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Wild Princess: Marrying An Ugly Prince is a web novel made by San Yue Jing Zhe, 叁月惊蛰.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Chapter 304 There Was News of Bai Aoxue!

Duke Deyuan did not expect that Jun Yeyan would mention his name directly. He panicked suddenly.

The polished smooth and bright ground made Duke Deyuan who was walking messily fell to the ground. When some ministers saw this, they could not help laughing.

Duke Deyuan himself blushed as well.

“I… I don’t know what Your Majesty means. If there were evil people in the Dynasty, they should be beheaded according to the law of our dynasty.” Duke Deyuan arranged his clothes, knelt on the ground, lowered his head, and said.

When Jun Yeyan looked at Duke Deyuan’s movements, he could not help raising his brows slightly. This old fox reacted so fast.

Jun Yeyan t.i.ttered and said, “I believe that a few of you have been visited by Deyuan, haven’t you? You want me to pick concubines to fill the harem. Minister Zhen, am I wrong?”

As soon as Minister Zhen heard Jun Yeyan’s words, he knelt loudly.

“Your Majesty, please forgive me! Although I met Duke Deyuan last night, I did not accept Duke Deyuan’s advice!” Minister Zhen said anxiously.

But his eyes were not afraid to look at Jun Yeyan. Anyone could see something fishy in this thing.

As soon as Duke Deyuan heard what Minister Zhen said, he was infuriated. But he could not release his anger.

As soon as Jun Yeyan heard Minister Zhen’s words, he smiled and said, “Duke Deyuan, did you hear it? Minister Zhen said that you went to him.”

As soon as Duke Deyuan heard Jun Yeyan’s words, he said seriously, “I want to select fair women for you, Your Majesty. I do this for you, and I don’t think there was something improper. Your Majesty, you had ascended the throne for some days but there is n.o.body in the harem. You said you wanted to wait for General Ye Zhaojue’s niece, but we all know that she fell off the cliff. We don’t know whether she is still alive or not. I select imperial concubines for you to make you get out of the pain as soon as possible.”

Duke Deyuan’s rational and reasonable speech made some ministers agree.

But when Jun Yeyan heard Duke Deyuan’s words, he was neither angry nor enraged. He just smiled slightly and said, “I think Duke Deyuan probably forget what I said yesterday. General Ye Zhaojue’s niece? Huh? Recall it again for me!”

His tone which was risen in the end shocked all the ministers.

It was not that Jun Yeyan didn’t lose his temper. It was that none of these people was worth losing his temper. Because if he lost his temper, these men would not be able to subside his anger.

The person who suffered maximum pressure was Duke Deyuan kneeling on the ground. His clothes seemed to be soaked in sweat. It stuck to his body and made him feel bad to the extreme.

Jun Yeyan’s majesty made him tremble.

“Your Majesty, please forgive me! It’s silly of me to say that. She is Empress.” Duke Deyuan was a person who would stop before going too far. Seeing that his plan worked, he was no longer persistent with Bai Aoxue’s t.i.tle.

“I think you are a person who refuses to be convinced until you are faced with grim reality. You want to pick concubines for me. You know your intention. But I fear that some ministers do not understand. Today I will show everyone your intention.” Jun Yeyan looked at Duke Deyuan coldly and said slightly.

He completely ignored the fear in Duke Deyuan’s eyes.

“Take her here!” His cold intonation carried a little coldness.

Soon, a woman with scattered hair and twisted face was racked by two people of the Imperial Army to come to the Throne Hall.

Duke Deyuan followed the eyes of the ma.s.s to see this person. When he saw that miserable person, he opened his eyes wide instantly. His heart was beating so fast that he felt he couldn’t control it.

“Look, who is this woman? She is the number one beauty in the Chengxi Dynasty in your opinion, a person who wants to climb to my bed by dirty tricks.” Jun Yeyan’s indifferent voice came and shocked all people.

The ma.s.s had a good look at the woman. She was indeed Su Mengrou. But who gave Su Mengrou the right to enter the Imperial Palace and approach Jun Yeyan?

He asked the question in such a way. The answer was no longer a secret anymore.

The answer was very clear. Everyone turned their eyes to look at Duke Deyuan.

“Your Majesty, you have wronged me! I had taken this shameless woman out of the palace yesterday. I don’t know which general she had bribed to let her enter the Imperial Palace again! I am wronged!” Duke Deyuan said with indignation. His words were full of rage.

“In this case, you have nothing to do with this, don’t you?” Jun Yeyan said slightly.

Duke Deyuan nodded in a hurry, but he saw Jun Yeyan’s complexion change suddenly. He said, “Bring that little eunuch here!”

A little eunuch who was whipped to be on the verge of death was carried into the Throne Hall. When Duke Deyuan saw that little eunuch, he lost confidence thoroughly…

“Take a good look at this little eunuch. The money you used to bribe him yesterday is still held in his hands.” Jun Yeyan suddenly smiled evilly. Duke Deyuan was disappointed to the extreme.

“Ho… Do you still want to argue now? I had already said yesterday that I will have only one woman in this life, Bai Aoxue! If you don’t know what is right and what is wrong and want to give me women, I will send you to h.e.l.l!” Jun Yeyan smiled coldly. The coldness and mercilessness in the words startled the people.

