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What did you do to me?

It was a young woman around the age of twenty.

Her face was lovely and her facial features were exquisite, as if carefully sculpted. At this moment, her eyes were closed as she quietly stood on the round table, her tall and slender body without a single strand of hair on it.

Under the cover of the flames, her skin seemed to be surrounded by a layer of l.u.s.trous l.u.s.ter. From afar, she looked just like an exquisite piece of porcelain.

“Flamewing Phoenix King!”

Tang Huan’s eyes uncontrollably flashed with a look of astonishment.

The first time he saw the Flamewing Phoenix King in the Phoenix Nest, she was only a four or five-year-old little girl. She was extremely cute like carved jade, and after that, she seemed to have performed some kind of secret technique and in an extremely short amount of time, she became a mature and beautiful woman. The second time they met Flamewing Phoenix King, she had turned into a little girl, becoming even smaller than when they first met.

Right now, Flamewing Phoenix King had once again become a mature woman. Her appearance was exactly the same as when she changed in the “Phoenix Nest”, but the current her, was even more beautiful than before.


Suddenly, Flamewing Phoenix King bellowed and suddenly opened his eyes.

At first, she was a little at a loss, but after a while, her gaze focused on Tang Huan’s body, and she immediately woke up. Her eyebrows were slanted downwards, her pretty face was covered in frost, and the fiery red hair at the back of her head was wildly dancing, an incomparably terrifying aura swept out from her body.

“Tang Huan!”

Flamewing Phoenix King didn’t realize in the slightest that she had lost all her vigor and with a furious roar, she soared into the sky, rushed out of the Phoenix Stage, extended her arm and grabbed towards Tang Huan. The moment her slender and elegant fingers opened up, an invisible force actually spread out, enveloping the s.p.a.ce dozens of meters in front of her.

That terrifying pressure seemed to have found its target, and followed the Flamewing Phoenix King’s pouncing motion, pressing down towards Tang Huan from all directions, as if wanting to grind him into fine powder.


Tang Huan raised his eyebrows and shouted out from his nose.

With just a thought, Flamewing Phoenix King felt as if she had been struck by lightning. Her body gently floated four to five meters away from Tang Huan, and that terrifying pressure immediately dissipated into nothingness, and after leaving the flames, her bright red skin also revealed an incomparably miraculous change. In the blink of an eye, her skin had turned as white as jade, and her delicate body seemed to have congealed, as though not even a single pore could be seen on her body.

“Yiya!” Xiao Budian squatted on Tang Huan’s shoulders and glared at the Flamewing Phoenix King.

“Tang Huan, what did you do to me?”

The Flamewing Phoenix King completely ignored Xiao Budian’s furious gaze and only stared at him in both shock and fury. Deep in his fiery red eyes, there was even a hint of fear.

“Didn’t you already know?” Tang Huan squinted his eyes and laughed.

“You can control my every move?”

When she first started Nirvana, when she realized that there was still Tang Huan’s Mind Stigma inside the “Phoenix Soul Pearl”, she had guessed that it would be like this. The sudden uncontrollable pause just now had completely verified her conjecture.

This made her angry and frightened.

Previously, she had racked her brains in order to rebirth on this Phoenix Stage precisely because she wanted to break free from the Demon Lord Fen Tian’s control over her own soul. After her rebirth, she had indeed achieved this goal, but after just stepping out of the tiger’s den and entering the wolf’s lair, she had unexpectedly become Tang Huan’s puppet again.

“That’s right.”

Tang Huan’s smile faded as he sighed, “Little girl, if you had told me earlier that you wanted to borrow the power of this’ Phoenix Stage ‘to undergo nirvanic rebirth, not only would I not stop you, I would have granted you that wish. Unfortunately, you are too greedy, to the point that you are even unwilling to part with your ‘Flame Heart’. “

“You … That’s a very good saying! ” Flamewing Phoenix King’s face was gloomy and uncertain.

“It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not. Now that the matter has come to this, you can stay by my side.” Tang Huan was too lazy to explain anymore. With a thought, he took out a white robe from the “Sumeru Magical Ring” and threw it towards the Flamewing Phoenix King, “Wear it, and we can set off for Holy Spirit Continent.”


Only then did Flamewing Phoenix King realize that she was not wearing any clothes. She screamed and immediately caught the clothes thrown at her by Tang Huan, then quickly turned around and put them on.

When she turned around again, her charming face had an intoxicating blush rise from it, and her eyes flashed with shame and anger. She glared fiercely at Tang Huan, and her teeth had almost shattered from clenching, yet Tang Huan was still staring at her naked face for such a long time.

“You still care about that? If I remember correctly, I’ve bathed you countless times the year before last. ” Tang Huan unknowingly laughed.

“Shameless!” Flamewing Phoenix King’s cheeks turned even redder as she gritted her teeth and cursed.


Tang Huan did not speak further, he shook his head and laughed, then picked up his dragon and phoenix spear, flying down b.l.o.o.d.y Flame Mountain at an extremely fast speed, and in a moment, he was no longer there.

“Why am I so unlucky?”

Flamewing Phoenix King was stunned for a moment, but still followed him.

On the Phoenix Stage at the peak of b.l.o.o.d.y Flame Peak, the flames had completely extinguished and the brilliant fiery red glow had gradually faded away. Not long later, it returned to its original state, but the Phoenix sculpture on the stage had completely disappeared and would never appear again.

“Whoosh!” “Whiz!”

Tang Huan and Flamewing Phoenix King jumped down from the stage one after the other at an astonishing speed, continuously dragging out two long strings of afterimages.

Not long later, the two of them arrived at the foot of the peak.

“Xiao Budian, I’m counting on you.” Tang Huan smiled, raised his hand and touched Xiao Budian’s head.


Xiao Budian jumped down, her pet.i.te body started to expand, in an instant, her body became many times stronger, three pairs of gigantic wings started to flap, a fierce wind blew, sand and stones were flying. Tang Huan’s footsteps moved, and he had already landed on Xiao Budian’s back as he sat cross-legged.

“You’re not coming up?”

Tang Huan looked at Flamewing Phoenix King in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, a strong wind blew over, and the fluttering clothes stuck closely to her delicate body, revealing her ample b.r.e.a.s.t.s, slender waist, and slender legs outlined into a curve. Her slim and graceful figure was filled with an incomparably strong desire to seduce.


Flamewing Phoenix King curled her lips in disdain as she unfurled an even larger pair of fiery red wings from her back. Tang Huan was startled, her wings were completely condensed with power.

“Hu!” With a flap of his wings, the Flamewing Phoenix King soared into the sky, straight into the nine heavens.


Without waiting for Tang Huan’s orders, Xiao Budian’s three pairs of fleshy wings flapped crazily, and chased after him, unwilling to be outdone.

At the edge of the forest not far away, those young men and women who saw this scene were dumbstruck. Their expressions were dull and they were unable to recover for a long time …


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