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Read Wife is Fierce, Don’t Mess With Her! Chapter 884 – Huo Yingcheng, Yu Bao’er (56)

Wife is Fierce, Don’t Mess With Her! is a web novel made by 孤木双, Gui Mushuang.
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Read WebNovel Wife is Fierce, Don’t Mess With Her! Chapter 884 – Huo Yingcheng, Yu Bao’er (56)

Chapter 884: Huo Yingcheng, Yu Bao’er (56)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Yu Bao’er had just finished bathing when she heard the door open.

Her heart clenched immediately. Huo Yingcheng had gone down to retrieve his clothes, and he came up so quickly?

Was he planning on staying the night today?

With this thought, Yu Bao’er put on her pajamas and sneakily opened the bathroom door.

And she happened to see the tall and well-built Huo Yingcheng enter.

Yu Bao’er was so startled that she closed the bathroom door once more.

Shortly after, Huo Yingcheng walked over and knocked on the bathroom door. “How much longer are you going to take, Bao’er?”

Yu Bao’er’s face flushed. At that moment, she was only wearing pajamas with nothing inside, and a man was knocking on her door. This was too weird a scenario.

Although the two of them had nearly gone all the way yesterday.

“I’m still was.h.i.+ng my hair. Wait a little while longer.”

“Why are you was.h.i.+ng your hair at night?” Huo Yingcheng added, “You’re going to get a headache if you don’t blow it dry.”

Yu Bao’er answered him as she ran a hand through her hair. “I have a blow dryer. You can help me blow-dry it later. I don’t have time to wash it during the day, so I can only wash it at night.”

“Okay then.”

After Yu Bao’er finished was.h.i.+ng her hair and went out with wet long hair, she casually patted it dry with a towel.

With her head lowered, her hair was all over her face, making her look like a female ghost.

Huo Yingcheng laughed. “I’ll blow-dry it for you after I’m done showering.”

Yu Bao’er pointed at the bathroom. “Don’t use my towel. There’s a clean towel in there.”

“Got it.”

Huo Yingcheng laughed and entered.

When he came out, Yu Bao’er was lying sprawled by the edge of the bed, her hair draped by the side of the bed and dripping water onto the floor.

Hearing Huo Yingcheng come out, she commanded him without standing on ceremony. “Blow dryer is in that bedside cabinet.”

Huo Yingcheng didn’t express displeasure though. He squatted down and retrieved the blow dryer, then sat down by the bed and bunched up Yu Bao’er’s hair, placing her face on his lap before he started blow-drying her hair.

Although he had never done something like this before, Huo Yingcheng did it pretty well. After a while, he got the hang of it. Though it was unavoidable that water droplets flew everywhere.

Yu Bao’er narrowed her eyes as she laid comfortably on his lap. A few days back she was still a pitiful and lonely bachelorette. To think she would get to enjoy such supreme treatment today.

At least Huo Yingcheng patiently helped her blow-dry her hair.

The buzzing sound from the blow dryer made Yu Bao’er start to feel sleepy. Neither of them spoke.

When he was more or less done, Huo Yingcheng gently raised Yu Bao’er’s chin. “Are you about to sleep?”


Honestly speaking, it felt quite terrible to be lying in that position. But since she was exhausted during the day, such an atmosphere was sleep-inducing.

Even her voice sounded a bit dreamy.

“Wait a while longer.”

Huo Yingcheng was especially patient now. He had never done such things in the past, waiting on a woman with so much patience.

Huo Yingcheng adored the way this girl was lying on his lap, looking so obedient.

He couldn’t describe this feeling, only feeling a faint sense of satisfaction.

It was like he didn’t feel anything the past two days, but now that the open secret was affirmed, everything was happening naturally.

He caressed Yu Bao’er’s silk-like long hair and felt that it was more or less dried. He then stroked her head and said gently in a low voice, “Done. You can lie down in another position. Lying down like this will get uncomfortable.”


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