Yes… Such a merciless man had given all his tender feelings to a woman. How could he be kind to them who acted as ministers?

For him, maybe you could be used by him and he would give you everything you want. But if you had had bad intentions, he would have sent you to h.e.l.l just as he said!

“Zhao, take the things out to show the ministers Duke Deyuan’s great achievements in these years. Let them sharpen their eyes and see how such a minister corrupt the dynasty,” Jun Yeyan turned his head to look at Zhao and commanded slightly.

Zhao obeyed his order. He brought the things and showed them to all the ministers.

“Well! Deyuan! In that year, Ye Capital suffered from the drought. The money to relieve the people in stricken areas had all been embezzled by you! So many people died! Are you still a man of conscience!?” A minister rebuked loudly, his finger pointing at Duke Deyuan furiously.

“36 lives of Councilor Lin were also killed by you so cruelly!? Deyuan, you are really not a human!” Another minister shouted in tears.

He and Councilor Lin were old family friends. When 36 people of Councilor Lin’s family were killed, he couldn’t find the murderer. No wonder…. Deyuan did all this. Of course he couldn’t find the murderer!

Listening to every minister’s words and utterances of condemning and abusing Duke Deyuan, Jun Yeyan watched them on one side with cold eyes.

At this moment, Duke Deyuan seemed to be a homeless dog. People neither flattered nor supported him.

At this moment, he deserved to be punished for all the sins he had committed.

“Your Majesty! For such a person like Deyuan, we demand that he be executed immediately!” Several ministers took the lead and said. Their eyes which were looking at Deyuan were filled with hatred.

Jun Yeyan looked at these ministers and said, “I am free to decide on how to execute him. The reason why I show you the crimes that Deyuan has committed today one by one is not to warn you or to remind you to be more careful. I just want to tell you that whoever you are, it is better to give up your idea of sending me women. The reason why Duke Deyuan suffers today is that he violated this big taboo. Whoever sends me women, I will send him to h.e.l.l. Remember my words.”

At the moment, his golden eyes were glaring and glittering. But what’s more in them were the lights that people dared not to look directly.

Jun Yeyan’s words were also deeply remembered by every minister. They all knew that Jun Yeyan wasn’t joking at all.

Perhaps Duke Deyuan could go further. But he violated Jun Yeyan’s taboos. So he could only be sacrificed as a warning to others.

“I can run my dynasty normally without any one of you. So I do not care. If a second or a third Duke Deyuan appears, I can catch your vulnerable points at any time, no matter what your intention is. I hope you could be more alert,” Jun Yeyan smiled evilly and said.

“Your Majesty, please be at ease. We will keep your teaching in mind and will never repeat Duke Deyuan’s mistakes,” Hundreds of officials and officers knelt regularly together and said seriously.

They all believed that Jun Yeyan wasn’t exaggerating. He absolutely had the ability to do so.

When Jun Yeyan saw that he had got the effect that he wanted to achieve and wanted to adjourn the court, a dark figure quickly entered the Throne Hall.

All the ministers looked at the person in front of them vigilantly, and the Imperial Army also reacted very quickly and surrounded this person.

When Jun Yeyan saw this, the light of satisfaction also flashed in his eyes.

“Back off.”

Hearing Jun Yeyan’s voice, the Imperial Army withdrew regularly to the outside.

“Master!” Ying Yi just found his rudeness, but he was still watching Jun Yeyan with excitement.

When Jun Yeyan saw this, he frowned slightly and said, “What makes you so hurry? Be more cautious next time. If the Imperial Army hadn’t hesitated just now, you would not be able to withdraw safely.”

Although his words were strict, they carried concern which could not be easily perceived.

Ying Yi touched the backside of his head remorsefully. His eyes which were looking at Jun Yeyan flashed. He said, “Master, there is news of the Empress!”

Anyone could hear the excitement in his words.

As soon as Jun Yeyan heard his words, the man who formerly was sitting suddenly rose up and his footsteps were a little staggered.

Of course, this could only be seen by the little eunuch by Jun Yeyan’s side. The little eunuch just saw it and thought that his vision had blurred. When he looked carefully, Jun Yeyan had actually stepped down the high platform in big steps.

“Say it again!” Jun Yeyan strode to Ying Yi’s side, regardless of others’ look. His words carried excitement.

“The news came from Li Xiao. Empress… was indeed abducted by Qi Liange to the Nanyue Dynasty,” Ying Yi said seriously. There was no lack of anger in his words.

As soon as Jun Yeyan heard Ying Yi’s words, he clenched his fist. His eyes squinted slightly, and the violent momentum of his body made the near ministers startled.

“Well… Qi Liange… It seems that this time he really won’t stop until one of us die! Xue was weak but he took her a long way to the Nanyue Dynasty b.u.mpily! What a good Qi Liange!” Jun Yeyan t.i.ttered coldly. The undisguised intention of killing also made Ying Yi tremble a little.

“Master… and….” said Ying Yi hesitantly, with a little banter in his eyes.

As soon as Jun Yeyan heard Ying Yi’s words, he tilted his head and said, “And what?”


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