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Chapter 753: An Eagle

“Lei Qian?”

When he heard w.a.n.g Yan’s eerie voice, Lin Dong’s pupils immediately hardened before he turned to look at the st.u.r.dy figure, not far from him that was covered by a flickering lightning glow. Was this fellow one of the three little kings, Little Thunder King?

Ying Xiaoxiao faintly wrinkled her eyebrows. With a wave of her jadelike hand, a metre long green sword appeared in a flash. At this moment, a guarded expression was present in her eyes.

“Oh, looks like your Dao Sect is much stronger compared to the previous time. No wonder you guys are getting more and more arrogant.”

The lighting glow surrounding the st.u.r.dy figure standing in the front of the Yuan Gate disciples started to withdraw. In the end, it completely scattered, revealing a rough face. Currently, a completely unrestrained looked of insolence was on this face. He stared mockingly at Lin Dong and the rest as he smiled and said.

There were faint and indistinct tattoos that seemed like lightning on Lei Qian’s body, which gave off an exceptionally wild and berserk fluctuation, causing people to cast sidelong gazes of fear at him.

w.a.n.g Yan’s expression was dark, while thick murderous intent surged deep within his eyes. However, just as he was unable to resist and was about to move, a jadelike hand descended on his shoulder, preventing him for doing so.

“Lei Qian, keep your Yuan Gate members in check. Don’t allow them to act like hooligans and annoy others in a despicable manner.” said Ying Xiaoxiao as her eyes turned icy cold.

“I feel that our Yuan Gate disciples are very well behaved and there’s no need to manage them. However, your Dao Sect disciples should be the ones who need to exercise restraint and quit acting so arrogantly in front of our Yuan Gate.” replied Lei Qian as a sliver of ridicule appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Upon hearing his reply, rage and fury instantly filled the eyes of countless Dao Sect disciples.

“Just because of this item?”

Lei Qian turned around and took the brilliantly sparkling jade hairpin directly from Jiang Tao’s hand before casually saying, “How about this, if you all are able to s.n.a.t.c.h it from my hands, not only will I foot the bill, I will immediately ask them to leave this place. How about that?”

A sinister chill appeared within w.a.n.g Yan’s eyes as he grasped the black broadsword tightly in his hand. Just as he was about to take a step forward, he was once again stopped by a hand. He tilted his head and frowned as he looked at the owner of the hand.

“Let me handle this.” said Lin Dong as he smiled at w.a.n.g Yan.

Both w.a.n.g Yan and Ying Huanhuan were startled for a moment, before both of them frowned. Although they did not question Lin Dong’s strength, Lei Qian was no ordinary individual.

“Lin Dong…”

Ying Huanhuan was frightened by his reaction and her jadelike hands quickly grabbed onto the corner of Lin Dong’s s.h.i.+rt, “ Don’t be impulsive, I don’t need that hairpin…”

This young lady, who was previously rather indignant and would recruit other senior and junior brothers to help her in a scuffle, had a panicked expression within her big black eyes when she saw that Lin Dong was actually planning to take on Lei Qian.

“I shouldn’t have caused any trouble…”

As he gazed at the small face of the young girl that felt somewhat wronged, Lin Dong unknowingly slightly taken aback, before a radiant smile appeared on his face. Extending his palm, he rubbed Ying Huanhuan’s head and said, “ This isn’t about the hairpin. There are some matter that are inevitable and cannot be avoided.”

As his words faded, he looked towards Ying Xiaoxiao and w.a.n.g Yan before softly saying, “ Leave it to me.” 

“Be careful.”

Seeing the faint smile on Lin Dong’s face, both Ying Huanhuan and w.a.n.g Yan hesitated for a moment, before they finally nodded their heads. Slowing stepping forward, Lin Dong finally walked to out from the group of Dao Sect disciples under the focus of innumerable gazes from the surroundings.

Right now, this area had obviously became the focal point within the Treasure Seeking District. Yuan Gate and Dao Sect were both super sects that held great power and prestige. Furthermore, there was a deep grudge between both parties. From the looks of it, it seemed that there was going to be a good show to watch today.

At a nearby district was a pavilion. At this moment, there were two figures on the upper floors of the pavilion who had cast their attention in the direction where the group of Yuan Gate and Dao Sect disciples were.

