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Chapter 1631 – Ancient Celestial Realm

The ancient G.o.d had a giant scar on his chest. It was as if had someone cut open his chest in ancient times. An 8-star ancient G.o.d, even if he wasn’t of the royal bloodline, was already extremely powerful. To leave such a terrifying mark just showed how powerful these people were.


The ancient G.o.d was less than 1,000 feet from w.a.n.g Lin. This was a long distance, but compared to an ancient G.o.d’s body, which was tens of thousands of feet tall, it was within punching distance. A rumble echoed as the 8-star ancient G.o.d punched w.a.n.g Lin.

An extremely powerful storm spread and stirred up the clouds. A giant shadow appeared before the ancient G.o.d.

This shadow was also an ancient G.o.d, but he was wearing a set of armor. An endless slaughter aura came from the shadow, and on the forehead of this shadow, there were actually… nine stars!

w.a.n.g Lin was originally an ancient G.o.d, and a royal ancient G.o.d at that, so he understood that the shadow that appeared behind the ancient G.o.d represented someone they respected, or it was an inherited t.i.tle.

The shadow was a symbol of the ancient G.o.d’s ident.i.ty and his origin. The 8-star ancient G.o.d was obviously loyal to the 9-star ancient G.o.d wearing armor!

Although w.a.n.g Lin’s eyes were closed, he could clearly feel everything. As the 8-star ancient G.o.d’s punch flew forward, the world trembled. When the punch was less than 100 feet from w.a.n.g Lin, he still didn’t open his eyes. Instead, he took a step forward and raised the palm of his right hand to collide with the ancient G.o.d’s punch.

With his palm blocking, w.a.n.g Lin’s body didn’t budge and he pushed the ancient G.o.d to the side. The ancient G.o.d’s hollow eyes were filled with disbelief when his full punch was gently pushed to the side by w.a.n.g Lin.

After pus.h.i.+ng aside the ancient G.o.d’s punch, w.a.n.g Lin’s palm gently patted the head of this ancient G.o.d.

There was a thunderous bang and the ancient G.o.d coughed out a mouthful of blood before retreating 100,000 feet.

At the same time, the other four ancient G.o.ds closed in from different directions with three different punches. The full-power punches of three 8-star ancient G.o.ds was terrifying. At this moment, the seven stars between w.a.n.g Lin’s eyebrows started rotating rapidly. His 7-star royal ancient G.o.d power surged.

Time seemed to slow down at this moment. w.a.n.g Lin still had his eyes closed, and he calmly took half a step forward. His right hand gently patted one ancient G.o.d’s fists, knocking him to the side. His palm then hit the ancient G.o.d’s chest.

The ancient G.o.d trembled and blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth before he was knocked back 100,000 feet.

w.a.n.g Lin turned around and his arms extended out, grabbing the punches of the other two ancient G.o.ds. Although he had only grabbed a small portion of their fists, it was like he had grabbed onto their souls. He then suddenly pushed them back.

A shocking rumble echoed. The two ancient G.o.ds coughed out blood and were thrown far away.

All of this happened in an instant. w.a.n.g Lin had forced four ancient G.o.ds to retreat. Half of the golden light from the golden ring had dissipated and was still rapidly disappearing. Once all the light was gone, w.a.n.g Lin would have full control of this ring.

Although the ancient G.o.ds were pushed back to 100,000 feet away, rgw four ancient devils were charging at w.a.n.g Lin. They had cruel and bloodthirsty expression, and many ancient devil spells rushed at w.a.n.g Lin.

These spells were incomprehensible. They turned into ancient spells or mournful ghosts that surrounded the four ancient devils before rus.h.i.+ng at w.a.n.g Lin.

A giant, black war axe appeared. It was an ancient devil treasure. One of the devils grabbed the axe and chopped down at w.a.n.g Lin, causing his expression to become cold.

The ancient G.o.ds were from the same clan, so he had held back a bit. Ancient devils were the same race but not the same clan. As the axe chopped down, w.a.n.g Lin’s body flashed and his right palm pressed against the blade of the axe. The ancient devil trembled and the axe collapsed into endless devilish energy. The devilish energy shot toward w.a.n.g Lin’s closed right eye.

In a flash, it was all absorbed by his right eye.

At the same time as he absorbed the devilish energy, w.a.n.g Lin stepped forward and arrived before an ancient devil. His right hand pressed against its chest and then he clenched before pulling back.

A miserable scream echoed and the 8-star ancient devil exploded. Dense, black gas was pulled out by w.a.n.g Lin, and he pressed it into his right eye.

