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Read What Came to Mind During My Third Time in Another World Was to for Now, Get Naked. Chapter 90

What Came to Mind During My Third Time in Another World Was to for Now, Get Naked. is a Webnovel created by Kihara Yu, 木原ゆう.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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I then continue to win smoothly and finally reach top 50.
Sometimes additional matches are done.
A knockout match where the partic.i.p.ant can’t decline but――


The match list surprise me.

“It sure is…”

“Woah! You scared me!”

Airi suddenly appear beside me.
Are you a ninja!

“So, what do you mean by 『Seriously…』, Kazuto-sama?”


If you don’t get it then don’t agree to it, darn it…

“Who knew that you too would get to the top 50, Airi”

I point at the match list.
With those word Airi’s eyes sparkle and puff her chest out.

“You got that right! I did my best! Ehe~n!”

… Both of us are the same, both have small breast.

“And… they too got in…”

Without a doubt that the top 1 in the temporary ranking is me, 『Kazuto』.
And the 2nd is that ikemen 『Yuuri Hacnacious』.(TL: ハクナシャス -> hakunashasu.)
Further more the 5th is 『Deborg Hazard』
The 18th is 『Lumeria Ordain』
And the one barely hanging at 49 place is 『Airi Woodrock』

Well everyone is…

“Do you know someone there? Good for you Kazuto-sama… You have lots of friends…”

Airi then starts to sulk and write “の”.
Why’s she suddenly depressed.
I don’t understand her.

“Yoo, tomboy”

Someone suddenly calls me.
This voice belongs to――.

“Who the heck is a tomboy”

“No matter how you look at it, it’s you. You sure those breast aren’t fake?”


Deborg casually dodges my right straight punch.

“Ooh…! Kazuto-sama you kinda grazed him…!”

“Aah? How rare, you an elf?”

Deborg abruptly extends his right hand.
That hand goes to Airi’s chest to――.



Deborg dodges my roundhouse kick with a somersault.
d.a.m.n…! He’s large but quite nimble…!

“Ain’t it fine, it’s just them t.i.tties. They won’t shrink”

“It’s not fine at all!”

“Ah,  I don’t particularly mind it”


Airi looks to turn around as I retort…
Argh, jeez…! What a bunch of idiots wherever I go…!

“Hee, ya ain’t scared of me, Elf-onee-chan. How ’bout it? Wanna come to my inn?”

“… As long as there will be Mont Blanc pudding then I’ll go…”

“Don’t get hooked by anyonnneeeee! NO! Don’t go with him! YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY NOT GO WITH HIM!!”

I solidly latch on to Airi.
I won’t hand my faithful dog to someone like Deborg!
This Elf dog is mine!

“Kazuto-sama…! Kazuto-sama really does… *POP ///”

Airi seem to be overjoyed.
Ah, no, it’s not like I like you…
It’s like the feeling of not wanting your toy to be taken away…

“Tsk, yuri ain’t my s.h.i.t… What a kill-joy…”

Deborg  lightly raise his hand and go to the opposite direction.
He really is a punk…

“Aah… Just when he was inviting me for Mont blanc pudding…”

“… Hey, Airi. Please don’t get thoughtlessly involved with those kind of people…”


Airi shows an innocent expression.
… Whatever…

“All right, the final matches will start in the afternoon! I too shall try to get to top 10! Let’s do this…! Let’s this…!”

Airi too then proceed to the opposite direction while weirdly getting fired up.

I don’t get it so let’s leave it alone…

『The Final matches will now start for the 50 elites!』

The arena announcement lavishly echoes.
The venue excitement is now at its maximum.
How nostalgic.

『Our temporary rank 1 is mysterious one-eyed swordswoman! KAZUTOOOOOO!』

The sudden introduction surprise me.
As always I’m not used to this.
Even though I am a queen of a country.

『This girl have won 10 times in a row and has accepted the seed of challenge! Now then Who can challenge her from you ferocious lot! Fight with to the limits of your strength!』

The crowd goes 『WAAAAーーーーー!』to the 50 people.
Of course, within them are Yuuri, Deborg, Lumeria and Airi.

I then notice a gaze and face that direction.

(… The heck is… Yuuri staring for…)

The moment he give that lavish pleasant smile my head went giddy.
Ku…! I’m really fine…!
My face kinda got red…!

“? What’s wrong Kazuto-san? Your face is red…?”

“Eh! Ah, it’s nothing. Haha … hahaha…”

I let out a dry laugh as the umpire worriedly ask.
Argh… ! Seriously, spare me…!

(…This is bad… If this continues then Yuuri will definitely continue to win and face me…)

If that happens what do I do?
Would I fight him with my eyes closed?
… No, that won’t do.
Even just his scent makes me dizzy.
If that’s the case then do I fight while holding my nose…?

… The heck can I fight like that!

(Dang it…! He’s this tournament’s dark horse…! What should I do… What… … Run away?)

If I do that then I won’t get the 10 Million G, making my country in trouble.
But I think my reasoning might be the one in the most danger.

『Money』 or my the 『normality of my reasoning』.

Ah… Even from here Yuuri’s good scent tickles my nose… this is BAAAAD!
This is awful…! Just standing at Yuuri’s downwind is melting my brain…!
Pull yourself together, me! My enemy is a man! And my heart is also that of a man!

… But, my body is of a woman therefore even if a Yuuri holds me there will be no problem… OF COURSE IT IS A  PROBLEM!
s.h.i.t s.h.i.t s.h.i.t…! The heck am I thinkkiiiiing!
Urgh I’m ultr-scared…! It feels like I’m not me any more…!

This is bad…! I wanna run…! But I need money…!


For the mean time, now that the opening ceremony is through I’ll――

―― run with all my might towards the waiting room.

Done at 1:56 am… Yuhhsss, 2 moar hours before mom catches me still awake… Hue hue now time i’ll research “For Academic Purposes” material *wink *wink *wink… JK


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