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Chu Li smiled and joked, “Seems like I can still be of use.”

Xue Ling chuckled, remembering Chu Li’s impressive performance that day. It made her heart flutter.

Chu Li said, “From now on, you can go to the Hall of Martial Arts at your convenience.”

Xue Ling gave him a supercilious look, “I can go on my own. I don’t need your company!”

Chu Li smiled apologetically at her, “I went to the Tower of Wisdom and I was so engrossed in the books that I lost track of time… Anyway, how did it go for you? Was there truly no progress at all?”

“It was okay,” Xue Ling shook her head and sighed somewhat dejectedly. The notes he found for her Crescent Cryptic cultivation were so-so, it was only of little use to her and it was a far cry from the eight forms of Crescent Cryptic.

Chu Li encouraged her, “No matter what, you must practice the eight forms of Crescent Cryptic properly. You have not grasped the essence yet. The more you practice and understand its essence, the better the effects and the faster the improvement in your Crescent Cryptic cultivation!”

“Understood,” Xue Ling nodded.

Now that she had read the notes for the Crescent Cryptic cultivation, she became more appreciative of the eight forms of Crescent Cryptic. Knowing its true value, she realized how impressive Chu Li was. All the notes on the Crescent Cryptic cultivation in the Hall of Martial Arts only focused on the cultivation technique itself. n.o.body came up with a special technique like the eight forms of Crescent Cryptic to complement it. Chu Li can be considered a first.

Chu Li once again sat in the paG.o.da and threw a Torso-Refining Pill into his mouth.

He ate the Torso-Refining Pill like sweets, eating them whenever he felt like it. Even though doing so made its effects diminish as time went by, at least there were still some effects. Acc.u.mulating those effects, the changes in his meridians will become obvious. At crucial moments, he can manifest his Infinite Sea of Azure skill more than once.

Xue Ling stopped her practice and went into the small teahouse.

In the paG.o.da, white gas and gurgling sound were coming out of the small red clay furnace.

Chu Li looked up at the sky and went into a trance. He was using the spiritual energy of the Glory’s Will Tree to train his Minute Pulse Cleansing Technique. The combination of Minute Pulse Cleansing Technique and Torso-Refining Pill gave superb effects.

Xue Ling brewed the tea gently with elegant movements like the floating clouds and flowing water [1]. It was pleasing to look at but it was too bad that Chu Li was not looking and this made her feel disappointed.

“Master, this is your tea,” Xue Ling handed the white jade teacup with both her hands to Chu Li.

Chu Li took the teacup from her and sipped it. He gave her an appreciative smile.

Xue Ling instantly felt light-hearted. The corner of her mouth tilted up unconsciously.

As the night fell and beautiful lights went up, Chong Ming Town was buzzing with activities in contrast to the quietness of the street where the Leisure Cloud Pub was located.

Inside the pub, it was as noisy and full of life as the main street in the center of the town. The graceful silhouette of the girls walking to and fro between the tables gave the pub a pleasant and lively atmosphere.

A young man in silk clothing walked to the front of the pub. Beside him was an average looking servant [2] of age sixteen to seventeen who was bowing and to the young man, “Master, this is the place! This is undoubtedly the Leisure Cloud Pub!”

“Very well…,” the young man took out a hand-held white paper fan and fanned himself, examining the words “Leisure Cloud Pub” on the signboard and nodded in satisfaction, “The writing was not bad but with this kind of location, can the business really prosper? There’s n.o.body here!”

He was a fat man with short limbs and thick neck. His face was full of pimples and b.u.mps, some of the pimples were white and some were red. It was awful to look at.

“Master, I heard that the business here is very good. If you are late, you will not be able to get a table!” the servant explained hurriedly to the young man, “Let’s go in quickly. Hopefully, there are still tables available.”

“There’s no need to rus.h.!.+” the young man in silk clothing swung his fan and said confidently, “Since I’m here, there must be a table for me even if there is no table available!”

“Master, you are so cool!” the servant gave him a thumbs up and praised, “With just one sentence from Master, they must give us their table even if they don’t want to!”

