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Works of John Bunyan is a Webnovel completed by John Bunyan.
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28. Grace Abounding, Nos. 12-14, vol. i., p. 7. How do these hair-breadth escapes ill.u.s.trate the unerring providence of G.o.d, and the short-sightedness of even pious Christians. It is easy to imagine the exclamations of a reflecting character when hearing of the marvelous escapes of this wicked youth. ‘Dark providences!

the good and benevolent are s.n.a.t.c.hed away; but such a plague as this has his life preserved to pester us still. Short-sighted mortal, “shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?”‘ No life in the British empire was so precious in the sight and gracious purposes of G.o.d, as that of the poor depraved lad; which was thus preserved by the special care of Divine providence.

29. Life appended to part third of Pilgrim’s Progress, 1692. This is omitted from the third edition (1700), and all the subsequent ones.

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35. The women were remarkably active in defending the town.

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47. The Pathway to Heaven is the work of that pious puritan Dent, and is full of those striking ill.u.s.trations which were admirably adapted to prepare Bunyan for writing his allegories. A copy with the name Ma Bunyann, written on the t.i.tle page, has long been in the editor’s library. We give a facsimile of the writing, as it has been supposed that of Bunyan. This is very doubtful; it appears more like a woman’s hand; but, if it is the name of Mrs. Bunyan, then it indicates that his daughter Mary, baptized 20th July, 1650, was called after her.

48. Life of Bunyan, 1691, p. 13.

49. This is a solemn consideration; many profess to serve G.o.d while they are bond-slaves to sin; and many are servants in his family who are not sons, nor heirs, of heaven. Blessed are those who are both servants and sons.

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55. Life of Alfred, comparing him to Charles I. Preface. 8vo. 1634.

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57. The game of cat, tipcat, or “sly,” so called by Wilson, in his life of Bunyan [Wilson’s Edition of Works, vol. i., fol. 1736], is an ancient game well known in many parts of the kingdom. A number of holes are made in the ground, at equal distances, in a circular direction; a player is stationed at each hole; the opposite party stand around; one of them throws the cat to the batsman nearest to him; every time the cat is struck, the batsmen run from one hole to the next, and score as many as they change positions; but if the cat is thrown between them before reaching the hole, the batsman is out [Strutt’s Sports and Pastimes, 8vo., p. 110]. Such was the childish game played by men on the Lord’s-day.

58. Life by C. Doe, 1698.

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63. In the Engraving, p. 1, vol. i., is a view of part of the village green, Elstow, with the ancient building now used as a school-house, as seen from the church-yard. This building is older than the time of Bunyan, and was the scene of village meetings at the period in which he lived, and doubtless a.s.sociated with his dancing and thoughtless amus.e.m.e.nts, as the green itself was the scene of the game of cat. A view looking towards the church is given in Vignette to vol. i. of the Works.

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75. The Rev. H. J. Rose, in his Biographical Dictionary, distorts this singular affair into, ‘he laid claim to a faith of such magnitude as to work miracles!’

76. Vol. i., p. 12.

77. Vol. iii., pp. 155, 156.


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