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Read World’s Apocalypse Online Chapter 543 – The completely changed Lord Bloodcloak

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Chapter 543: The completely changed Lord Bloodcloak

Proofreader: Arya

The Black Flag Cruiser.

This place was the most famous casino in the Super Dimensional Zones.

A total of 99 Lord-cla.s.s Combatants jointly own this casino.

Lord-cla.s.s Combatants were the designation for people who can, by their own strength, own a personal world in the Super Dimensional Zones.

Super Dimensional worlds were special——– each of these worlds were able to directly ignore spatial distance and connect to any other worlds.

And at the same time, from a certain point of view, each Super Dimensional world was a safe room.

As long as the Super Dimensional path was closed, no one would be able to enter a Super Dimensional world.

Furthermore, there were those with unique powers that could expel a person from a Super Dimensional world they possess. For example, Kitty’s spatial abilities.

The safety of a Super Dimensional world was the highest level of security.

If that wasn’t the case, Barry who’s been wounded for over 1000 years without getting any better wouldn’t have lived this long.

Against the Apocalypse of the infinite worlds, planets were constantly being destroyed, people died in troves, but a Super Dimensional world could always guarantee the most basic requirement of personal safety for those in it.

You could even say, a Super Dimensional world was always an a.s.set that surpa.s.sed any wealth and riches, a treasured land only for top-level Combatants.

And the Black Flag Cruiser was a special Super Dimensional world.

Anyone who entered this Super Dimensional world must obey the casino’s rules.

No one can cheat, no one can run away without paying their debt, and definitely no one can use force to resist the casino’s rules.

Because this casino was jointly owned by 99 Lord-cla.s.s Combatants, always ready to go here from their respective worlds.

Barry took another sip from a bottle of cold liquor.


He threw in his last chip.

“You lose” the man facing him also showed his card and declared.

Barry casually threw down his hand.

At this point, someone tapped his shoulder from behind.

“They’re here” Kitty told him.

“All of them?”


Barry stood up and smashed the bottle on the table without restraint.

The sound of the shattered gla.s.s echoed across the entire casino.

The entire place went quiet.

Everyone looked at him.

Barry gestured, then started to head out of the casino.

Many of the gamblers there stood up from their seats one by one and followed after him.

While a lot of people didn’t understand this at first, a few of them quickly noticed something.

“Look! That’s the Sky Diving Dragon, Zhang Ruo Long!”

“Look over there! That’s Spite the Void Hunter”

“Oh my G.o.d! Do you see that beauty? She’s Yao Xing Meng the Star Destroyer”

“Wh-why did so many top-level Combatants gather here?”

“Today… just what’s going on?”

Top-level Combatants, all of them were top-level Combatants!

The gamblers in the casino were shocked as they watched these legendary individuals leave the casino.

They all understood that something big must’ve happened.

Almost a hundred Combatants followed Barry to the plaza outside the casino.

“You know the place?”

A few people caught up to him and asked in a low voice.

“We do, Kitty noticed a mysterious spatial crack about 2 World Layers to the left of Aboul” Barry confirmed.

Another cut in: “It’s been a long time since I got to work these old bones. What better chance to do that than killing all the demons?”


“Let’s go then”

The Combatants all agreed.

Kitty and Barry exchanged looks and nodded.

Kitty then activated a close-range spatial warp.

Although her warp technique can’t pinpoint the exact location, this place was only 5 World Layers from Aboul, and the spatial crack was quite close, so the chance of deviation wasn’t too great”

A screen of light appeared, bringing everyone here with it.

They reappeared in the void of s.p.a.ce.

Not too far from where they were was the spatial crack that connected to the Fallen Zones.

The Combatants all took out their weapons, wore their armor and flew towards the crack.

The demons were hiding there.

And they wanted to ambush and wipe them all out in one fell swoop.

This was going to be a decisive battle!

The Combatants all become tense.

In just a few dozen seconds, they had arrived at the crack.

But unlike what they thought, there wasn’t a single demon where the crack was.

Instead, a human man was standing at the crack with a gla.s.s of wine in his hand, silently waiting for them.

“f.u.c.king h.e.l.l, Bloodcloak! It’s that f.u.c.ker Bloodcloak!”

Someone called out.

Everyone’s fighting spirit immediately fizzled out.

As soon as Barry heard that name, he became furious.

Jumping out ahead of everyone, he stood to face Lord Bloodcloak directly.

“Did you go ahead and deal with everything again?” he asked.

Lord Bloodcloak gracefully took a sip of wine and answered: “I didn’t”

You didn’t?

Barry was shocked.

The 100-ish Combatants behind him were also shocked stiff.

Lord Bloodcloak cleared his throat and spoke: “Long ago, we used to be comrades, but because I’ve always dealt with everything before you even know it, you guys slowly started to ignore me”

“After thinking for many years, I finally realized what I did was wrong”

“I’ve completely changed”

Barry turned around at everyone else.

They all shook their heads.

“We don’t believe you” Barry crossed his arms.

