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Chapter 1186 – Mental and physical annihilation


Accompanied by the intense tremors, Duan Wuya first heavily crashed into the wall of the Sky Road, then smashed onto the ground, causing blood to spurt out from his mouth once more.

At the entrance of Skysplit Tower, all of the cultivators finally regained their senses and cries of alarm rose up one after another.

“Duan Wuya is actually injured!”

“How is this possible? Tang Huan only has the cultivation of the seventh circulation, how can he actually interfere with Duan Wuya’s tribulation?”

“What weapon is that? How is it so powerful?”


“Haha, Duan Wuya is in danger this time!”

“He asked for it!” If it were not for him chasing after Tang Huan, why would Tang Huan look for trouble with him while he was undergoing his tribulation? “



On the Heavenly Road, a huge noise burst out once again. It was Tang Huan’s “Nine Yang Divine Furnace” that was flying towards the cauldron once again, and Duan Wuya who had just gotten up, smashed his fist with all his might. The blood-red fist landed on the cauldron, and produced an earth-shaking collision sound.

However, in the instant that Duan Wuya sent the cauldron flying, the water tribulation descended once again.

When it was this time, Duan Wuya had no time to defend against the heavenly tribulation. He immediately roared like a wild beast in a desperate situation, and the exceptionally dense Blood Red Odor rose up from his body like a volcanic eruption, condensing into a protective barrier with the fastest speed possible, and encasing him within.

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After the flick of a finger, a loud explosion resounded through the sky. Under the bombardment of the heavenly tribulation, the blood-red barrier could not even last for half a breath before it completely shattered into nothingness. Duan Wuya, who was within the barrier, was instantly swept up into the air and heavily crashed onto the ground.

“Old fellow, how does this water tribulation taste?”

Outside of the Heavenly Road, Tang Huan clicked his tongue, and said with a tone full of ridicule.

Right now, Duan Wuya’s appearance was extremely miserable. Not only were his clothes tattered, his body was covered in blood, and it looked as if he had just been fished out of a pool of blood.

This was only a superficial wound, and the injuries to his internal organs must be even more severe.

Given his current condition, even if Tang Huan no longer intervened, his chances of surviving the heavenly tribulation would be extremely slim.

“Tang Huan, even if I become a ghost, I won’t let you off!”

Duan Wuya roared in a low voice, his appearance was that of an evil ghost, and he was extremely malevolent and terrifying. He clearly realized that he had no hope of reaching the heavens, and his roars were filled with resentment and despair.

“Unfortunately, you don’t even have the chance to become a ghost!”

Tang Huan sneered, and the “Nine Yang Divine Furnace” made its move once again. High in the sky, the water tribulation appeared once again.


Duan Wuya hastily threw out a punch, but it no longer contained the might he had before. He was sent flying and sent flying by the Heavenly Tribulation.

“Duan Wuya, it’s over!”

Outside of Skysplit Tower, everyone was already silent, but these words flashed in their minds at almost the same time.


Sure enough, high up in the sky, a mournful scream spread out.

Soon after, within the blue water tornado, a figure exploded like a firework, turning into a cloud of b.l.o.o.d.y mist and disappearing without a trace. After a short moment, the water dragon had already melted into the air, and Pang Shuo’s Heavenly Road also gradually faded away. In the end, it dissipated between the heaven and earth.

In the water tribulation, Duan Wuya had already been killed.


The cauldron flew backwards, and instantly returned to Tang Huan’s Dantian. Seeing Duan Wuya’s miserable state, he secretly sighed, and couldn’t help feeling a little regretful in his heart.

Duan Wuya’s strength was already tyrannical to begin with. If he could successfully ascend into the sky with the help of the Heaven and Earth dao pearl, he would be able to rapidly rise to greatness even in the Heaven Realm where experts were as numerous as the clouds. He wouldn’t fall too far behind, but it was a pity that the thousand years of cultivation had all gone down the drain.

However, although it was a pity, Tang Huan did not have the slightest bit of sympathy. Duan Wuya had brought this upon himself.


After a while, Tang Huan calmed himself down and prepared to leave. But just as he was about to turn around, his heart suddenly moved, and he looked towards the small piece of s.p.a.ce where Duan Wuya had exploded into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist.

“Cosmos Sack?”

Tang Huan’s mind shook a little. Duan Wuya still hadn’t merged with the “Universe Heavenly Dao Bead”?

Fusing with the “Heaven and Earth dao pearl” was indeed beneficial to him, but with Duan Wuya’s strength, if nothing unexpected happened, then even if he did not fuse with the “Heaven and Earth dao pearl”, he could still successfully pa.s.s through the heavenly tribulation.

After transcending tribulation, it was said that fusing with the Heaven and Earth bead would have a much greater effect.

Luckily, Duan Wuya was too confident in himself. If he had merged with the Heaven and Earth powers before leaving Skysplit Tower, it would not be so easy to kill him with the help of the heavenly tribulation.


With that thought, Tang Huan had already leaped into the air and extended his hand to grab at the “Heaven and Earth dao pearl” in the air. In the “Heaven and Earth dao world”, one person could only obtain one dao pearl. Now that they had left the Tong Tian Tower, there probably wouldn’t be such a restriction.

“That is …”

“It can’t be the Heaven and Earth dao pearl, right?”

“Everything within the heavenly tribulation has been destroyed, and only it is completely intact! There’s no doubt that it’s the Heaven and Earth dao pearl!”


At the entrance of Skysplit Tower, everyone had also discovered the existence of the white bead. After a brief moment of surprise, cries of surprise suddenly filled the air.

Although everyone had never seen the “Heaven and Earth dao pearl” before, they could not help but think of it.

It was rumored that Duan Wuya was the third person to obtain the Heaven and Earth Pearl within the “Universe Dao World”. Currently, Duan Wuya’s soul had been shattered by the Heavenly Tribulation, and all the items on his body had been turned to dust. However, the pearl was not safe and sound.

It was difficult for people to not think of it as the “Heaven and Earth Pearl”.

Furthermore, not only was there a “Heaven and Earth dao pearl” that Duan Wuya left behind, Tang Huan also had a “Heaven and Earth dao pearl” on his body, and he had even acquired the “Heaven and Earth dao pearl” earlier than Duan Wuya. According to the recent news that spread, Tang Huan’s “Heaven and Earth dao pearl” was also larger than Duan Wuya’s pearl.

Instantly, many cultivators’ faces flushed red, and even their breathing became hurried. Their eyes couldn’t help but reveal signs of greed.

“Whoosh!” “Whiz …”

When Tang Huan finally got his wish granted, more than a dozen figures appeared around him. The auras emitted from their bodies were extremely tyrannical, and were actually the experts of the Void Transformation Stage and the Void Transformation Stage. They all stared at Tang Huan’s right palm with shining eyes.

Tang Huan flung the “Universal Dao Bead” in his hand, his gaze turned and he was surrounded by so many Void Transformation Stage experts. Not only did he not reveal the slightest hint of panic, his lips even formed a playful smile: “You want this” Universe Dao Bead “, have all of you made the preparations to leave your lives in my hands?”

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