The two figures were a man and a woman. The woman was in front while the man stood half a step behind. This minute difference in position obviously indicated their difference in status.

Between the two of them, the most eye catching one was naturally the woman. Dressed in a white blouse and skirt, her fine black hair showered down till her slender waist. Her skin was akin to snow and she had a pair of picturesque eyebrows. Although her face was covered by a veil, her faintly discernable figure still caused one to be unable to tear away their gazes.

Her aura was proud and aloof and if one was to look up to her, she would seem like the ice queen within the moon palace, like a G.o.ddess that had arrived in the mortal realm, a beauty that was capable of causing the downfall of a country.

Such beauty and such an aura, other that Ling QingZhu, who else could it be…

Beside Ling Qingzhu, was a handsome man. A faint smile filled his face, while unconcealed admiration and infatuation filled his gaze when he occasionally glanced at her.

At this moment, the two of them had cast their gazes towards to the district in a distance. When they saw little Thunder King Lei Qian appear, their expressions changed a little.

“Hehe, even Lei Qian has arrived. Although Dao Sect has Ying Xiaoxiao and w.a.n.g Yan around, they will likely not be able to deal with him.” said the handsome man with a smile as he watched.

“The people of Yuan Gate are still this domineering.” said Ling Qingzhu in an indifferent voice.

The handsome man nodded his head before saying, “I wonder if Ying Xiaoxiao or w.a.n.g Yan will take action…hmm?”

Before his sentence was complete, he suddenly exclaimed in surprise before he stared somewhat in shock at the thin figure that had walked out from within the group of Dao Sect disciples, “Who is that?”

Upon hearing his words, Ling Qingzhu looked up lightly as her eyes casually swept across the figure in the distance. In the next moment, her moving gaze instantaneously froze as an unprecedented astonished look appeared on her typically expressionless face.

Her gaze was tightly fixed onto the the figure in the distance, while her red lips gently parted. Her pair of jadelike hands, which were akin to lotus roots, slowly started to tighten due to the churning emotions in her heart.

This figure was not unfamiliar to her. In fact, it could be said that it had left a deep imprint in her mind. Ling Qingzhu knew that perhaps she would forget many things over her life, however, she would never forget this figure.

Five years ago, on the peak of that small Great Yan Empire, that dialogue between them still reverberated within her mind till this day.

When Ling Qingzhu heard that familiar name after the end of the Hundred Empire War, the shock within her heart was something beyond her imagination. That abnormally delicate and frail youth from back then had actually managed to walk step by step to such a stage…

She clearly knew Lin Dong’s background. In the past, even someone like Ling Langtian was able to easily oppress him in the ancient tomb. The him at that time was perhaps just an existence that was akin to ant in the eyes of many.

It was because she was clearly aware. The explained the level of shock she felt when she knew that Lin Dong had stepped into the Eastern Xuan Region. She knew how much effort that delicate but abnormally determined youth had to put in to reach such a stage.

In a period of five years, that immature and feeble youth that she previously knew had truly emerged from his coc.o.o.n…

That year on the mountain peak, she once said that the two of them would never meet again in the future.

It was also that same year that the youth left his parents and started on his journey with a marten and a tiger. n.o.body knew how much he had experienced and n.o.body knew how many times he hovered at the gates of death.

One year ago, she had suddenly heard that foreign and yet familiar name again. The youth at that time had used his own way to catch up to her.

Right now, the youth that had undergone a complete metamorphosis had now reappeared in front of her. Furthermore, he could stand proudly in front of her as one of the most outstanding younger generation members in Eastern Xuan Region.

Ling Qingzhu gazed at the youth that had walked out from the group, as the red lips under her veil pursed tightly. The youth had used his own hard work and effort to finally refute the firm opinion she had about him.

The current him was no longer that young wolf that spared no effort to run along the path of the strong. He had already transformed into an eagle as he soared into the vast skies.

The current him was no longer afraid of the halo around her that made him unable to look straight at her.

Ling Qingzhu gently took a breath of air, before quietly staring at the thin figure walking towards Qing Lei. Since you have arrived at this place, let me see exactly how far you have come!


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