the big black creature before himself. He looked as happy as one would be seeing a hotdog during winter or seeing a watermelon during summer.

1He contained an immense amount of Divinities. Although they were already tainted by abyssal power, there were still at least 35 points left.

The abyssal feudal lord’s core which slowly released the endless charred land power was this monster’s most precious core.

‘…Which part of me is telling you that I’m f*cking pleased!?’ Mystoca cursed inwardly. He was still gagged by the black arms that surged wildly into his body.

This was one of the 99 arcane arts Lu Sheng had modified. It was called Shadow Hands. This was a cultivation method he derived from a rank-8 arcane art.

The function of this arcane art was planting a coordinate in the shadow plane with his shadow power to nurture unique, stretchable arms which were completely under his command.

Lu Sheng raised this arcane art all the way up to rank-678 in one go. He was of the opinion that this number was auspicious. It agreed well with his eyes too. He could raise 678 arms in one go.

He also felt comfortable using them.

He was surprised that he could pull middle-later abyssal feudal lords with this. Those abyssal feudal lords should have been at the ranks of avatars.

Within the sealed room, the formation runes connected with Lu Sheng’s own powers and shackled the immense power originating from the abyss.

Mystoca, who was pulled into this world through the formation, could not restore his main body form. He could only struggle desperately in his shrunken form.

His current body was a black dragon man slightly taller than an average human. He had a dragon’s head and a human body. His wings behind him were made of molten rocks.

However, at this moment, he was entirely covered with slippery, ice-cold black hands. These black hands were touching every part of his body, whether it was his scales or his private parts.

1Mystoca felt his own sensitive regions being skillfully toyed with. He was getting aroused. Some of the places which had never been rubbed against before were being explored by the black hands.

1A shameful experience which he had never experienced before was giving rise to a peculiar sensation within him.

Suddenly, a large hand penetrated through his most vital part.

1“Ah! No! Not there!” he immediately roared with rage. However, his throat barely vibrated to make the sound when it was suppressed with more black hands.

He should have seen this coming. These cursed black hands also served the purpose of baffling him!

Mystoca could not unleash any of his terrifying power within the sealing formation.

As the unparalleled abyssal feudal lord of the 51st layer, he was a devil king loved by the abyssal consciousness. However, he was now being summoned by some random, eccentric Sorcerer and put in this predicament.

With his final shame and rage, Mystoca cursed Lu Sheng.

“I curse thee! The abyss will pull you into its bottomless pit and you won’t be able to escape for eternity!” His immense spirit was shaking violently, Even though he was being sealed by a large number of formations, some of his mental energy which cried out to the abyssal consciousness for help still leaked out inevitably.

That could not be helped.

Lu Sheng looked at the scene before him with slight helplessness.

After all, this being before him right now possessed half of his main body’s strength already. It was impractical for him to instantly kill and devour him.

‘Fortunately, I’ve made some preparations beforehand. I should be able to completely digest this guy in about an hour.’

He looked at the black ball wrapped in black arms which hovered before himself. He was feeling satisfied.

‘Now, the final thing to do is to withstand the retaliation from the abyssal consciousness.’

Unlike the previous times, he was now devouring a middle-layer feudal lord. This was equivalent to harming a trusted helper of the abyssal consciousness.

Lu Sheng clapped his hands. The black arms behind him picked up their pace. They pulled Mystoca toward him.

A circle of faint transparent ripple slowly spread out in the air behind him. That was the entrance to his Heart Image World.

In this extremely sealed-off environment, there was no problem for him to open up a small entrance into his Heart Image World.

After all, he did not spend his years here idly.

Mystoca struggled wildly. However, before Lu Sheng, who was known for his brute strength, his strength paled in comparison.

His colossal body was slowly pulled toward the transparent whirlpool.

The leaping and pulsing abyssal red light kept attempting to flow out of his body. However, another red light from the formation could precisely block the leaking of the abyssal red light in a timely manner.

Lu Sheng had activated all his powers now.

Most of his main body’s power was used to guard against the abyssal consciousness. The power of this body was used to control the formation in this sealed chamber.

As Mystoca got closer, Lu Sheng could faintly feel that the retaliation of the abyss was upon him.

The smile on his face gradually vanished. He kept drawing certain hand signs and symbols in the air.

After a certain period of time, one of Mystoca’s hind legs finally plunged into the transparent vortex above Lu Sheng’s head.

“It’s here!”

Lu Sheng’s eyes snapped open.

The Transport Door s.h.i.+ning with red light suddenly contorted violently. A terrifying consciousness up to 1000 times more formidable than Lu Sheng’s suddenly emerged from the Transport Door, aiming for Lu Sheng.

