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Mu Qianxiang said: “Doesn’t that mean they can easily make people older, or younger?”

Zhou Sheng, who was beside her, shook his head and laughed, “Of course not, the only thing we can use the power of the Time Laws is our own body, or something that doesn’t have any life in them, such as a stone or metal, our control over the Law of Time is only on the skin of our hands.”

It was just that the situation was so dire that no one could think of a way to break it.

Chen Xiang had already given up on using his spatial energy, because the other party could control time to control the changes in this s.p.a.ce.

“It’s the Heavenly dragon seal.” Leng Youlan suddenly shouted.

Although Chen Xiang had not used it for a long time, his speed was still much faster than before, and could almost release it in an instant. In the air above the fighting stage, hundreds of dragons roared ferociously like lightning, and hacked down continuously.

Just as the first attack landed on Zhou Qiang’s head, it suddenly disappeared.

“What?” Chen Xiang looked at the condensed Qi Vortex in the sky, and suddenly disappeared.

“I just sent it to another time slot, hehe.” Zhou Qiang laughed and then he disappeared. Once again, he controlled the time difference between him and others, allowing himself to achieve an extremely fast speed. At the same time, he appeared and attacked Chen Xiang from all directions.

Chen Xiang’s body turned into a scorching sun that was as hot as billowing magma. At the same time, he also poured all of the fire energy within the Fourth Divine Deity out, forming an extremely scorching barrier that was connected to him.

When Zhou Qiang attacked him from all directions, he struck the Scorching Sun Heavenly Elephant and the scorching s.h.i.+eld of Qi and immediately retreated. He could not endure the scorching heat.

“What a powerful flame power.” Zhou Qiang was unable to directly control the power that was tightly connected to Chen Xiang to undergo the change in time. The hand that he had struck Chen Xiang’s abdomen earlier was already burnt red.

However, he quickly recovered. Clearly, he had used a change in time at the place where he was scalded to produce a change in time. It was now the time when he was not injured.

Chen Xiang suddenly realised that Zhou Qiang’s own strength was not very strong, if not he would not be scalded by his defense. What was more powerful about Zhou Qiang was that he was using time to increase his own speed while making other people’s attacks useless, and was able to produce multiple time clones to attack him, but his true strength was not very strong.

“There’s simply no solution. If this goes on, Chen Xiang will be exhausted sooner or later, and his attacks are getting stranger and stranger. He might even have some tricks up his sleeve.” Zhu Rong said.

“Although I don’t know what kind of attack time can make, I do know that it can dissolve a very strong power. This talent is too terrifying.” Duan Sanchang said.

Zhou Qiang also felt a headache, because Chen Xiang was like a hedgehog right now. He had no way to start attacking him, and he knew his own weakness, which was that his attack power was too weak, causing him to be unable to break through Chen Xiang’s defense.

Chen Xiang had told Liu Meng’er and the others before that even if he did not have a profoundwu clothing, he would still be able to possess an extremely terrifying defense by relying on his Celestial Phenomenon Art.

When Zhou Qiang attacked again, Chen Xiang still did not move, but used defense instead. When Zhou Qiang’s fist struck his body, his body did not become as hot as the blazing sun, instead, it produced Icy cold power.

What shocked Zhou Qiang the most, was that his fist actually stuck tightly onto Chen Xiang’s body, because he had already been frozen by an extremely strong chill, causing him to be unable to pull his fist back from Chen Xiang’s chest. The frightening thing was that the extremely strong suction force produced by Chen Xiang’s body made it even harder for him to struggle free.

Chen Xiang smiled slightly, the Meteor immortal power that he had been preparing for a long time started to surge violently in his left arm, his fist was like a burning iron fist, fiercely smas.h.i.+ng towards Zhou Qiang’s face.


Chen Xiang’s divine fist, which was produced by the Meteor immortal power, struck Zhou Qiang’s face, causing brilliant sparks to fly. Zhou Qiang also cried out in pain, the Bones on his face had also cracked, and Chen Xiang’s fist was truly very berserk. When Zhu Rong saw this, his heart couldn’t help but tremble.


Chen Xiang quickly punched again. Sparks once again flew from Zhou Qiang’s swollen face, and half of his face was a tragic sight to behold. However, his fist was still glued to Chen Xiang’s body, unable to be pulled out.

“At the same time period, it is impossible for several of you to appear, and since you are in contact with other lifeforms, your time clone cannot be replaced with you.” As Chen Xiang said this, he threw out his third punch, using the Meteor immortal power to carry out three consecutive punches that caused Zhou Qiang to feel dizzy.

“Ah!” Suddenly, Zhou Qiang screamed in pain, blood spurted out from his arm, he had actually broken off one of his own arms, that way he could separate himself from Chen Xiang, if not he would have been punched a few more times, he would have been defeated.

After Zhou Qiang left Chen Xiang, he immediately controlled the time, so that his face back to before he was beaten up and his arm back to that time as well, so he was fine again. However, that pain was already deeply imprinted in his memories, making him feel fear just thinking about it.

Chen Xiang looked at the broken arm on his chest. It had actually disappeared, probably destroyed by Zhou Qiang using the power of the Time Laws.

“This… There’s no need at all. ” Yun Xiaodao said: “Seeing that he has the upper hand, Zhou Qiang was even punched a few times, but in the blink of an eye, he has turned back into a normal person.”

Zhou Sheng said: “Chen Xiang is too terrifying, we have never met such an opponent, if my big brother wants to win, it won’t be easy, and we do not know how long this battle will last.”

Mu Qianxiang scoffed: You two brothers are clearly relying on your talent to bully others, but then again, if you guys were to fight with h.e.l.l Devil Emperor and the rest, don’t lose.

If Zhou Qiang lost to Chen Xiang, then victory would be determined with Mu Qianxiang. Mu Qianxiang felt that he would not be able to win against Zhou Qiang, this abnormal guy.

“Chen Xiang, your strength is truly frightening. I can’t compare to you in this aspect, but I must beat you.” Zhou Qiang said firmly.

“If you continue to raise your strength and break through my defenses, not being affected by the spiritual power of the attributes, you will become even more powerful.” Chen Xiang laughed: “I will definitely win this battle.”

“Thank you for your advice.” Once Zhou Qiang finished speaking, he rushed towards Chen Xiang once again. This time, his speed was even faster, and he even used the profound mysteries of time, making the time on the stage continuously change. This way, the sensing power Chen Xiang released would be affected, and it would be difficult to determine his direction.

The only problem he had was trying to break Chen Xiang’s terrifying defense, but he had already found a way.

“Multiple time overlaps.” Chen Xiang had already sensed it, this was equivalent to multiple powers combining together. He estimated that it would probably be around the sixteenth stage, and this kind of power would be extremely terrifying.


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