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Read World Defying Dan God Chapter 0131 – Mark of the Dragoness

World Defying Dan God is a web novel completed by Ji Xiao Zei, Solitary Little Thief.
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Chapter 131 Mark of the Dragoness

People are seldom able to cultivate s.h.i.+nto, even Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou did not know how to do so. If there was no guide and he were to carelessly cultivate, it would be easy to take a wrong turn.

Seeing Long Xueyi being able to transform into a squirrel, Chen Xiang believed what she just said was the truth because such a thing could only be achieved with the invisible and stateless spirit.

“I call this the [72 Transformations]! This is a way to manipulate spiritual power that only those who can cultivate s.h.i.+nto can use. This is what I learned as soon as I broke out of my egg sh.e.l.l, it should be an inheritance pa.s.sed down by my parents when I was born. They taught me a lot of things and most of them are inside my head!”

Long Xueyi with a delicate and sweet voice complacently said.

“Do you know the [Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Technique]?” Chen Xiang asked, in his heart he was moved.

“Of course I do!” Long Xueyi replied in a delicate and sweet voice.

“So you agree to cooperate with me?”

“En! Although you are not a good person, you can not be considered as a bad one either, as such I reluctantly agree.” Long Xueyi replied. She extended her delicate and lovely pinky finger, “Quickly, do pinky promise! After the pinky promise, we can not go back on our words.”

This childish act made Chen Xiang secretly stifle a giggle inside, but he still extended his pinky finger and hooked it with Long Xueyi’s. But who could expect that when their two pinky fingers hooked up with each other a bright light would suddenly appear.

“Alright! This is our dragon family and humankind contract. Later on if you try to lay your vicious hands on me then you will definitely be in a lot of pain!” Long Xueyi giggled with a mischievous smile as she extended her beautiful little hands as if begging for True Qi Dans.

Currently in Chen Xiang’s opinion the True Qi Dans were indeed basically jelly beans, which were now being eaten like snacks by this little dragoness.

“Little girl, in the future are you going to follow alongside me? Why don’t you go inside this ring?” Chen Xiang asked. He intended to have this adorable and lovely girl accompany Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou inside the ring and also play with them.

Long Xueyi shook her little head and replied, “It wouldn’t work. I’m unable to enter the s.p.a.ce inside storage equipment, they have no effect on me because I cultivate s.h.i.+nto.”

Obviously Chen Xiang could not allow this little dragoness to always follow beside him. Not even mentioning that it would be rather inconvenient, her safety was also a very big issue.

“Do not worry, I have a way to solve this!” Long Xueyi laughed before she suddenly transformed into a white glow that shot towards Chen Xiang’s arm. He only felt some warmth on his arm before a very strong power could be felt coming from his arm.

He was very shocked, this warm type of feeling was spread out from his left arm to the left part of his chest. He quickly took off his clothes and saw a lifelike white dragon baring fangs and brandis.h.i.+ng claws that twisted from his left arm to his left chest. It was as if a tattoo had been drawn on his upper left body using special means, the entire mark was exuding white light and looked very beautiful.

Combined with Chen Xiang’s robust muscles, the white dragon tattoo made him exude a bizarre and unique charm!

Of course, the thing Chen Xiang was most shocked about was Long Xueyi’s strength! He could clearly tell how powerful she was and it was many times more than him!

“I’m formidable right! Like this, I will not be in your way when I follow you.” Long Xueyi said in a tender voice. She was actually able to transmit her voice very clearly although it looked like the white dragon tattoo was talking to Chen Xiang.

“When there are other people around don’t say anything!” Chen Xiang exhorted. At this time he was somewhat worried because this little dragoness was clearly a bit naughty and very cunning.

“I know that! I’m not stupid like you my human brother!” Long Xueyi replied as she smiled mischievously. This time she used her divine sense to respond.

Chen Xiang gave a low ‘Humph’, before breaking into a gallop and proceeded straight for Fragrance City.

Not long after, Long Xueyi started chattering continuously with Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou. This was the first time since Chen Xiang got acquainted with Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou that he saw them talk to other people. Of course, this is only because Long Xueyi was now following Chen Xiang.

