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Read World Defying Dan God Chapter 3236 – Purple Yang Divine Palace

World Defying Dan God is a web novel completed by Ji Xiao Zei, Solitary Little Thief.
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The huge mountain of flames had a treasure, but it was extremely difficult to obtain. There was an extremely powerful Super Yang Divine Lord watching over that place, and there was already a large group of powerful fire slave there.

“Is the violet sun sword very powerful?” Shen Xiang already had a Nine Heavens Divine Sword, so he felt that his Nine Heavens Divine Sword should be very strong.

Bai Xuelan shook her head. violet sun sword are not the strongest, and the sword is not used for battle! “

Bai Ximing and Shen Xiang looked at each other. They had previously thought that this violet sun sword was extremely powerful, so if this kind of divine sword was used for combat, it would definitely be very good.

Bai Xuelan sighed: “I am not sure about the specific circ.u.mstances of this sword, I only know that Super Yang Divine Lord angered Sun-Ancestor because of this sword!”

“So that’s how it is!” Shen Xiang already knew that the Super Yang Divine Lord had a lot of grievances before, so there must be a story behind this.

“Don’t let this sword fall into the hands of the Super Yang Divine Lord. Shen Xiang, you must have this sword.” Bai Xuelan said.

“I will try my best!” Shen Xiang nodded his head, “You must be careful, especially you, Xue Lan. In case you get caught, I’ll have to go and save you! “

Bai Xuelan pouted. “You make me sound weak!”

Shen Xiang chuckled, then rode away on his Six Realms mirrors.

After returning to the forbidden land of the divine earth, Shen Xiang anxiously went to find the Spirit of Divine Alter. During this time, the Spirit of Divine Alter was refining with Chen Cai, he released a strong Sun madness fire for Chen Cai to control.

It was a rare opportunity for Chen Cai to train herself, so she would definitely not miss it.

“Did you find anything?” Spirit of Divine Alter was extremely concerned about the matter of the blazing mountain.

“A great discovery.” Shen Xiang told Spirit of Divine Alter everything he discovered.

After the Spirit of Divine Alter finished listening, she remained silent. It was clear that this matter was extremely serious for Shen Xiang to not even reply.

“This is troublesome!” Spirit of Divine Alter said after a long while.

“Yes, this guy is very strong, very troublesome.” Shen Xiang said.

“Trouble is indeed somewhat troublesome, but you don’t have to be too worried. You should know that the other fellows from the sun-G.o.d race that are heading towards the Myriad Tao should have all returned by now, right?” The Spirit of Divine Alter said.

“Yes, are they going to work together against that guy?” Shen Xiang felt that this was possible.

“Do you know what the use of violet sun sword is?” Spirit of Divine Alter did not answer Shen Xiang’s question.

“I don’t know!” Shen Xiang shook her head: “Bai Xuelan’s inheritance of knowledge is also not that detailed, she only knows that it is not used for battle, but is extremely powerful.”

“Yes, this violet sun sword is not used for fighting. It’s a key that can open the Purple Yang Divine Palace.” The Spirit of Divine Alter said: “Purple Yang Divine Palace is the palace that you were in back then. You should know what is inside.”

“Something left behind by the Sun-Ancestor?” Shen Xiang was shocked.

“Yes, Sun-Ancestor left very much back then, as for why he left, I’m not sure either. But he left many things behind, all in the Purple Yang Divine Palace, at that time the Super Yang Divine Lord stole this key, but the patriarch found out in time, not only did he seal the key, he sealed the Super Yang Divine Lord as well, and threw it into a sun.”

“I just don’t know why, but the Super Yang Divine Lord suddenly fell down, and the sealed violet sun sword broke through the seal, but it should be stuck on the ground right now, as it does not want to fall into the hands of the Super Yang Divine Lord.”

Shen Xiang thought for a while, then asked: “Where is the Purple Yang Divine Palace? “Can you just go in with the key?”

“It should be, I don’t know the specifics either. I only know that the violet sun sword is the Purple Yang Divine Palace’s key.” The Spirit of Divine Alter sighed: “It would be best if you could obtain it. This way, you don’t have to worry about the patriarch’s things falling into this guy’s hands.”

Shen Xiang nodded: “I will think of a way!”

Right now, he didn’t know what to do. He could only get closer to the huge fire and wait for an opportunity.

… ….

Shen Xiang arrived near the bonfire again. At this time, he saw that the people from the weird clan were all kneeling down to wors.h.i.+p the bonfire, the flames on the bonfire had also decreased by a lot.

“These guys have all become fire slave.” Shen Xiang said: “They all have relatively high positions in the clan. Once they are controlled and allowed to return to the clan, it will be troublesome.”

The Super Yang Divine Lord’s goal was to control five suns to treat her injuries, but it seemed like it wasn’t that difficult right now!

From today onwards, you are all my fire slave. Here, the fire source of the Sun madness fire, you only need to absorb the Sun madness fire and you will become stronger. As long as you serve me, you will never regret becoming my fire slave.

Super Yang Divine Lord shouted, “Now, quickly go back and think of a way to lure the strong experts of your family here. I want them to become my fire slave!”

This Super Yang Divine Lord was really a good plan, he was not in a hurry to destroy all the sun-G.o.d race, but wanted to slowly control them and develop her own power!

This was a very serious matter. If he succeeded, then there would be a group of people who were not afraid of death, and each one of them would be very strong.

“They have already absorbed the Sun madness fire for their cultivation, so they will definitely become stronger and stronger in the future.” Shen Xiang gritted his teeth and said: “I must get hold of these violet sun sword quickly. The fire source of these Sun madness fire should be released by them.”

Shen Xiang guessed that Super Yang Divine Lord was also absorbing these fire sources to heal his wounds and recover his original strength.

Soon enough, the group of fire slave left, and the three powerful fire slave were not here either. Shen Xiang felt that as long as he lured this Super Yang Divine Lord away, he would have the chance to enter the bonfire.

Although the outermost layer of Sun madness fire was not strong, it was still a Sun madness fire. As long as he had the opportunity to absorb it for cultivation, in time, he would be able to condense a fire seed.

Out of the three young fire slave s from before, they had grasped strong Sun madness fire s, and their bodies had obviously been refined by them as well.

“The Sun madness fire in the inner layer of the bonfire must be very strong. This guy has been hiding inside, he must be absorbing the Sun madness fire in the inner layer to cultivate.” Shen Xiang thought: “I must lure him out!”

Shen Xiang thought about it, then carefully summoned a Mouse Man. He let this Mouse Man ride on a Six Realms mirrors, then he controlled the Six Realms mirrors to fly far away.

“If the Six Realms mirrors is exposed, with this guy’s strength, I can definitely find it. Once he leaves the bonfire, I will immediately go in and use my spatial energy to teleport the Six Realms mirrors back.” After Shen Xiang thought of his plan, he immediately executed it and allowed the Six Realms mirrors to fly out.

Just as Shen Xiang had expected, the Super Yang Divine Lord was extremely sensitive to the Six Realms mirrors’s aura, so they immediately soared and flew towards the direction of the Six Realms mirrors like a streak of black light.


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