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Chapter 6: The Gorgeous Suo Ningbing

The Capital City  was just too big. The streets were completely crowded. Some women wore scantily, with their skins totally exposed, while some women covered their whole body in a robe, only revealing their two eyes.

The structures were equally crowded. Five or six story buildings were everywhere and stood side by side along the roads.

The women’s makeup fragrance, men’s sweat, sewer stench, and the fragrance from the street food mixed with various herbs and spices const.i.tuted a very unique kind of atmospheric scent.

Ye Jing Yu wrinkled her nose, “ The capital city is so smelly.”

Lanling was curiously looking outside the window. All these things were real, It was a city that combined China and the Western World altogether seamlessly. You cannot see this scenes in movies at all.

Even though the carriage had a n.o.bility status, they still proceeded onward very slowly for the people were just too many.

“It’s the carriage. Is the Suo Clan’s young master already back?” A woman outside suddenly burst out in cries of surprise .

Lanling lifted the carriage curtain and peered out. In front of  a building tampered with jade and gold decorations, more than a dozen nearly naked women paced about. When they saw Lanling face they were so agitated and burst out screaming, “The Young Master is back, the Young Master is back, the Young Master is back…”

Without any doubt, this place was a brothel.

Then these women lifted their skirts and went all out to great Lanling.

“ Young Master, come, come  We missed you to death already…..”

Then several more women from the above floors rushed down and dashed immediately to the carriage.

Inside the carriage, Lanling’s scalp instantly turned numb.The former Suo Lun  was apparently a frequent visitor to this brothel otherwise these girls won’t be so enthusiastic.

Ye Jing Yu’s face twisted awkwardly, “ The Young Master often come to this place. We do not know how much money he lost here, so women are always happy when he visits. He was treated like their ancestor.”

Suddenly, Lanling a felt tremendous pressure strain. He was a total virgin. And now pretending to be this somewhat romantic playboy is really, really tough.

Ye Jing Yu directly raised the whip and slashed it in the air in order to speed up and get rid of these prost.i.tutes. They dashed towards the Clan house.


The Lord of Tianshui City’s house was within the Inner City of the Capital City. The Inner City was also where the powerful Families of the Kingdom resides.

The air suddenly changed when they entered the inner City. The former pungent smell became aromatic and pleasant, the roads became flat and wide, and people had became less, most were riding carriages going back and forth.

The road was paved by blue stones and was bordered by mostly long and tall walls. Behind these walls were the estates of the powerful families.

Because the road was wide and filled with few people, travelling became much faster. They rode on while watching the scenery outside the window when the carriage suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong? Have we arrived?” Lanling asked.

Ye Jing Yu jumped down from the horse and said to Lanling in a low voice, “Quick, get down here, and bow. Be respectful and solemn.”

Lanling rushed down the carriage and stood beside Ye Jing Yu on the roadside and slightly bent himself down. He saw the other carriages stopped and the people inside come down and bend themselves down.

He could not help but feel surprised. Who is this person that is going to pa.s.s? Is it the royal family?

After a while, though the people haven’t been seen yet, their exotic fragrance came before them. It was very light and exquisite. Then, they saw a line of four people appear, walking down the middle of the road.

The four people were all enshrouded in a white robes, as white as the snow. Only their two eyes were exposed. One cannot see their faces and can only see their eyes and charming body figures. Lanling had his first time to see those kind of eyes. It was gentle, innocent, and eyes that seemingly can purify the human’s very soul.

The four women quickly pa.s.sed by, but as if they haven’t taken a step at all. They were like drifting in front of everyone while the entire street was completely silent.

When they were completely gone, everyone boarded their carriages again.

Inside the carriage, though he was very curious, he dared not make a sound.

“They are the Snow Angels of the Holy Dragon Temple. They are the messengers of G.o.d in this world. No matter where you will meet them, be sure to stand on the roadside and wait for them to pa.s.s. You cannot absolutely look up at them, move, or utter a word. “ Ye Jing Yu said.

“Understood.” Lanling nodded. The word Holy Dragon Temple was etched into his mind, which should be the foremost religious organization in this world.

They continued to drive deeper into the Inner City for a quarter of an hour. Then they suddenly stopped. Ye Jing Yu said, “The Young Master is back home.”

Lanling’s heart inexplicably jumped, he felt the overbearing pressure of nervousness, though there was no reason to be like this.

He opened the carriage door and looked at the estate before him.


The gates were made of jade and the courtyard was very huge and lavish. It was really the entrance to a n.o.ble’s house.

There were two big stone lions before the gate,  the front gates were of scarlet color lined with jade, and above was a signboard made of gold.

The walls surrounding the compound were of color green. It was  four or five meters high, a few hundred meters long. One cannot see the inside but trees occasionally sprung out above the walls. .

Lanling was only a mere middle cla.s.s in earth. He lived in a 20 year old house barely can be called a home. Now, in front of him was an area hundreds of acres wide. This unexpected momentum was so sudden for him.