Wherever that formless spirit pa.s.sed, wriggling mats of flesh and blood crawled onto the surfaces in the surroundings. Countless faces writhing in pain surfaced from the mats, and they gave a fierce yet peculiar roar.

“Return! Not die!” A blurry consciousness emerged from this terrifying spirit.

1“You want me to return Mystoca? That won’t do.” Lu Sheng smiled fiercely. Then, a blurry shadow with a crane’s head and a human body slowly appeared.

That was Qianshen’s main body.

An extremely formidable high-density consciousness rose from his body.

The s.p.a.ce before Lu Sheng was distorted. The ground and walls around him were slowly being covered by blurry lines of blood-red muscles.

The ground and the walls were being covered in a layer of firm blood-red muscle fibers.

That was a uniquely crude and strong style. Anyone who set eyes upon this could immediately a.s.sociate it with power, dependability, violence, reliability, and several other synonyms for peremptoriness.

Compared to the abyssal consciousness, the influence Lu Sheng’s spirit had on his surroundings was not as powerful.

However, this was the main plane, so the abyssal power would surely be instinctively rejected by the main plane.

A powerful natural suppressing power pressed against the abyssal consciousness from all directions in time and s.p.a.ce. It was wildly weakening the abyssal consciousness’s power.

Thanks to Lu Sheng’s ability to deceive nature, he was not subject to such an unfair treatment.

All these factors considered, the difference in strength between the two beings was not as great now.

In the blink of an eye, the two terrifyingly immense bodies of mental power collided within the sealed chamber.


A formless mental storm erupted in a 10,000th of a second. Lu Sheng’s spirit and the abyss’s spirit shattered at the same time. Countless mental shards turned into red and transparent spots of mental radiance which rained down on their surroundings.

Then, Lu Sheng immediately picked up the pieces of mental shards.

The interior of the sealed chamber switched back and forth between a mat of flesh and blood of the abyss and a temple of strength layered with countless muscles.

The chaotic illusion changed with a blinding speed. Stuck between the two immense forces, Mystoca had become the sacrifice.

Whether it was the abyssal consciousness or the consciousness of Lu Sheng’s main body, they were not something that he could withstand.

Moreover, this was the main plane. There was the natural suppressing from the main plane itself.

He was currently in his weakest condition ever from the suppression of nature’s will. While he was in this condition, the abyss and Lu Sheng fought.

Although Mystoca was the Dragon of Charred Lands, an abyssal feudal lord, he could not help but succ.u.mb to the pressure of this battle.

His spirit could only withstand 10 minutes in the mental storm before being ruthlessly pulled into the storm and utterly crushed to pieces.

His entire will was instantly destroyed. He became nutrients for the abyss and Lu Sheng as they restored their own minds.

The abyssal feudal lord of a generation had met his demise.

“Are you satisfied now?!” Lu Sheng said in a deep voice with a hint of anger. The abyssal feudal lord’s consciousness was crushed. Naturally, his Divinity, which was a treasure hidden within the deepest parts of his consciousness and soul, would have been destroyed as well.

This was akin to a complete treasure map being suddenly torn into countless pieces. It was possible to piece it back together, but with the energy he would have to spend to do that, he was better off capturing another abyssal feudal lord.

The abyssal consciousness did not even have the time to respond when it was instinctively suppressed and chased away by the main plane’s consciousness. It quickly retreated through the Transport Door and eventually vanished.

What was left was the wreck of the sealed chamber, an aftermath of the intense face-off moments ago.

“Keh, keh, keh…”

Lu Sheng felt his consciousness slip a little. It was obvious that the abyssal consciousness which had charged toward him just now was too powerful. Even with his Heavenly Devil’s main body, he nearly lost his ground.

He wiped his forehead. A white pungent goo was smeared on his hand.

‘This can’t be my brain, can it?’

Lu Sheng had a bad feeling about this.

He hastily materialized an ice mirror and looked at his own reflection.

The blurry reflection in the mirror showed a man with bloodshot eyes and a fist-sized b.l.o.o.d.y hole in his forehead.

He could see the rune-filled wall behind him through the hole in his head.

It was as if someone had stabbed through his head with an iron rod. His brain juice kept flowing out from his wound.

“Sh*t! Why is the abyss’s retaliation so powerful this time?! It’s even willing to shatter the feudal lord and take damage as long as I’m not getting any benefits! Very well, abyss! I’ll remember this!!”

Lu Sheng’s heart burned with rage. He kept thinking about devouring the abyss while activating his main body’s Capacity. He began repairing the structures of this body.

He had set up this entire condition for hours, and finally managed to summon a nice catch after much coaxing. He had not even managed to have a taste when his prey was s.n.a.t.c.hed away from him from right under his nose.

It would be strange if he was not enraged by this.


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