“Hahaha, it’s good that you understand!” the young man in silk clothing raised his head in pride.

The two of them were standing in front of the pub during their conversation. Two young men came and saw them standing outside. They looked at them weirdly, wondering if there was something wrong with the two of them—for not going inside immediately after arriving.

The two young men went in first. They raised the thick curtains and a refres.h.i.+ng air with a whiff of fragrance can be felt coming from the interior.

The big and flat nose of the young man in silk clothing wriggled twice when he sucked in the air. He smiled, “Nice scent! I like it!”

The servant urged, “Master, let’s go inside.”

“Let’s go!” the young man in silk clothing waved his hand-held paper fan.

The servant raised the curtains for him and instantly the refres.h.i.+ng and fragrant air blew towards him. Two beautiful ladies greeted them.

Chen Ying bowed slightly and smiled at them, “Mister, I’m terribly sorry. There are no more tables left tonight. You can book a table for tomorrow. I will make sure to reserve a table for you tomorrow!”

“No table left?” the young man in silk clothing surveyed the surrounding and found out that the interior was very cooling. It was clear that quite a number of ice blocks were placed here. The smiling beauty in front of him gave off a nice fragrance and this made him feel excited.

The servant demanded in a loud voice, “My Master came here specifically and your pub should be proud of it. Quickly empty a table for him! …Nah, this is a hundred taels—take it!”

He took out a banknote and handed it to Chen Ying.

Chen Ying took a step back and declined the offer with a smile. She shared a look with her partner Chen Xue and shook her head helplessly—situations like this happened a few times already.

Chen Xue had an oval-shaped face, snow-white skin, and bright red lips. Her eyebrows curved towards her temples and both her eyes were bright and br.i.m.m.i.n.g with vigor. Although she was not as beautiful as Siao Qi, she was no doubt a beauty too.

Chen Ying smiled politely at the young man, “Mister, this is not appropriate.”

“What’s so inappropriate? Let me!” the servant brushed her off and stepped into the hall. He waved the 100 taels banknote in the air and yelled, “Ladies and gentlemen! Whoever finished their meals fast enough and offer their table will receive this 100 taels as a small token of appreciation! I express my thanks in advance!”

He smiled and gave a fist salute to everyone in the hall.

The hall quieted down. His speech was heard loud and clear. Everyone looked at him, then at the young man in silk clothing. Finally, they shook their heads and laughed. All of them continued with their conversations and ignored the servant.

The servant waited for a while and nothing happened. He frowned. Money makes the world go round but today it was not the case. 100 taels was not a small amount of money, if somebody offered his table, that money will be his!

Chen Ying smiled and apologized again, “Mister, I am truly sorry. Please do not disturb the other customers. Both of you can come back tomorrow and I will definitely give you the best table.”

“Master…?” the servant looked at the young man with silk clothing awkwardly.

The young man in silk clothing snorted haughtily, “Tell them my ident.i.ty!”

The servant hesitated, “But master…”

“Don’t be so wishy-washy!” the young man in silk clothing glared at his servant.

The servant had no choice but to follow his master’s instruction. He nodded and declared loudly, “My Master is Feng Wen while my master is Feng s.h.i.+ Cai!”

“Feng s.h.i.+ Cai…,” people started to whisper among themselves after hearing that.

Very soon, two people stood up and shouted, “So you are Hero Feng’s son! Welcome! Come join us at this table!”

The young man in silk clothing who was now called Feng Wen swung his paper fan proudly, pleased with himself. His servant smiled broadly and hurriedly gestured a fist salute and bow towards the two people, “My thanks to both gentlemen. Thank you very much!”

The two of them walked towards the table of that two people. Since the square table was only occupied by two people, it was just right for Feng Wen and his servant to join them.

Feng Wen gave them a fist salute and thanked them, “Thank you. I believe I have not ask for both of your names.”

The two young men were the ones who got into the pub before them. Each told their names but Feng Wen did not bother to remember their names. The servant stood beside him.

“How is Hero Feng?”

“Well, he is fine. He can still scold and beat people!”

