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Why Not Soar Your Majesty is a web novel made by 贰花.
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Chapter 38.1 – Xiao Lin your guts are really big 2

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Before Tang Xiao had gotten obsessed with playing games, she’d relied on entertainment gossip as a pastime.

Every time she went to Wanyu Media, the first place that she’d go to was Chief Nig’s secretary’s office, to exchange gossip.

The gossip that could be revealed by the entertainment circle, as well as the gossip that couldn’t be revealed, were all known to her.

Tang Xiao at that time, was even scared that she’d be killed to keep her silent.

She was even able to personally witness Chief Ning’s gossip.

At that time, she hadn’t officially debuted so she followed Chief Ning as an a.s.sistant, following him around.

Just when Chief Ning had taken over Wanyu Media, it was a total mess.

There were many things that Chief Ning had to personally do himself.

One day, a certain artist was filming an advertis.e.m.e.nt so Chief Ning brough Tang Xiao with him to visit her.

Instead, from the other party’s advertising company, a woman wearing a leopard fur coat fell in love with Chief Ning at first.


She’d used a ton of different methods to please him.

She’d sent him all different types of colognes, even sports cars.

Every time, it was flowery, flashy and different.

They were all sent to the bottom of Wanyu Media’s building and was attention grabbing, shocking the heavens and the earth.

Chief Ning didn’t even take a second look, returning them back to her.

The other side then changed tactics, grouping up contracts and sending them over, basically sending over money to him.

At this time, Chief Ning finally didn’t reject her.

As many as the other side sent over, that was how many Chief Ning accepted.

The other side thought that was a green light so they tried to meet up with him a bunch of times, before finally successfully meeting him out for dinner.

Tang Xiao followed along and eavesdropped, indistinctly hearing some subtle hinting, hoping to take in Chief Ning as her G.o.dson.

She even hinted that she’d be able to help her develop his company even bigger, at least letting him not work as hard for ten years.

When Tang Xiao was eavesdropping, her blood was bursting with excitement.

Her whole body’s cells were thirsty for gossip.

Chief Ning, ah!

To boldly want to sponsor Chief Ning!

She’d heard for a bit before Mu Cheng and Su Bai also appeared at the restaurant.

Tang Xiao’s attention was then drawn away by Mu Cheng and by the time she’d remembered, Chief Ning had already left.

But the Chief Ning who disappeared for a night, returned on the second day with an air of dispiritedness.

What made Tang Xiao go into shock was that Chief Ning was actually wearing yesterday’s clothes.

The whole secretary department was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with the smell of gossip.

On that day, Chief Ning threw a huge tantrum, yelling at everyone.

Afterwards, Chief Ning blocked it all out.

Who spoke of it, would die.

Even though Tang Xiao was drunk, it didn’t impact her retelling methods at all.

She revealed it all, no stuttering at all as she continued smoothly.

After Mu Cheng and Qiao Yijing finished listening, they looked at each other.

Their hearts were both shaking.

Tang Xiao didn’t even let them have a chance to catch their breaths.

“Do you know about Liu Qingqin’s affair!”

Mu Cheng shook his head, “What happened with her?”

“Her and Gu Nan!” Tang Xiao’s face was proud of herself.

Qiao Yijing froze, “The Liu Qingqin that’s nearly 60? Gu Nan, the actor who’s twenty something?”

Tang Xiao was pleased as she shook her head, “Liu Qingqin’s nearly 65, she lied about her age. Gu Nan’s also 30 something.”

Tang Xiao then spilled Liu Qingqin and Gu Nan’s gossip, throwing it all up in the air.

In the middle, she didn’t add any filler, it was a climax all around.

Mu Cheng and Qiao Yijing listened with their mouths open agape..

“How did you know?” Mu Cheng asked.

Tang Xiao hugged a pillow, a bit confused, “Not telling you guys!”

“Alright, let’s go first. It’s getting late.” Mu Cheng helped her fix her blankets and was just about to leave with Qiao Yijing.

Who knew that Tang XIao was like she was on a spring, she jumped up again.

“Do you know about Su Bai’s plastic surgery!!!”

Mu Cheng: …..

Qiao Yijing: ….

Mu Cheng and Qiao Yijing were forced to listen to a whole night’s worth of gossip.

Every time they were about to leave, Tang Xiao would start to go crazy again.

Qiao Yijing even tried to leave by himself because it wasn’t his artist, or his neighbour.

But Tang Xiao wouldn’t let him go in life or death, even one missing wasn’t ok.

She even shared the gossip that she’d been treasuring.

One on side, she was and on the other side, her heart was hurting as she lamented: I’m treating you like true brothers, that’s why I’d share this with you. So you definitely can’t tell anyone else!

Mu Cheng: …..

Qiao Yijing: ….

Right up until the end did Tang Xiao finally go to sleep.

Qiao Yijing and Mu Cheng then pitifully slept on the ground.

That night, their dreams were filled with Tang Xiao’s phrase — do you guys know ….

The second day, the three of them were woken up by some urgent knocking on the door.

Mu Cheng went to open the door as Xiao Lin pushed him away, dishevelled with messed up clothing.

She rushed to Tang Xiao’s bed.

When Tang Xiao finally reacted, she looked at those faint hickeys on Xiao Lin’s neck and slightly froze.

Xiao Lin looked at the two men and one girl in one room and slightly froze.

“You …”

“You …”

The two people stared at each other, both full of deeper meaning.

Xiao Lin s.n.a.t.c.hed in front, “F****, you’re really strong. Not only did you sleep with Mu Cheng, you even defiled Qiao Yijing too?”

Mu Cheng: …..

Qiao Yijing: ….


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