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Qin Shuang listened as she frowned: “Are you saying that the violet sun sword was not in the hands of the Super Yang Divine Lord before?”

“Of course, although the Super Yang Divine Lord was killed by your combined forces, you should know her strength very well. If the violet sun sword is in his hands, how do you think I should be able to steal it?” Shen Xiang curled his lips and said: “Your strength should be on par with the Super Yang Divine Lord, do you think it’s possible for me to obtain your Destiny Sword from you?”

“The violet sun sword never belonged to the Super Yang Divine Lord. It just came down from the sky and pierced into the ground. The Super Yang Divine Lord took over that place, and the violet sun sword did not even approve of him, so he was unable to pull the violet sun sword out.” Shen Xiang recalled the expression on his face when he first obtained the violet sun sword and sighed: “The process of me obtaining the violet sun sword was extremely painful. Even if I give the violet sun sword to you now, this sword would still die, because he doesn’t approve of you.”

“Take out the violet sun sword. I will know when I see it.” Qin Shuang suddenly started to believe in Shen Xiang’s words.

Shen Xiang took out the violet sun sword. Qin Shuang’s cold and emotionless eyes suddenly revealed a strange color, making people feel that the violet sun sword was her life, as if it was everything to them.

“What’s wrong with this woman!” Shen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Bai Xuelan, “Xue Lan, did you see it just now?”

“I saw it. She must have something to do with this sword.” Bai Xuelan replied.

Qin Shuang said: “This sword does indeed approve of you, but you can still give this sword to me, I have a way to make him acknowledge me.”

“No, why should I give it to you?” Shen Xiang snorted: “I worked so hard to obtain it, why are you giving it to me just because you said so?”

An old man from the Qin family suddenly spoke: “The violet sun sword is the sword of our Sun-Ancestor, only the people from our sun-G.o.d race are qualified to have it, and you are not a member of the sun-G.o.d race, so you should naturally return it to us?”

“Since your sun-G.o.d race has the qualifications to obtain it, then why didn’t this sword directly land in your house, and was instead obtained by me?” Shen Xiang sneered: “Since I am able to obtain this violet sun sword, it means that I am fated to be able to obtain it. As long as there is fate, so what if I don’t have the sun-G.o.d race’s bloodline? Also, even if I have to return it to the sun-G.o.d race, I will still give it to the person with the Sword Blood.

The old man was furious, he wanted to rush over and slap Shen Xiang’s face, but he was only thinking about it, even Qin Shuang was unable to instantly break the Bai Mansion’s enchantment, let alone him.

“How about this, you fight with me for a round. As long as you win, I won’t ask for violet sun sword from you anymore.” Qin Shuang said: “You were previously willing to fight with Lan Kunyuan, now you don’t mind competing with me, right?”

“Of course I do!” Shen Xiang chuckled: “After fighting with such an enchanting beauty, I’m worried that I won’t be able to display my true strength, so I can’t bear to make a move. I’ll definitely lose!”

Shen Xiang rubbed his chin, using an extremely coquettish gaze, with a mischievous smile on his face, he said smilingly.

Bai Xuelan rolled her eyes at him. She didn’t think that Shen Xiang was actually such a person.

“Lan Kunyuan died unjustly. If he was a beauty, then he wouldn’t have to die.” Bai Xuelan snorted, when the people of Lan Family heard it, their faces turned red and then white.

Lan Kunyuan’s death was the real pain of the Lan Family, and now that Bai Xuelan was using his death to tease them, it made them angry and anxious. However, they could only glare angrily at Bai Xuelan, as they could do nothing at all.

Right now, they only hoped that Qin Shuang could obtain the violet sun sword from Shen Xiang, so that way, Shen Xiang’s strength would be weakened.

Qin Shuang took a deep breath, only then could she suppress the anger in her heart, if not she would scare Shen Xiang again.

“Tell me, what must I do before you agree to give me the violet sun sword?” Qin Shuang’s voice carried a slight roar.

“It’s impossible to fight you because I can’t beat you.” Shen Xiang spread out his hands: “And I cannot give you the violet sun sword, this sword is extremely important to me, it is impossible for me to give it to you, this is impossible!”

Shen Xiang looked at Bai Xuelan, and said: “Xue Lan, I’ll leave this place to you. I’m afraid I’ll be scared to death if I were to go back and rest!”

“Wait!” Qin Shuang suddenly shouted.

Shen Xiang had just turned around, and when he heard Qin Shuang’s shout, he anxiously turned around and said impatiently: “What do you want now? Don’t think about scaring me again, I’m not afraid of you. “

“If you compete with me in sword techniques, as long as I am unable to defeat you within ten swords, it would count as my loss.” Qin Shuang said: “If I lose, you can do whatever you want. If I defeat you within ten swords, I will give the violet sun sword to me.”

From Qin Shuang’s expression, it was obvious that she had made a very difficult decision. Shen Xiang thought for a bit, because she had room to consider.

“You come out and fight with me, I, Qin Shuang, swear with my life that I won’t do anything to the Bai Mansion. Even if you lose, I promise I won’t kill you, and I won’t let anyone hurt you, nor will I let anyone harm the Bai Mansion. I only want the violet sun sword.”

Qin Shuang’s current condition could be said to be extremely disadvantageous for her, but she was so firm and confident. At the same time, she could tell that she was willing to sacrifice everything for the violet sun sword, and she could even become the enemy of everyone else present.

Especially Archaeopterygium and Lan Family, they were still letting Qin Shuang deal with him earlier, but if Shen Xiang agreed to it, no matter if he won or lost, Bai Family would be able to rest easy.

“If you don’t trust me, you can sign the blood contract.” Qin Shuang said again. Seeing that Shen Xiang was thinking about it, she secretly rejoiced, because it was possible.

“How do we determine victory or defeat?” Shen Xiang asked: “I am not that easy to kill!”

“First of all, you can only use the sword.” Qin Shuang said: “I know you have a powerful defensive divine tool, if you use it, I might not be able to defeat you even after a hundred strikes.”

Shen Xiang considered for a moment, then nodded his head: “This is not a problem, as long as I can endure ten of your strikes, I think it will be very easy.”

“Second, you cannot use Spatial Force to teleport. Because if you keep dodging, it will be very difficult for me to only be able to display my strength in the ten strikes.” Seeing Shen Xiang nod his head, Qin Shuang was surprised. She thought Shen Xiang would refuse.

Shen Xiang rubbed his chin, frowning as he considered: “There’s no problem with this … “But I’m a bit worried that you will kill me when the time comes.”

“I will absolutely not kill you. I have the confidence that I can only defeat you with ten strikes.” Qin Shuang said: “violet sun sword are very important to me, I will definitely keep my promise, furthermore, we will sign the blood contract, so you don’t have to worry about this.”

“Then how can I be considered to have lost?” Shen Xiang laughed: “If you don’t kill me, I won’t admit defeat.”

“When the time comes, we will all use swords. As long as I knock the sword out of your hand, you will be considered to have lost. If I am unable to do it within ten swords, then I will lose!” On the other hand, if you are able to counterattack within ten strikes of my sword and take down my sword, then you can be considered to have lost. ” Qin Shuang said, the rule she formulated made everyone feel that it was more acceptable.


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