“Hahaha, that’s good! That’s good! Hero Feng is still full of energy despite his age! Impressive!”

“He used his energy on me! He scolds and hit me from all day!”

“That’s Hero Feng’s way of showing his love for you!”


“What is Hero Feng doing nowadays?”

“What can he do except scolding and beating people? This old man!”

“Hai…” the two young men shook their heads in pity. Even someone as shrewd as Hero Feng had a son like this, it truly made others sigh and feel sorry for him.

“I haven’t ask for this beauty’s name yet!” Feng Wen ignored the two young men and stared at Chen Ying while smiling wickedly, “I’m Feng Wen Feng.”

“Mr. Feng, please place your order.” Chen Ying gave him a nod and smiled.

She felt nothing even after seeing Feng Wen’s disgusting expression. All men are like this. Once they saw a beautiful girl, they lost the ability to walk. Some hid their true intentions, while some just displayed it. There was no difference.

“Fine. Give me all of your best dishes!” Feng Wen waved his hands in a dismissive manner with a smile, “And your name is…?”

“I’m Chen Ying.”

“Wonderful! A beauty with a beautiful name—a brilliant combination!” Feng Wen sang her praises and clapped his hands.

Chen Ying shook her head mentally—another person with intellectual pretension!

“Nah, this is a reward from my Master!” the servant caught Feng Wen’s hint and handed Chen Ying a banknote, “Quickly say thanks to my Master!”

Chen Ying turned down the offer with a wave of her hand and declined tactfully, “Thank you, Mr. Feng. But we have rules to follow here. We don’t accept tips.”

“Huh! What a weird rule to have!” Feng Wen laughed, “To refuse money, that’s a first! Nice, I like it!”

Chen Ying smiled apologetically, bowed and turned to go away.

“Wait!” Feng Wen exclaimed, “I would like to ask Miss Chen: what is your annual income?”

“Why does Mr. Feng ask this question?” Chen Ying answered with a question.

Feng Wen waved his fan with a smiling face, “My family has a pub too and I would like to invite Miss Chen to help out. No matter what, I will give you three-fold of the income you get here!”

He said while displaying three of his thick and short fingers.

“I like it here and I don’t want to go anywhere else. Nonetheless, thank you for your offer,” Chen Ying shook her head while maintaining her smile and turned to leave.

Feng Wen opened his mouth to say something again but Chen Ying had left.

The servant whispered, “Master, do you need me to go and ask again?”

“There’s no need!” Feng Wen refused with a wave of his hand. He stared at Chen Ying’s back and sneered.

He hated girls who rejected him the most. He disliked his own ugly face too but he would not allow girls to dislike it. If a girl dared to refuse him, then she will face his wrath.

For the following two days, Feng Wen came to the pub. After sitting down, he will eat his meal and stared at Chen Ying. It was as if he had fallen for her.

One morning, after Chu Li finished with his work in the East Garden treating some illnesses, he was resting in the shades of the willow tree beside the lake, staring at the clear and s.h.i.+ning surface of the lake.

Zhao Ying, dressed in a light green gown, rode a small boat towards Chu Li.

Chu Li smiled and waved at her.

Zhao Ying got off her boat once the boat reached the sh.o.r.e and walked towards Chu Li, bringing a sweet and captivating fragrance. She gave Chu Li a sideways glance and pouted, “Brother, you sure know how to enjoy yourself, having a beautiful maid at your side!”

Chu Li waved off her tease and asked, “Any problems with the pub?”

Zhao Ying stopped smiling and frowned, “Not much of a problem. It’s just that there are a few guys who are infatuated with the girls.”

“Hmm—?” Chu Li turned to look at her.

“Sister Chen and the girls are all very pretty. There will definitely be men who are smitten with them. This is not surprising, isn’t it?”

Chu Li furrowed his brows and asked, “How many are there?”

“Around four to five,” Zhao Ying observed that he was unhappy so she said softly, “They came every day! They are all hopelessly in love!”

Translator notes

[1] A figurative language or more specifically a simile used to describe how elegant her movements were. Not meant to be taken literally.


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