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Protected: WD 31.1

Translator: SilverNeko

Editor: Dancing Dolphins Yo!

A man dressed in black flew onto the stage. He looked about twenty-seven years old and was slender and tall with long eyebrows and a cold look in his eyes. His expression exhibited a faint sense of arrogance. He lowered his eyes. He looked down condescendingly at He Ling and said, “I have come to consult about the four winds technique.”

Li Shu whispered: “The first one is the peak master of Ba Zhan Peak, Shao Jun!”

Kuching Ping screamed: “The one who built his foundation at the age of 19?”

“Yes, it’s him!”

Shao Jun, 19 years old, built a foundation. His current age was unknown. It was only known that he was in the late stages of Foundation Building.

In Ba Zhan peak, a majority of the disciples were children born into cultivating families. Shao Jun was no exception. Just somehow, his usual personality was unpredictable so most of his disciples were afraid of him.

Wen Jing quietly looked at the moral standing of Shao Jun.

A green box jumped out.

[Character value: 8. Bordering youth, blackening potential is unlimited. ]

Wen Jing looked slightly distracted.

Gu JinPing asked: “What is his intention?”

Liu Qian replied: “Master’s four winds technique is famous  throughout the world, but  many people aren’t willing to accept it and are jealous. Unfortunately, Master  rarely comes out of seclusion[1]. He also doesn’t fight with people. Others who want to consult[2] can’t even do that. He Ling was the only one who was directly taught by Master and was pa.s.sed the technique. If he doesn’t use that right now to test out his power, how long would he have to wait to have another opportunity?”

Mo ShaoYan said slowly: “Master originally has a heavenly mutant wind spirit root which is the same as He Ling. If any one of us can inherit and continue Master’s teachings and techniques, it would have to be him.”

He Ling nodded and said, “Please enlighten me peak master Shao Jun,” and then stopped moving and only watched Shao Jun’s every move.

Suddenly, He Ling’s body felt heavy. A burst of pressure that could move mountains and drain seas came towards him as if to obliterate his body.

Around the platform, the disciples at the Qi Refining stage were all caught in the calamity like  fishes who are trapped in a pond. They only felt that their body was being crushed and could not lift their heads. They all made sounds of pain and were taken away by shixiong’s with high levels of cultivation. He Ling’s body didn’t even shift a inch; however, there was a small amount of sweat on his forehead.

Shao Jun smiled and said: “You can endure pretty well.”

After he said those words, a long sword flew through the air, and his body was surrounded by beautiful flames that formed into a red bird made of flames. It opened its scorching hot wings. The flame was at least 22 feet long[3] and emitted crackling sounds.

The fire illuminated Shao Jun’s face, and even dyed his pupils a transparent orange color.

“Shaoyang sword!” Someone in the vicinity immediately shouted. Gazes filled with envy.

“This is the Shaoyang sword that peak master Shao got from the auction?”

“The cost was eight thousand high grade Lingshi, really rich, ah…”

Wen Jing whispered: “To deal with a cultivator who is not even in the middle of Foundation Building, is it  really necessary to use the Shaoyang sword…?”

The difference between the late stage of Foundation Building and the early stage was decades, even hundreds of  years of cultivation. If a cultivator at the late stage wanted to deal with a cultivator at the early stage, it would only take one move. This round of compet.i.tion was only a test for practice purposes. Peak masters normally wouldn’t pull out a big or ultimate move much less magical treasures like spiritual weapons.

When Jun YanZhi who  stood by his(WJ) side heard this, he did not say anything and only indifferently glanced at Shao Jun.

Only to see Shao Jun squinting his eyes, and the red bird made of flame rushing towards He Ling.

The move was actually pretty ruthless.

First it would send out a strong pressure which would force He Ling to not be able to move. Then the flame sword would strike. Even if the flame sword was stopped in time to not harm his life, it would still set He Ling’s whole body on fire.

This kind of move even when used to deal with foreign enemies was overkill. He clearly was not letting He Ling escape and forcing him to limit with no choice but to pull out his ultimate move.

Suddenly in the area ten feet around He Ling’s body , appeared a strong whirlwind completely surrounding and converting him.