“I can swear upon my G.o.d, I really have seen the errors of my ways” Lord Bloodcloak sincerely told them, “I will never be self-righteous again, no longer leaving everyone behind and ignore your feelings—– because fighting should be done together, this way we can look out for each other. I also understand, a lot of you are just worried for me, afraid that I might run into danger when facing enemies alone”

Barry silently stared at Lord Bloodcloak.

“Do you really mean that?” he couldn’t help but ask.

“That’s right, truthfully speaking, I should’ve considered you guys more” Lord Bloodcloak replied.

Barry’s fury subsided.

He silently nodded and loudly asked behind him: “What does everyone think?”

The group discussed it for a bit.

Finally, someone yelled: “Bloodcloak, if you’re no longer as arrogant as before, we don’t mind being comrades with you again”

The top-level Combatants all nodded.

Bloodcloak actually does treat his friend quite decently, his only flaw is that he’s too arrogant.

But if he has really changed and knows how to put himself into other’s shoes, he would be a great friend.

Finally, Lord Bloodcloak mingled with the group, shaking hands and high-fiving with quite a few.

Some of them even patted his shoulder in a close manner.

The top-level Combatants had accepted him again.

This matter was done.

Next was—–

“Bloodcloak, you got here first, did you see any demons?” Barry asked.

“I did see them, I even caught one of them alive”

“…so you didn’t kill it first?” Barry found that unexpected.

If that’s the truth, Lord Bloodcloak really did change from before.

“That’s right, look, it’s right here”

Lord Bloodcloak clapped his hand.

A card appeared in front of everyone.

It then scattered into a fine powder of light.

Instantly, a Flame Demon Hound about half the size of a person appeared in front of the Combatants.

The Flame Demon Hound had a natural born talent to sense the presence of living beings, and was capable of sniffing out items and traps hidden by spells from any hidden s.p.a.ce”

It was without a doubt the most excellent scout that the demons had.

Its appearance meant that the main demon army wasn’t too far behind.

But the Flame Demon Hound itself wasn’t too strong, its expertise is only to scout and gather intel.

Being stared down by so many top-level Combatants, the Flame Demon Hound prostrated directly to the ground, trembling in fear.

“Nicely done, Bloodcloak managed to catch the demon army’s scout, seems like we’re in for a big one” Barry clenched his fist and spoke.

“For the 900 million World Layers, we will fight without fear of death!” someone loudly declared.

The crowd loudly responded, all ready to fight.

Their fighting spirit filled the entire s.p.a.ce vortex.

“About that—— wait a minute” Lord Bloodcloak spoke.

“What is it?” Barry asked.

“Is your leg healed?”

“It’s fine now, don’t worry” Barry was caught off guard again.

Bloodcloak actually cared about someone else’s well being?

Everyone else was also shocked.

But then Lord Bloodcloak told the crowd: “For the sake of fairness, I suggest everyone should compete in an orderly manner first, just like we used to train at the Iron Fist Club”

“Why? We’re already about to fight” someone asked in confusion.

“Because you need to decide who has the right to fight, only the final champion is qualified to kill this Flame Demon Hound” Lord Bloodcloak spoke.

What does he mean?

Don’t tell me Bloodcloak went mad?

We’re about to fight a full-scale war, not a play fight, who has the time to quarrel over who gets to kill a Flame Demon Hound?

Everyone was really confused.

Kitty was the quickest to react, she briefly thought before asking: “Do you mean we won’t need to deal with the other demons?”


“You mean, you already killed all the demons again?” someone asked in surprise.

Everyone scowled.

“All the demons? No, I didn’t do that at all, however—–”

“However what?”

“However, since the demons didn’t actually send out anyone that strong this time around, I got bored waiting for you guys, so I thought of a solution”

Lord Bloodcloak pointed at the whimpering Flame Demon Hound.

“After I dealt with the 1 billion small fries, I specifically left this Flame Demon Hound alive for you guys”

Following his explanation, the Flame Demon Hound prostrated even more, whimpering while shaking nonstop.

All of a sudden, it turned itself, showing its belly to everyone.

Facing almost 100 top-level Combatants, it decided to give up.

Lord Bloodcloak gracefully brought his gla.s.s of wine to his mouth to take a sip and continued speaking: “From now on, I will carefully consider everyone’s needs to fight, leaving a single demon alive”

“You can host a small tournament to decide who to kill this final Demon Hound”

“Although with you guys’ strength, you won’t be able to deal with an army of a billion demons, but at least one of you will get to kill a Demon Hound, which is technically fighting by my side”

“With my solution, everyone won’t feel dejected and annoyed from not being able to fight with the demons”

Lord Bloodcloak had a smile that implied everyone should praise him for his idea as he continued.

“Although everyone is laughably weak, I’ve fully considered your needs and spent so much effort to even prepare this for everyone”

“How is it? Haven’t I completely changed from before?”

“…” Barry.

“…” Kitty.

“…” the top-level Combatants.

TN: To those that said Bloodcloak was wise a couple chapters ago… kekw


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