However, the fine gold on the signboard seemed to have faded, and the trees and plants grew messily and haven’t been trimmed.

As the huge front gates slowly shut, one cannot hear any sound coming from the inside. It was eerie.  This huge mansion had an unexpected feeling of desolation.

 “Young Master, please wait here for a moment. I will first go report to the Young Miss.” Ye Jing Yu said.

To tell the truth, Ye Jing Yu was now very nervous and worried. For Lanling to pretend as the Suo Clan young master was entirely her idea. The Young Miss did not know about this. Although the Young Miss considered her as a sister, but this time, she had truly exceeded her own authority.

Before, when the Clan Leader was still alive, he was always confined in bed because of sickness. The Young Master meanwhile because of his romantic absurdity was nowhere to be seen. Therefore it was the Young Miss who had been calling the shots and decisions for a long time.

And letting Lanling pose as Suo Lun, if the Young MIss would not agree, this may cause a huge disaster to the whole clan. And it was her fault. This scared Ye Jing Yu.

Seeing her so nervous, Lanling cannot help but smile at her and comfort her,

His warm smile comforted Ye Jing Yu and made a great impression on her. She took a deep breath and went to a door. She reached out and gently knock on it.

“The Master of the house is in seclusion and doesn’t want to receive visitors at the moment. Revered guest, please leave your name in order for the Master to visit and apologize for the inconvenience caused.” An elderly voice came from the inside.

“Housekeeper, I am back.” Ye Jing Yu said.

There was a sudden static and the door was burst open by a trembling old man. He asked. “Ye Jing Yu…the Young Master…”

Ye Jing Yu did not answer but immediately went inside the house.

Meanwhile, servants of the house rushed down, and immediately bowed at Ye Jing Yu, not looking straight at her.

They were most concerned whether the Young Master already came back or not. Not that they respected him, but because if the Young Master did not come back, the family which controlled Tianshui City will cease to exist. If the head is not there, how can the hair exist. So they too will become homeless once the Clan falls.


Tianshui City Lord’s daughter, Suo Ning Bing had a beauty that was well-known throughout the kingdom. The Princess herself wanted to be on par with her.

Before, when she just 13 years old, the Clan Master brought her to a royal banquet of the royal court. King Zhi Bian exclaimed in surprise and said in praise, “All the essence of Lake Tianshui condensed inside her. Ahhh….She is really like a fairy.”

As a result, Suo Ning Bing’s nickname as a Fairy Maiden, spread like raging waves across the Kingdom and she was known throughout for her stunning beauty.

Suo Ning Bing stood in front Ye Jing Yu. She wore a white dress and her hair was wrapped in a bun revealing that she was already married. A strand of white cloth was also wrapped around her, and meant that she was in mourning.

Her countenance was thin and pale, but her beauty was unparalleled. She really do look like a celestial fairy. In front of Ning Bing’s beauty, the glamorous allure of Ye Jing Yu diminished and faded by one-third.

“Ye Jing Yu, you are back? The Young Master..?” Her voice sounded a bit hoa.r.s.e because she was crying most of the time.

Ye Jing Yu shut the door, confirmed that no one was around and whispered, “Young Miss, no matter what I say, do not make any noise, and don’t let others hear about it.”

Suo Ning Bing’s stunning face changed, and then she nodded her head.

“The Suo Clan’s Young Master is dead. We found his body on the Demon Mountains on the remains of a relic site covered in a strange gas. “

Ning Bing staggered immediately. Tears were pouring down her eyes like water. Her jade like hands covered her mouths as she issued mouthfuls of heavy sobs. She could not stand anymore and directly collapsed down on a chair.

In just a short span of time, she lost two her two family members. In a twinkling, all that she loved most in the world were gone.

“The Young Master is the sole heir of the Suo Clan. If he dies, the royal family will take this opportunity to regain Tianshuo City. The Suo family’s two hundred years of foundation undoubtedly be destroyed in a moment.” Ye Jing Yu said.

Ning Bing suddenly cried harder, “I did not teach the Young Master well enough, if I was more strict, and told him not to be so overconfident in pursuing Princess Zhi Ning he would not have died and the Suo Clan’s foundation cut off.”

Ye Jing Yu heavily sighed. The Young Master’s absurd, unpredictable personality was one that no one can control. What he was afraid of was facing this sister’s harsh yet gentle face whenever she was angry of him. So there were times that he will not return home for a long time.

“Miss, I found a way to sustain the Suo Clan’s two hundred heritage.” Ye Jing Yu who was standing upright instantly knelt down. “But this time, I made a very rash and unimaginable decision.”

Suo Ning Bing said, “Get up and speak.”

“I found a person to pose as the Suo Clan Young Master and succeed the t.i.tle.” Ye Jing Yu did not stand up and was still kneeling on the ground. “ I was bold. I ask the Young Miss to punish me.”

Suo Ning Bing was completely shocked, and dared not look straight at Ye Jing Yu.




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