The wind was like a blade. In an instant it pulled the flame bird into its midst, surrounding it. The Shao Yang sword was unbreakable. Although it didn’t enter the whirlwind, its speed reduced greatly. The flame followed the wind ,  circling around He Ling, but it couldn’t get close to him. Instead it blocked He Ling’s outline, and made one unable to see what was happening inside of the whirlwind.

Shao Jun coldly looked at the situation and shouted: “Stop!”

The fire suddenly disappeared, and the Shao Yang sword flew out of the whirlwind back to Shao Jun’s and rested in his hand motionless.

The whirlwind around He Ling became smaller and smaller until it returned to normal. The white clothes had burns with several holes that had black edges. With left arm harmed by the sword, the cloth on his arm was dyed red.

The only thing that could be heard , was the referee disciples shouting: “He Ling blocked a move. Gains five pebbles!”

The few people from Hui Shi peak shouted out at the same time, bursting with excitement: “Second martial brother![4]”

Peng Shao sighed and said: “By using the whirlwind and light emitted from the flames to block himself so that Shao Jun can’t see where he was, and using the opportunity to avoid…… Moves are dead and can’t think for themselves. The way that the moves are used is really something that is up to the comprehension of the user.”

Liu Qianmo further added : “To be able to understand and comprehend the whole from a little pointer and use the ability in a new way, facing danger calmly. It does not only require comprehension abilities but also experience.”

Shao Jun slowly put the Shao Yang sword away and glanced at He Ling’s obscure look. Then he flew back to the stage without saying a word.

A middle-aged woman dressed in a dirt yellow taoist robe lightly floated down from the stage. She was short and had full appearance with a smile. She was slightly fat and looked very friendly. She gently said: “I will try.”

Liu Qianmo smiled and said: “The Huang Hua peak master Qin Xiao.”

Peng Shao also said with a smile: “It must be because peak master Shao Jun was too harsh just now so she couldn’t stand it and came to comfort the young disciple.”

Wen Jing smiled and said: “She is the best tempered peak master.”

The cultivator auntie’s[5] face looked very peaceful, and the move she made was also as expected very gentle. She only let out a simple spiritual beam attack. The spiritual beam was as thin as  a needle. The people watching only saw steel needle like spiritual energy beam flew past. The young disciples sighed with admiration and envy at the light attack advancing at the person(He Ling).

He Ling flew and dodged, landing on the ground. Cupping his hands , he said: “Much Thanks to peak master Qin Xiao for enlightening me.”

The referee disciples shouted: “He Ling  blocked another move and gained five pebbles!”

Tn: So much fighting but it’s not even Wen Jing or Jun YanZhi (╯°□°)╯︵┻━┻). I’m sorry He Ling. Congratulations on blocking those moves, but I’m here for the action between Jun YanZhi and Wen Jing. I haven’t even gotten to see the hidden side of Jun YanZhi yet. One more thing is I thought we already know the outcome of this battle? Isn’t it Jun YanZhi’s turn today?

For anyone wondering why He Ling always thanks them for the enlightening, it is just a politeness issue and etiquette kinda thing.


[1] If you’ve read cultivation related novels, you’ll probably know it is for cultivation. They go into seclusion normally in some cave to concentrate and mediate sometimes for years at a time especially if they are really strong. They do this to concentrate and not be distracted. Sometimes masters won’t even tell their disciples where they go when they are in seclusion. Meditating in seclusion in a cave filled with rich spiritual energy can speed up the process of cultivation

[2] It was mentioned earlier when Shao Jun said to He Ling he wanted to consult. It’s more like fighting but without  to the death part so that way they can learn new fighting skills and adapt to your techniques. A lot of strong people in wuxian or xianxia worlds like to do this so they can hone their skills. The more powerful you are, the more they want to fight you to either gain skills and experience, gain reputation, or both.

[3] The actual measurement was 2 zhang. A zhang is about 10.9 feet so I just rounded in case you wanted to know.

[4] In case anyone forgot, people in the same sect or under the same master refer to each other as martial brother and sisters. They are not actually related.

[5] Again it’s a way of referring to people in China. They normally refer to older people around your parent’s age as aunts and uncles and younger people as sisters and brothers even though they aren’t related.

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