Even if Fragrance City was covered in the white snow, it still looked beautiful. The entire city was drifting with a soothing fragrance, and it was very refres.h.i.+ng.

Not many crystal stones were left over from the last time Chen Xiang sold the Metal Spirit Fruit. While there was a set of materials left for refining a Building Foundation Dan, it was for him to plant as a seed to use in the future.

Fortunately he had refined a lot of True Qi Dans. He took out the remaining two hundred as the rest had already been given to Long Xueyi for her to eat.

A True Qi Dan is equal to five hundred crystal stones, so two hundred dans was precisely a hundred thousand crystal stones. Chen Xiang went to Danxiang Tower to sell them, this time too Mrs. Li was responsible for trading and recognized Chen Xiang in a single glance. After all, she was the governor’s wife and had seen his portrait pop up many times.

Chen Xiang had disappeared in the vicinity of Fragrance City, obviously this matter was of great concern for the governor as the Extreme Martial Sect’s Dean personally seeked him out and request him to help find Chen Xiang.

“Mrs. Li, I’ve come once again, this time with two hundred True Qi Dans!” Chen Xiang said with a slight smile.

“Are you Chen Xiang, Young Master Chen?” Mrs. Li asked. There was clear surprise in her eyes because it was rumoured that Chen Xiang had already been killed. She had not expected him to suddenly appear in front of her and even take out two hundred True Qi Dans to sell.

Just after reaching Fragrance City, Chen Xiang rushed directly to Danxiang tower. He didn’t get to learn about what had occurred during his seclusion. With his advancement of strength and divine sense, he could now clearly probe Mrs. Li’s strength. It turns out that she was a True Martial Realm martial artist of the 2nd Level!

“Mrs. Li can still recognize this brat, I’m truly honored!” Chen Xiang was slightly surprised in his heart, but still responded with a smile. .

“It’s really hard to not recognize you now that the Beast Martial Sect placed a three hundred thousand bounty on your head! In order to find you many people turned the city and its outskirts inside out!” Mrs. Li exclaimed.

Chen Xiang’s brows wrinkled, “Humph! Anyone who want to take my head for the crystal stones reward can, come and try! No matter how many come to try and take my head they will all end up dead!”

While he stated this, a huge amount of Slaughter Qi was released, making even Mrs. Li retreat a few steps back. Her eyes were filled with fear, she had no expected such a young person to contain such heavy and dense Slaughter Qi. If she was an ordinary person, she would have definitely fainted from the pressure and resulting fear from this level of Slaughter Qi.

Chen Xiang’s strength also made Mrs. Li somewhat doubtful. She was unable to clearly sense Chen Xiang’s power but she felt that he was clearly a lot stronger than before!

“Here’s one hundred thousand crystal stones! Right, young master I have already inquired the Dean about the person you mentioned last time. If you want to see her, you would have to stay here for a while. It would be a lot safer for you to stay here actually, Danxiang Taoyuan and the Extreme Martial Sect have very good relations. Also, your Dean said that if you came back here, I would have to try my best to keep you here!” Mrs. Li regained her wits and gradually said everything. She now finally understood Chen Xiang’s worth and why even the Extreme Martial Sect’s Dean had personally come to pay a visit!

Chen Xiang nodded his head and laughed, “Then thanks a lot! I’ll go buy some herbs, if that girl called Hua Yueyun comes to find me, feel free to directly call me, don’t worry about bothering me.”

Twenty sets of White Jade Dan herbs, the total cost was forty thousand crystal stones. Twenty sets of True Elemental Dan herbs, and the total cost was thirty thousand crystal stone. In just a short moment, Chen Xiang spent well over half of his total crystal stones. However, Chen Xiang was sure he would be able to smoothly refine the two different types of High-Grade Spirit Level Dans.

To Chen Xiang’s surprise, he was allocated in the twentieth floor. It was said that all the people who resided on this floor were of a n.o.ble background. While not all of them were outstanding alchemists, they were at least martial artists on the same level as Mrs. Li.

This gesture made Chen Xiang feel flattered and also put him at ease. At the very least, it was indeed very safe here.

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