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Chen Xiang flew in that direction, keeping an eye out for his surroundings.

Deep in the night, the sky was covered with thick clouds, and the starlight was obscured. The world was shrouded in darkness, and it was difficult to see anything.

But Chen Xiang had the Dao heart Eye, so the Dao heart Eye could see many things that it could not.

He used the Dao heart Eye to check and quickly found something!

He saw a purplish-red energy floating between the heavens and the earth, forming a vortex that constantly swirled around. It looked like a purplish-red gaping mouth!

However, these energies do not have any aura, and they are extremely rare. ” “Difficult?” br/>

After Chen Xiang observed carefully, he realised that there was a long tail from the whirlpool that connected the sky to it, it should have fallen down from above, and when it fell down, it suddenly exploded when it was about to hit the ground, forming a purple red whirlpool.

“It became white in the end?” Chen Xiang carefully observed the purplish-red vortex of energy, and discovered that an extremely small white light thread had extended out from inside, dragging out a long path as it floated towards the distant mountain forest.

“That child’s fiery-red turned white, is that it?” Chen Xiang immediately followed the white light and flew towards the forest far away.

“What could it be?” Chen Xiang was full of suspicions as he quickly flew towards the forest.

Along the way, there were many white threads of light because there were no signs of energy left behind by the hidden presences. However, it was generally difficult to sense such weak auras, and only Chen Xiang could see them.

Chen Xiang entered the mountain forest and noticed that the white light threads were becoming even smaller!

“Could it be that this fellow did not adjust when he landed and instead left a weak aura behind, and now that he has gradually adjusted it, he can conceal his aura even better?” Is this thing alive? “

Chen Xiang had thought that it was some kind of Myriad Tao treasure, but he never thought that it was actually a living being, and possessed extremely high intelligence as well. He discovered that the white light thread was moving around in circles in the forest, as if it was intentionally leaving a trail to get rid of the person who wanted to end him.

Daybreak had arrived. The sky was still overcast, giving off a depressing feeling.

Chen Xiang was still in the forest following the white light to track that mysterious object. He had even used the Counter Power to hide himself, if his final treasure was too powerful, then he might be in great danger.

“My invisibility right now should be very reliable. After all, I’m already in World Defying Stage, so it won’t be that easy to see through me.” Unknowingly, Chen Xiang had already entered the depths of the forest.

However, just when he felt that his Invisibility Spell was extremely brilliant, he suddenly felt that something wasn’t right. He looked around and discovered that a white light had suddenly appeared and gradually grew in size.

Upon closer inspection, he discovered that these white rays of light surrounded him in an orderly fas.h.i.+on. Some of them fell to the ground, while some stayed in the air, they were actually extremely profound Spirit grain!

And at this time, he was in a large array. He had been brought here by that mysterious white light.

“This is bad!”

After realising that something was wrong, he immediately teleported outside of the great formation. The instant he teleported out, the place he was at earlier suddenly trembled. Although there weren’t any attacks, he could tell that it was a seal with a strong sealing power!

“So dangerous, what the h.e.l.l is this thing?” It actually has such a powerful setting up of formations? ” Chen Xiang looked around and shouted: “I have no ill intentions, I am just curious!”

“Hmph, you actually destroyed the formation that he painstakingly set up. Why did you come here without any bad intentions? You came here with some bad intentions!” You owe me my seals, my seals. ” Suddenly, the girl’s tender and soft voice came out, making Chen Xiang a little dazed.

“This… What kind of help do you need? Maybe I can help you! ” Chen Xiang asked again: “Oh right, where are you?”

“Even you are acting so sneakily. You first show yourself, then I’ll show myself.” The girl’s voice rang out.

Chen Xiang had no choice but to show himself, and then said: “Alright, it’s your turn. Don’t lie, a liar is a bad child!”

“You’re the bad one!” Furthermore, what made Chen Xiang astonished was that the white light carried an extremely mysterious power, that kind of power seemed to be able to ignore all power, and he felt that if he were to use the Time and s.p.a.ce power to imprison himself, it would be completely useless.

The little girl appeared, wearing a set of green clothes that looked like they were five or six years old. Her two long ponytails hung down from her front, reaching all the way to her waist. Her face was round and cute!

She was floating in the air, and on her back was a pair of transparent wings that looked like a b.u.t.terfly. These wings were a lot larger than’s body.

It turned out to be a very cute and magical little elf.

“You have to compensate me with a formation. I am the one who used it to seal bad people!” The girl shouted again, “It took me a lot of effort to get it out. If I were to rearrange it, I’d have to work for an entire night.”

“You were able to create such a powerful formation in one night. Truly amazing.” Chen Xiang could not help but exclaim.

“It’s not that powerful! It took a whole night to get it done. ” The girl couldn’t stand the praise any longer and immediately replied modestly.

“I’m sorry, I just found something strange and followed it all the way here. It was all my curiosity that caused you so much trouble. I’m sorry.” Chen Xiang also very much blamed himself as he apologized.

“Forget it. Since it has already come to this, you can just apologize!” The girl actually accepted Chen Xiang’s apology, and her att.i.tude towards him was much better.

She flapped her large transparent b.u.t.terfly wings and said, “Can you really help me? Your strength seems to only be mediocre, you haven’t managed to cultivate World Defying Holy Body! “

“My true strength is not something that can be seen directly.” Chen Xiang laughed: “Many of those who look down on me have suffered greatly!”

“What kind of losses did you suffer?” the girl asked curiously.

“Ugh …” “They all fell asleep forever.” Chen Xiang scratched his head and laughed.

“Oh!” The girl seemed to understand a little, and then, with her cute eyes, she said: “I am Feng Ke’er, the seal’s seal.”

“Feng Ke’er? This name is just like yours, it’s very special! ” Chen Xiang smiled: “I am Chen Xiang!”

Chen Xiang was extremely curious about Feng Ke’er’s background. World Defying Stage Heavenly Sect and Myriad Tao Divine Mountain seemed to know that she would be here, and even sent a large amount of people to chase after her.

“Oh right, there are two groups of people looking for you. Why are they looking for you?” Chen Xiang asked.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” You know they’re looking for me? Are you with them? ” Feng Ke’er immediately retreated back as he looked at Chen Xiang with vigilance.

“Of course I’m not in the same group as them. I do have a bit of a grudge against them. I know what precious things they have long ago, so I tried to see if I could find it in front of them.” Chen Xiang said.


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