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Chapter 1777 – Heavenly Fate Crystals (1)

The so-called Destiny was the will of the heavens, the will of the heavens!

Back in the days when the Grand Yi Immortal Sect was still around, this Heaven’s Mandate Peak was the residence of the previous sect heads. The founder of the Tai Yi Immortal Sect had named this mountain “Heaven’s Mandate”, so it was naturally a reference.

The reason for this was very simple. It was because there was a “Heavenly Fate G.o.d Crystal” placed on top of the mountain!

Within the mountain, countless caves criss-crossed like a maze, occupying almost the entire heart of the mountain range. Over there, there was the “Tai Yi Immortal Cave”. The Tai Yi Immortal Cave and the Heaven’s Mandate Peak were intimately connected through the immortal formation. The reason why the Tai Yi Genuine Qi there could be concealed the meaning of heaven’s will was because of the “Heaven’s Mandate Divine Crystal”.

Refining the Tai Yi Genuine Qi could only achieve this effect for a short period of time, but if it could obtain the Heavenly Fate G.o.d Crystal, it could be used on the path of cultivation forever.

Tang Huan was very clear about which was more important.

With a thought, the sacred art “Heavenly Invisibility” was unleashed, and Tang Huan’s figure had already disappeared from the top of Destiny Peak.

This method couldn’t be hidden from the Heavenly King, but it was enough to avoid the detection of those Heavenly Lords. At this time, Lin Siwei and Leng Qingqiu, the two Heavenly Kings, should have already entered the Tai Yi Immortal Cave and started refining the Tai Yi Genuine Qi. However, it was likely that there would be other marquis that would tour around the inner sect first, so Tang Huan had to be a bit more careful.

According to Yuan Zheng’s introduction, the “Heavenly Fate G.o.d Crystal” was in the heart of the mountain, and the entrance to the heart of the mountain was located within the Heavenly Fate Hall.

Tang Huan raised her eyes slightly, and looked towards the majestic palace that stood at the peak of the mountain.

The entire hall seemed to be made of multicolored precious jade, and it looked crystal clear and magnificent. On the other hand, a gigantic multicolored round cover was shrouded within the hall, shining with a resplendent light.

Tang Huan advanced forward as if she was strolling in a park. Not long later, she was in front of the Rainbow round cover.

His huge mind whizzed out, and after quickly checking the situation around him, Tang Huan activated the “Tai Yi Immortal Zither” without hesitation. The moment when the dense Five Colors Odor s surged out from his body, Tang Huan’s body also appeared, but he was already wrapped by the Five Colors Odor s.

Tang Huan’s footsteps did not stop, and her body immediately crashed into the multicolored round cover.

The layer of Five Colors Odor on the surface of his body started to fluctuate rapidly. In the blink of an eye, he had fused with the Rainbow round cover, and in the blink of an eye, Tang Huan had already smoothly pa.s.sed through the layer of round cover.

Following that, Tang Huan’s body rushed forward, and like lightning, she entered the door that was rippling with energy waves.

With a flash of rainbow colored light, Tang Huan was already inside the Heaven’s Mandate Immortal Palace.

The interior of the palace was quite s.p.a.cious, and after a while, the situation inside the hall was completely captured by Tang Huan. In the center of palace, there was a statue of a middle-aged man. He had a handsome face, was tall and slender, and wore a white robe.

This middle-aged man was the founder of the Grand Yi Immortal Sect, the “Grand Yi Immortal Sovereign”.

The statue of the Grand Yi Immortal was completely formed from celestial spiritual energy. The celestial spiritual energy that filled the statue was majestic to the extreme.

Around the statue, there were five dazzling lights.

Each ball of l.u.s.ter was around ten meters in radius, and was also tens of meters away from the statue. Whether it was its color or the characteristics of its aura, they were actually compatible with the five strings of the “Tai Yi Immortal Zither”. The moment he entered the palace, Tang Huan felt the close connection between the two of them.

“Sure enough.”

Tang Huan thought for a bit, and the “Tai Yi Immortal Zither” appeared in her hand.

This thing was indeed worthy of being a Sect Guarding treasure that was linked to the Tai Yi Immortal Sect. The fact that Tang Huan could easily enter the Immortal Sect and open the inner sect entrance pa.s.sage was a great achievement. The fact that Tang Huan could easily break through the barrier of the Heaven’s Mandate Immortal Palace also played a crucial role.

At this moment, Tang Huan felt more and more fortunate. If not for saving the zither ray in the ancient immortal cemetery, if she had not waited that long by the side of the sea, the “Tai Yi Immortal Zither” would definitely not have fallen into his hands. What’s more, he would probably lose her opportunity with the Supreme Yi Immortal Sect.

In between his mind instructs (in a second), Tang Huan had already closed his eyes.

“Tsssss ~ ~ ~ Tsss ~ ~ ~”

After a long while, in the palace, a bright light accompanied by a trembling sound exploded out, following that, a continuous series of zither music started to resonate throughout the hall, Tang Huan’s body was straight like a spear, but her fingers kept on jumping up and down on the five strings, dragging out a series of afterimages.

Tang Huan had already quietly opened her eyes, her expression solemn.

The zither notes were like water, and streams of different colored auras, along with the zither notes that were beating rapidly, shot out from the guqin continuously, merging into the five lumps of light. With regards to the commotion, Tang Huan was not worried at all. The Five-coloured Barrier was powerful enough to block all sound waves in there.

As the five colored Qi fused with the statue, the five lumps of light surrounding it became more and more intense. The five colors of light intertwined and reflected off of each other, contrasting greatly with the palace as though it was a dream. After a long time, the five b.a.l.l.s of sparkling light seemed to have completely condensed into a substance, like b.a.l.l.s of liquid, rippling on the surface.

“Pa ~ ~”

In the next moment, the gurgling zither music abruptly stopped, and the sounds of bubbles bursting followed.

The five lumps of light were like a flood that collapsed the dam as they roared and surged toward the celestial sovereign’s statue. In the blink of an eye, these five streams of different colors tightly wrapped around the celestial statue, and then began to interweave with each other at an abnormally fast speed.

At that moment, in Tang Huan’s eyes, the sculpture that was enveloped in colorful light had expanded greatly. The initially 1.8m tall Supreme Grand Yi Immortal Sovereign had actually turned into a giant that was more than 10m tall.

“Boom —”

An incredibly low and deep sound seemed to rise from the heart of the mountain, and the statue of Pang Shuo seemed to be attracted by an inexplicable force and actually began to fluctuate rapidly.

In just a few breaths of time, it had completely disappeared. Instead, it was replaced with a five colored vortex that was around ten metres in size, gently spinning, as though it was releasing an endless amount of enticement.

The corner of Tang Huan’s mouth raised into a smile. Grabbing the Tai Yi Immortal Zither, she jumped into the rainbow vortex without hesitation.

Covered in a gentle force, his body rapidly plummeted. Tang Huan’s vision rapidly changed, and as if he had flicked his finger an instant ago, Tang Huan’s falling momentum had already stopped. Another five-colored light entered his eyes.

This was a s.p.a.ce with a radius of twenty to thirty meters, the entire s.p.a.ce seemed to be condensed from multicolored clouds. Tang Huan was currently standing on the thick clouds. In the center of this s.p.a.ce, a statue that was more than ten meters tall stood proudly. It was the “Supreme Grand Yi Immortal” again.


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