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“Don’t run.” Naturally, the three from Imperial Feather Race would not let this go, they were slapped mercilessly, and they did not even manage to take a single hair off their opponent. How could they endure such a loss?

What Chen Xiang wanted was precisely this kind of reaction from them. If he were to fight with these three Imperial Feather Race s, he wouldn’t be able to beat any of them.

“These three pigs will be eaten sooner or later.” Long Xueyi scoffed, “As expected, Imperial Feather Race is still the same as always, not changing at all. I don’t know how they managed to pa.s.s down their teachings for so long, but this kind of arrogant fool, who can be compared with Imperial Dragon Clan, would only humiliate Imperial Dragon Clan.”

“If you have the ability to sneak attack us, then don’t you have the ability to face us head on? Imperial Dragon Clan is such a guy after all, hmph.” Imperial Feather Race who was chasing from behind shouted.

“For bullies like you who only know how to bully the weak and fear the strong, I feel that hitting you all would dirty my hands. Now, even if you guys were to stretch your other face over for me, I wouldn’t even bother hitting you guys.” Chen Xiang mocked.

Although their speed was fast, it was not comparable to Chen Xiang using spatial travel. It was just that Chen Xiang had expended a lot of energy, and if not for Huang Jintian supporting him from the front, he wouldn’t dare to use the power of the spatial laws so recklessly. He simply wasn’t able to burn the Innate Qi rapidly in the Heaven Realm.

“Almost there.” Chen Xiang was a little nervous. The mountain that had been split in half was the place where Huang Jintian had slayed the dragon.

The moment he saw the gigantic mountain, he saw a burst of reddish-gold light suddenly appearing in front of him. The light expanded out in the blink of an eye, enveloping almost half of the immortal palace.

“The Roar of the Dead Dragons.” After Long Xueyi finished speaking, a burst of intense dragon roars came out, shaking the entire immortal palace till it started to tremble, a strong voice spread out in all directions, enveloping the entire Myriad Dan Immortal Country.

“Did two dragons die at the same time? What’s going on?” A Imperial Feather Race shouted in shock.

“Why didn’t I do this when I first killed Prince Imperial Dragon?” Chen Xiang and the others were stunned by the sight of the death of the dragon.

“Prince Imperial Dragon’s strength is too weak, so there weren’t any movements when he died. However, dragons of this level are different, and they’re even royal dragons.” Long Xueyi said.

After the blinding light disappeared, there were two incomparably large dragon bodies lying in front of him. One was golden, while the other was red. Under the sunlight, the countless dragon scales on the two dragon bodies s.h.i.+ned with a dazzling light.

“Brat, it’s your turn. I’ll deal with them.” Huang Jintian suddenly rushed forward.

Chen Xiang did not expect these Dragon corpse to be so huge, it would be very difficult to burn them using [Obliterating Flame].

“You need at least half of your blood to burn these two Dragon corpse. Hurry up, when the time comes, I’ll guide you to release the Obliterating Flame.” Long Xueyi said.

If these two Emperor Dragons had died, with such a large movement, they would definitely attract the attention of the main palace. If they did not make a move soon, then they could only watch as these two Dragon corpse were taken away by the Imperial Dragon Clan.

Chen Xiang stood on top of the golden Dragon corpse, a strange feeling suddenly came to his mind, and then he heard Long Xueyi shout: “Your heart thinks of transforming your blood into flames, so that you can release it, remember, you only need a small ball of it.”

Chen Xiang immediately followed his orders and released a small ball of flame. This flame was snow-white in color and didn’t have any temperature at all, but it still made Chen Xiang feel that it was extremely frightening.

He placed the flame on top of the Dragon corpse beneath his feet and stuffed it into a large piece of dragon’s scale. Then, he jumped onto another Dragon corpse and released a ball of fire that disappeared just now and stuffed it under the dragon’s scale.

After doing all of this, Chen Xiang floated high in the sky and said with a frown, “Why is there no movement.”

“It’s already there. The interior is burning, but when this Eclipse Burn is ignited, you can’t see it, nor can you feel the temperature.” Long Xueyi said, “This flame is completely transparent.”

Sure enough, Chen Xiang didn’t have to wait too long before he saw an astonis.h.i.+ng scene. He saw the two gigantic Dragon corpse disappear bit by bit, as if they were going to melt.

Huang Jintian, who was fighting with the three royalty in the distance, released a very powerful Dragon Power that was actually able to suppress the three Imperial Feather Race s. He glanced at the two Dragon corpse s and realized that they were melting.

