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World Defying Dan God is a web novel completed by Ji Xiao Zei, Solitary Little Thief.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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There were countless drops of liquid inside the furnace, and these drops of liquid repelled each other and could not be fused together. Chen Xiang needed to use a strong flame to turn these drops of liquid into fire type liquid in order to fuse.

Chen Xiang had already tried it once before, so it was not as troublesome to deal with now.

After fusing with all the water droplets, a mud like object appeared in the pill furnace. Chen Xiang called this thing “medicinal liquid”.

“I wonder if we can succeed this time around?” Chen Xiang’s expression was currently grave. Last time, he had lost control at the last crucial moment, and only then did he condense the irregular pill.

Chen Xiang was more confident this time, because last time he tried to refine it, he only had seven Divine Deity.

Chen Xiang split the medicinal liquid into five parts, this was his limit!

After splitting into five groups, he started to focus all of his energy to compress them. The compressing speed was originally very slow, but after using the Infinite refining, his speed increased very quickly.

Chen Xiang was currently sweating profusely, and it was obvious that he was having a difficult time!

Wu Qianqian said softly. “He’s already so serious when he’s only refining a cauldron of Tianhuo Dan. Could he really be able to refine a Jingshen Dan?”

“I don’t know. Up until now, there hasn’t been any movement. I can’t tell at all.” Feng Yujie shook his head.

In their eyes, even refining the Tianhuo Dan of the Divine Light did not require that much effort, but Chen Xiang’s current performance was as if he was taking half his life.

Right now, Chen Xiang had indeed used half of his life to refine it, and he had even used all of the ten Divine Deity’s divine power. In order to ensure success, he even used his eight Bones in the end!

“It will be completed soon!” Chen Xiang began to acc.u.mulate all his strength and use it all on the five Tianhuo Dan that were wrapped around him.

Last time, he was relatively relaxed in front, but he suddenly lost control at the back! The moment before he lost control, he could still clearly remember that moment, and it was hard for him to guard against it.

“He’s here!” Chen Xiang could not help but shout. He did not know why, but this time he actually felt an extremely terrifying power burst out from the five Tianhuo Dan that were about to be formed.


Chen Xiang’s pill furnace instantly exploded, and for him who was closest to it, a portion of his clothes were destroyed by the explosion, revealing his robust upper body. At this moment, one could see the veins in his arms emitting a red light, as though there were two small dragons swimming inside each of his arms.

This was the Double bone level on his arms, and it was currently pouring out endless divine power to suppress the five Tianhuo Dan!

The pill furnace was broken, but Chen Xiang anxiously used Magic method furnace to suppress it!

At this time, Feng Yujie and the other girls could clearly see that inside Chen Xiang’s Magic method furnace, five crystal-like round beads were floating, and these round beads were gradually being compressed.

“d.a.m.n it, the more it is compressed, the more terrifying the resistance will be!” Chen Xiang said as he frowned. He had not succeeded yet, as long as he did not stop exploding the energy in his body with these five crystal cores, he would not stop.

Now, Chen Xiang understood that he was not just a little bit away from success last time. It was because he had persisted for so long to compress it, yet it was still difficult to succeed. Moreover, the more he compressed it, the stronger the resistance would be. This was also the reason why he suddenly lost control last time!

“Let’s give him a hand and use the Seven Souls Refinement technique!” Feng Yujie suddenly said.

Su Meiyao and the others immediately understood, and sat around Chen Xiang, channeling their energy together!

“Let our power enter!” Feng Yujie said to Chen Xiang seriously: “You can’t complete it yourself right now!”

Now, Feng Yujie believed in Chen Xiang, he really could use Shangpin medicine s to refine Jingshen Dan s. Although Chen Xiang was still unable to succeed, it had already proven that he was right.

“One, two, three!” After Chen Xiang shouted three times, he released seven entrances, allowing Hua Xiangyue and the other seven girls to establish a link with the Magic method furnace, so they could infuse his own energy to suppress the crystal pellet.

It was just that from the start, Chen Xiang felt much more at ease. He realized that Su Meiyao and the other two’s Soul Refining techniques were not only limited to neutralizing their powers, they were also much stronger than the combined forces of the seven women.

“You quit and let us do it. If you can’t cooperate with us, it will affect us.” Feng Yujie said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head: “I am about to withdraw, get ready … … One, two, three, retreat! “

The moment he withdrew his power, the seven girls immediately felt a heavy force surging towards them. Now, they couldn’t help but admire Chen Xiang for being able to suppress him for so long by himself! Of course, when the seven of them united, it was much easier compared to Chen Xiang.

Just like that, after an hour, the five pills had been compressed to a certain extent, and no longer produced any resistance!

“Alright!” Feng Yujie exhaled: “It’s really hard to deal with!”

Lv Qilian took out a jade plate, walked over, and with Chen Xiang still resting, he smiled: “Now do you believe what I said! Is this a Jingshen Dan? “

“Yes, it’s very st.u.r.dy!” Lv Qilian said as he pinched himself hard, “This is usually the rigidity of the condensed energy crystal! It’s hard to imagine, just a portion of the Shangpin dan could be refined into a Jingshen Dan! “

Feng Yujie wiped his sweat and nodded: “And it’s five of them!”

Su Meiyao and Hua Xiangyue, the two Goblins had already arrived beside Chen Xiang, and helped him wipe his sweat, clearing away the dirt on his body that was caused by the explosion.

Chen Xiang chuckled: “The Tianhuo Dan can do it! Bone level Dan s and Heaven G.o.d fire Dan s can also, and even Nine Yin and yang Dan s, I feel that it is possible, but I have yet to find a way to break through! “

“Actually, I had an even more daring idea. I would like to make a second attempt and cause that half crystal Tianhuo Dan to crash into me again!”

Su Meiyao lightly pinched the muscles on his back, and said with a smile: “If I hit him again, this entire place would collapse!”

Ji Ling’er sighed: “We are still too inexperienced, we did not expect the divine pellet’s quality to be able to unceasingly break through, if it was really successful, wouldn’t it mean that ordinary divine pellets can refine extremely high quality divine pellets?”

Wu Qianqian said: “Chen Xiang, have you ever tried using a low level divine medicine before? “Then it might be easier?”

Chen Xiang shook his head: “I have never tried it before, I plan to try out low rank Bone level Dan s in the future, and if they can continuously break through the limits of quality, to our Alchemist, they will be able to temper an even thicker foundation.”

Lv Qilian picked up one pellet and placed it next to Feng Yujie’s mouth, like he was feeding candy to a child, causing both she and Feng Yujie to laugh involuntarily.

After Feng Yujie ate this piece of Heavenly Flame Jingshen Dan, he could not help but take a deep breath: “With this level of medicinal power, it’s equivalent to at least ten Heaven G.o.d fire Dan s!”


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