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Wu Dong Qian Kun is a web novel made by Tian Can Tu Dou, 天蚕土豆.
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Chapter 1060

Devouring Divine Palace


“Do you wish to obtain the inheritance of the Devouring Master?”

When the Nine-tail spirit fox uttered these words, Lin Dong could clearly feel his breathing pause for a split second. His pupils expanded slightly before returning to normal a moment later.

“Elder… what do you mean?”

The ripples in his heart gradually subsided as Lin Dong could not help but ask. The inheritance of the Devouring Master possessed a great allure to anyone. This naturally included himself…

“Could it be that the Devouring Master did not enter into reincarnation?”

Lin Dong recalled Ying Huanhuan. She was the reincarnation of the Ice Master. Clearly, the power of the Ice Master would gradually re-emerge within her body in another form. Such an inheritance was something that no one else could obtain.

Upon stepping into Reincarnation stage, one would have a glimpse into reincarnation. In that state, even if one’s body was destroyed and one’s soul had vanished, one would never be completely dead. The peak level experts who have reached that stage could would be able to utilise an even more profound and mysterious method to once again reappear in this world…

In other words, as long as the Devouring Master had reincarnated, it was impossible for others to obtain his inheritance.

The Nine-tail spirit fox slowly nodded. Her eyes were dim and mournful.

“He…” Lin Dong was slightly taken aback. Even the Ice Master had reincarnated. Why didn’t the Devouring Master do so?

“During the great world war, Lord Symbol Ancestor ultimately ignited his reincarnation to seal the crack between the planes, banis.h.i.+ng the Yimo tribe. However, we similarly had to pay an extremely terrifying price.”

“Lord Symbol Ancestor died and the eight ancient masters were seriously injured and on the verge of death. Before Lord Symbol Ancestor died, he used his last bit of power to deliver the Ice Master into reincarnation. However, his remaining strength was no longer sufficient to support the others into reincarnation…”

“In fact, Lord Symbol Ancestor’s last bit of power should have been barely sufficient to send the seven other masters into reincarnation… However, if he did so, there would not be sufficient power to protect the Ice Master’s reincarnation from any unexpected changes.”

“The Ice Master is not only the head disciple of Lord Symbol Ancestor, but also the most outstanding one. Even someone as proud and untamed as the Devouring Master did not disagree. Moreover, Lord Symbol Ancestor said before that amongst the eight masters, only the Ice Master has a chance to reach his level…”

“You should be aware that although we ended up victorious in the great world war, it is not over. The Yimo tribe has been constantly eyeing this world of ours. We must have a second Symbol Ancestor when the next world war begins.”

Lin Dong clenched his hand slightly and asked, “That second Symbol Ancestor… is very likely… the Ice Master?”

The slender figure of a pretty young lady with long hair as black as ink and a lovely smile appeared in his head when he thought of this. Complicated feelings could not help but rise in his heart. He did not know whether she would still be the same young lady he had once known. Would she still be the one who had quietly played the zither at his side when that day arrived?

Would that green mountain, that rock, that young lady, that old zither… from back then ultimately disappear?

“Of course, it was the common intention of the other seven masters to protect the Ice Master. Hence, they did not oppose Lord Symbol Ancestor’s decision. Hence, this was not because of Lord Symbol Ancestor’s favouritism.”

The Nine-tail spirit fox smilingly elaborated when she saw that Lin Dong had suddenly become a little lost in his thoughts. She was under the impression that this was what Lin Dong was concerned about.

“In that case, what happened to the remaining seven masters?” Lin Dong asked. He had intruded into the mysterious magma realm in the Chaotic Demon Sea which ought to be the place where the Flame Master lay in slumber. Lin Dong had detected a faint ripple from the body within the floating coffin above the magma. Evidently, the Flame Master was still alive.

The Chaotic Tower also hid the Chaos Master. Although Lin Dong was unaware of the latter’s condition, it did not appear that the latter was in the a life-threatening situation.

The Nine-tail spirit fox slowly clenched her hand tightly as a trace of pain and bitterness seeped out from the corner of her mouth. “The Devouring Master is ranked second amongst the eight great masters. His strength is second only to that of the Ice Master. At the end of the world war, his injuries were not any better than the Ice Master, and he was only a single step away from having his Yuan Spirit scattered.”

“If he entered the reincarnation at that point, he might have been able to gain a chance to survive. However, he ultimately chose to give up this chance. Instead, he made his decision to ignite his Yuan Spirit in order to obtain the final energy needed to protect the remaining six seriously injured masters…

Lin Dong was silent while respect rose within his heart.

The Nine-tail spirit fox looked at Lin Dong as she softly said, “Hence… the Devouring Master who did not enter reincarnation, has since completely disappeared from this world. He is truly gone.”

Lin Dong gazed upon the Nine-tail spirit fox whose eyes were filled with sorrow. For a time, he did not know what to say.

“That fellow likes to do things like that, and I am already used to it… it can be said that my current self has also faded from this world together with him. Hence, there is nothing to be sad about.” The Nine-tail spirit fox smiled. Her smile was rather tiny as she looked at Lin Dong. “You are the current Devouring Ancestral controller. If you are able to obtain his inheritance, in a way, you would have succeeded him.”