Not long after, the Dragon corpse completely disappeared. The three Imperial Feather Race s also saw this scene, but they did not know that this was the extinguis.h.i.+ng of flames. There were some secrets regarding the Jade Dragon, so of course they would not know, but they felt that it was extremely strange.

“To collect the crystals is called extinguis.h.i.+ng fire, but to burn the corpses and turn them into many crystals, that is a very pure energy.” Long Xueyi shouted.

Chen Xiang released his divine power and felt around the areas that the two dragon bodies had covered. He discovered that there were quite a few small crystals that were as big as small beads, and he used his divine power to lock them all in.

There weren’t many of these dragon crystals, only two jade boxes. But, the pure energy contained within them was enormous.

“The Imperial Dragon Clan is here, there’s still a large group of Immortal Kings, let’s quickly retreat.” Huang Jintian rushed towards Chen Xiang as fast as he could and transmitted his voice to him.

“He’s coming. He’s very fast.” Long Xueyi said nervously.

Huang Jintian flew to Chen Xiang’s side and grabbed him. Then, for some reason, Chen Xiang’s vision went black, and he walked right through the darkness.

“I’m underground. I’m far away from that place now.” Huang Jintian said.

Long Xueyi was still monitoring them from afar, “Those three royal birds are already dead. Once a Holy Dragon King from Imperial Dragon Clan appeared, he blasted them to death, leaving nothing behind.”

“Looks like there’s no proof that they died. They won’t know that we did it.” Chen Xiang laughed.

Huang Jintian brought him to a river bank. He used the Earth Escape Technique and the Water Escape Technique to escape quickly.

“Well done this time, we Master and disciple have teamed up, is there anything we can’t do?” Huang Jintian laughed heartily as he took out two Dragon Orbs, radiating with golden and fiery red multicolored light.

“Half-way. You want the Holy Dragon’s and you want the Fire Dragon’s.” Huang Jintian asked.

“It’s probably the Fire Dragon’s. It might help my flame a little.” Chen Xiang said as he also took out the two jade boxes, which were the dragon crystals he had collected.

“I want the Holy Dragon. I never thought that you would be able to use the The power of the holy dragon, it should be the Prince Imperial Dragon’s doing.” Huang Jintian chuckled as he received the jade box from Chen Xiang’s hands.

“If we lack Spiritual crystal, then we can exchange for quite a few Dragon Crystals from them. This Dragon Pearl is even more so.” Huang Jintian took out a Dragon Crystal and examined it carefully. This was Holy Dragon’s, it contained a rich The power of the holy dragon.

“If you are crazy, then take the dragon pearl and sell it.” Chen Xiang put it away. This was all used to raise his strength, he was lacking something like this right now.

“If it’s used to exchange for precious medicinal ingredients, then that’s more like it.” Chen Xiang said again, he also needed this.

Huang Jintian took out a few Dragon Crystals and threw them into his mouth to swallow, causing Chen Xiang to scream in shock.

“I have to recover my strength first. Bringing you along to run has consumed too much of my energy. You should also properly adjust your condition. If you can only give out this little bit of wealth, I’m afraid it won’t satisfy you.” Huang Jintian grinned.

Chen Xiang smiled and nodded, this immortal palace would become a battlefield, and the Heaven Pills of the Immortal King Immortal Monarch s would also be good stuff. If he could open up their Storage magic treasure, or pick up one or two Dragon King Dragon corpse, or even the corpses of royal birds, then he would profit greatly.

Huang Jintian and Huang Jintian were resting right now, when the earth suddenly started to shake. Huang Jintian opened his eyes and looked at the beams of light in the blue sky, and said seriously: “The war is about to begin, it seems that both sides are fighting strongly, and the old king has already left the Myriad Dan Immortal Country. The battle for the throne has already started, I wonder who will be the new king of the Immortal Country.”

“Anyway, it’s not us, and these guys are all dog-eat-dog. That Sixth Prince’s cooperation with Fire Divine Palace is definitely not something good, and he even used such a cruel and inhumane way to make slaves. If possible, I really want to make him suffer a bit.” Chen Xiang said.

“That’s for sure, especially those fellows from the Fire Divine Palace, they actually wanted to force you to teach them that pill refining technique. After we rest well, we’ll rush over and let them know why the flowers are so red.” Huang Jintian sneered.


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