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blue sky poison king, Lan Lei and the rest of the young people had eaten a lot of food and wine, but they were not satisfied with it.

Seeing this, Shen Xiang thought of a plan. He, who was hiding outside the window, used spatial energy to transfer a few sky-devouring rat s to this hotel, and suddenly made the sky-devouring rat become the Mouse Man, arriving at their level.

After a few Mouse Man s came to this floor, they immediately began fighting, and started fighting in the hotel, causing a huge commotion and affecting the private rooms of the blue sky poison king and the rest.

“What’s going on? Let’s go out and take a look!” Lan Lei and the rest had already stood up, while blue sky poison king turned to look outside the door.

Just as their attention was about to s.h.i.+ft to outside the door, Shen Xiang took out the White Bone Poison Blood that he had collected earlier and dripped a lot of it onto the dishes and wine.

Among them, the amount of poison blood Shen Xiang dripped into their wine cups with was the highest!

The Mouse Man outside had already been captured by the people from the hotel and thrown outside of the hotel. Shen Xiang took back the Mouse Man.

blue sky poison king and the others started to eat and drink again, completely unaware that they had been poisoned.

“This blue sky poison king isn’t that good either. He actually doesn’t know that there’s no poison in his own cup. I just wonder if he can defend himself against the poison.” Shen Xiang saw blue sky poison king raise his wine cup and drink, but he did not realize it at all.

To Shen Xiang’s knowledge, people who used poison generally had a physique that could resist poison, and moreover, was extremely sensitive to poison. However, this was not the case for the blue sky poison king, as he had thought that the blue sky poison king was very powerful.

“I wonder when the poison will break out.” Shen Xiang wasn’t very clear about the poison’s power, but he felt that it shouldn’t be a problem to poison Lan Lei and the other juniors.

As for the blue sky poison king, he did not expect to win.

However, this was beyond his expectations!

The first one to be affected was Lan Lei. While he was eating and drinking, his body suddenly had a huge change, the flesh and blood disappeared, and all the bones in his body were exposed, he had become a set of white bones.

This was a very sudden change. After blue sky poison king saw Lan Lei’s change, his body also started to change, and very quickly, blue sky poison king and a few of the young disciples’ poison flared up.

“Ahh …”

The room immediately became extremely chaotic. Amongst these people, the one who was the most shocked was the blue sky poison king, because only he could handle this poison, he never thought that other people would have this poison, and even use it to poison him!

“Elder Blue Sky …” Lan Lei saw that his hand was made of bones, and couldn’t help but to tremble as he continued to whimper. He only had bones now, so Shen Xiang couldn’t see the expression on his face, but it must be very interesting.

“Someone poisoned us.” blue sky poison king was the calmest because this poison could be cured.

As for the other juniors, they were not that calm. They did not seem to know that this poison was discovered by the blue sky poison king, but they were currently shrouded in fear from the poison and had become desperate. Especially when they thought about how they would have to live like this in the future, they wanted to cry but had no tears.

blue sky poison king was pondering about who poisoned them and when it was done. Based on his understanding of the poison, he quickly came to a conclusion.

“Elder Blue Sky, the waiter of this hotel must have poisoned them. I want to chop them into pieces.” Lan Lei had already stood up and took out his mask and mask. He did not want others to see the appearance of his skull.

The blue sky poison king immediately pulled him back, and said loudly: “It is definitely not a waiter, we have already eaten these dishes before, but they were just made just now. The moment we ate the poison, the speed of the poison is extremely fast, it must have been when we were fighting outside, someone came in and poisoned us, it was in a very short period of time, and their methods were very clever, even I did not sense them.”

This city was the territory of the Lan Family, and this restaurant had always been very safe. The blue sky poison king had never been poisoned before, so he had never been on guard.

“Then… “Then what is his purpose?” Lan Lei did not understand.

“He should be challenging me. He must have just discovered this poison, and he is trying to brag to me about it. I have been doing this a lot in the past.” The blue sky poison king sneered: “But he’s too naive. I found this poison a long time ago.”

Shen Xiang didn’t know why blue sky poison king thought this way either, to the point where he didn’t even think that it was his revenge.

“This is an antidote pill, you can recover after eating it.” blue sky poison king took out a few antidote pills. He first ate one and recovered before handing it over.

When Lan Lei and the others saw that the blue sky poison king had recovered, they were also relieved, and just as they were about to get the antidote, a wave of spatial energy suddenly came forth. Shen Xiang used his spatial energy to retrieve the antidote at a distance.

“Got it, let’s go!” Shen Xiang was also very surprised, he did not expect the antidote pill to be so easily obtained.

As long as he could get a pill, he could use his alchemy skills to dissolve it. After that, he could use the derivation method to refine a lot of the pills. He didn’t need to know what herbs were used to concoct the antidote pill.

Shen Xiang had four antidote pills in his hands, which was enough for him to use!

“This guy …” “I guessed wrong!” The blue sky poison king roared, his palm striking the big table and smas.h.i.+ng it into pieces, causing the entire inn to shake violently.

“Elder Blue Sky, what is going on?” Lan Lei panicked, because they had not recovered yet. Luckily, there were still a lot of antidote pills in blue sky poison king.

The blue sky poison king said angrily: “They should be people from the Bai Family. I never thought that there was such a powerful fellow amongst them! To be able to use the power of s.p.a.ce so skillfully, and also to conceal such a great ability. “

“Someone from the Bai Family?” Lan Lei had already eaten a Detoxification Pill, and when he recovered, he immediately saw his pale white face.

“The three Alchemist s of Bai Family were poisoned by this kind of poison, they must have taken the blood of the three Alchemist s and followed me all the way to find an opportunity to poison me.” blue sky poison king stood at the window and looked into the distance. He strongly patted the window frame and said, “Bai Family, just you wait!”

Lan Lei was also furious. He was quite scared of him just now, and they even ate the blood of others. Just thinking about it made him feel nauseous.

“I want to return to Lan Family immediately and let them send out the arrogant Fierce Fighting G.o.d. Bai Family has angered me this time.” blue sky poison king’s voice was filled with anger.

Shen Xiang took the antidote, and immediately left the city, returning to the Bai Mansion.


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