Lin Dong scratched his head and said, “The inheritance of the Devouring Master is not here, is it?”

“Of course, do you think that there are such easy things in this world?” The Nine-tail spirit fox unhappily rolled her eyes at Lin Dong before she quickly continued, “I am only able to provide you with some clues. Whether you are able to obtain his inheritance will depend on your ability.”

Lin Dong smiled in embarra.s.sment. It was just a casual question. Naturally, he was not very hopeful.

“In the end, he died sitting in his Devouring Divine Palace. Thus, you will need to find the Devouring Divine Palace if you wish to obtain his inheritance. The Devouring Divine Palace is located within the Demon Region.” The Nine-tail spirit fox said.

“Where in the Demon Region?” The Demon Region was so vast. It was not an easy task to find the Devouring Divine Palace within it.

“The Devouring Divine Palace is hidden within s.p.a.ce itself. Moreover, this s.p.a.ce is constantly drifting. Hence, its position is very uncertain. It is impossible for me to tell you its exact location.” The Nine-tail spirit fox smilingly said.

“However, it reveals itself every once in awhile. You possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and it is likely that you will be the first in this world to detect it when the time comes… however, I will say this again. That fellow was extremely haughty and untamable when he was alive and his expectations are unreasonably high. It will not be easy for you to obtain his inheritance even if you possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.”

Lin Dong grinned and replied, “I have the utmost confidence in myself.”

The Nine-tail spirit fox was stunned. Soon after, she looked at Lin Dong and smiled brightly. “Your arrogance is very similar to that fellow. He had always been unhappy with the fact that the Ice Master was better than him back then and had challenged her for an entire hundred years. However, he was not able to beat her even once. Only then did he dejectedly give up.”

Lin Dong involuntarily smacked his lips. It seemed that this Ice Master was really extremely powerful. The moment he thought that such a powerful person had actually ended up inside Ying Huanhuan, he began to feel an overwhelming pressure.

“This is basically all there is regarding the Devouring Master. All I can do to aid you is to provide this information to you.”

The Nine-tail spirit fox suddenly paused after she said this. Her eyes swept over Lin Dong and asked, “Other than the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, is there something else related to the Devouring Master on you?”

Lin Dong was taken aback due to this sudden question. He thought for a moment before waving his sleeve. A damaged black dried corpse appeared. “Is this what elder is referring to?”

“The Sky Devouring Corpse…”

The Nine-tail spirit fox was a little absent minded as she looked at the black corpse. Her eyes dimmed again as she spoke, “I never imagined that it would become so damaged…”

Lin Dong nodded. This Sky Devouring Corpse was indeed far too seriously damaged. It was still of some help when he just obtained it. Now however, it had gradually lost its use. He had attempted to repair it, but the markings on the Sky Devouring Corpse were far too complicated. Even with his current control over the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, he was still unable to do it.

“Back then, a Sky Devouring Corpse had always followed beside me…”

The corners of Lin Dong’s mouth twitched. It seemed that this Nine-tail spirit fox did possess some untold secrets between herself and the Devouring Master. This Sky Devouring Corpse was considered the strongest guards of the Devouring Master. Yet, he had used one of them to protect the Nine-tail spirit fox at all times. This did not appear to be an ordinary relations.h.i.+p.

“I have only told you some clues related to the Devouring Divine Palace earlier. Now, I shall offer you some practical help.” The Nine-tail spirit fox touched the Sky Devouring Corpse and sighed in a distant manner.

“Is elder able to restore this Sky Devouring Corpse?” Lin Dong quickly rejoiced upon hearing this. At its peak level, this Sky Devouring Corpse was able to receive the attacks of even Reincarnation stage experts. It would become Lin Dong’s strongest helper if it could be repaired.

“I am not the Devouring Master. How can I completely restore it?”

The Nine-tail spirit fox rolled her eyes at Lin Dong’s whimsical thoughts. After which, she said, “I was also present when the Devouring Master created this Sky Devouring Corpse back then. Hence, if I borrow the power of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, it is possible to repair it to a certain extent. However, it will not be able to reach its peak. Only you can complete that step.”

“Although it is unable to reach its peak, it will likely be enough to hold its own against a Samsara stage expert.”

“In that case, I will have to trouble elder.”

There was still joy on Lin Dong’s face. To repair the Sky Devouring Corpse to the point where it could fight with a Samsara stage expert was enough

“Lend me your Devouring Ancestral Symbol.”

The Nine-tail spirit fox beckoned with her hand and the rotating black hole in the sky whistled downwards. Meanwhile, she glanced at the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol lingering over Lin Dong’s head and spoke with a deeper meaning, “Little fellow, you have even been able to obtain the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. However… such a divine object of the world is also a form of responsibility. The more you obtain, the greater your responsibilities will be.”

She did not say anything else as her finger thrust forward. The black hole began to rotate as many black light arcs shot out from it and finally adhered onto the Sky Devouring Corpse. Some faint damaged mysterious markings appeared to be quietly repaired and replaced.

Lin Dong quietly watched from the side. He could sense a powerful ripple start to surge from the Sky Devouring Corpse as the black light markings on it seemed to dance.


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