This didn’t cause the other three ancient devils to retreat; they seemed to have lost their sanity. They were filled with cruelty and bloodthirst as they desperately rushed at w.a.n.g Lin. One of the ancient devils was already behind w.a.n.g Lin and wanted to devour him.

At the same time, the other two ancient devils arrived on the right and left of w.a.n.g Lin. Ancient devil spells appeared and shot toward him.

Even the four ancient demons closed in.

w.a.n.g Lin’s expression remained calm and his eyes were still closed. The golden ring on his forehead was almost completely dim, with only a small sliver still struggling to s.h.i.+ne. As the ancient devil tried to devour him, w.a.n.g Lin didn’t dodge. Instead, he slammed his back into the ancient devil.

There was a thunderous rumble and the ancient devil let out a miserable scream, then a storm of devilish energy appeared and its body exploded. w.a.n.g Lin didn’t pause. He walked out of the storm and raised his left hand at another ancient devil. The Karma Print appeared once more.

While he absorbed the ancient devil energy, w.a.n.g Lin calmly moved toward the last ancient devil. The countless ancient devil spells shot toward w.a.n.g Lin, but they all went through him. The ancient devil was shocked from disbelief as w.a.n.g Lin’s palm pressed on its chest.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the ancient devil turned into gas. Before it could dissipate, it was absorbed by w.a.n.g Lin’s palm.

All of this didn’t cause the four ancient demons to pause for even a moment. They surrounded him and closed in with a unified scream.

w.a.n.g Lin didn’t move his body, but his right hand pressed on his closed right eye. The last hint of golden light from the golden ring dissipated. Now the golden ring on his head didn’t have a single speck of light inside.

w.a.n.g Lin’s eyes opened.

Outside the million kilometers of clouds, Old Ghost Zhan became excited. He stared at w.a.n.g Lin inside the fog and his eyes became even brighter.

“In such a short period of time, he… he actually manage to obtain that treasure! The chance of him being the third one is not 30% but 50%!

“I have searched the inner cave for countless years, and Seven-Color has looked in the outer cave for countless years. We never found the third one and didn’t know where the third one went…

“If I can find it first…” Old Ghost Zhan’s eyes s.h.i.+ned brightly and he clenched his fist.

As for w.a.n.g Lin, when he opened his eyes, the drop of blood that was his Celestial Immortal Body appeared and moved through the ring once. After it cycled once, the golden ring s.h.i.+ned even more brightly.

However, this time the golden light belonged to w.a.n.g Lin!

“You’re all looking for death!” w.a.n.g Lin’s white hair moved without wind, and and golden ring lit up his snow-white hair. The moment he spoke, a monstrous killing intent spread from his body.

Under this slaughter aura, w.a.n.g Lin raised his right hand and pointed above. A giant, golden palm print appeared.

War Spirit Print!

This was the first time w.a.n.g Lin had used it since he awakened from his dream dao, and it was several times more powerful than before. s.p.a.ce itself trembled when the palmprint appeared. The palmprint that seemed to cover the entire area descended with endless pressure. The four ancient demons trembled and let out miserable screams as the palmprint penetrated their bodies. They all collapsed.

Strands of demonic energy gathered in w.a.n.g Lin’s left eye and were absorbed.

“There are also four of you. As members of my ancient G.o.d clan, you’re supposed to die on the battlefield, but your sanity was removed and you became puppets…  I’m your king, and I feel your sadness…” w.a.n.g Lin’s eyes were filled with sorrow. As the ancient G.o.ds rushed at him, he pointed at them.

The War Spirit Print that had destroyed four ancient demons turned and shot toward the four ancients G.o.ds. w.a.n.g Lin closed his eyes as if he wasn’t willing to look.

The moment he closed his eyes, a thunderous rumble echoed. The four ancient G.o.ds all disappeared. Before they died, they seemed to reveal a face of relief.

“Divine retribution should be over!” w.a.n.g Lin raised his head and opened his eyes. He looked at the rift and made his way toward it step by step. When he stepped into the rift and saw what was inside, his pupils shrank.

He saw the world he saw in the past inside. It was an endless world with a dim sky above countless giant statues.

These statues were ancient G.o.ds, ancient devils, and ancient demons.

A sense of true celestial energy filled this area. Although it was not strong, it was obviously different from the celestial energy outside the rift. This was the aura of the Immortal Astral Continent.

Below w.a.n.g Lin, a young man stood on an ancient demon statue. The young man had white hair, white robes, and a cold gaze. His hands were behind his back as he looked up at the sky.

w.a.n.g Lin’s pupils shrank the moment he saw the young man.

Whether it was appearance, expression, aura, and everything else, he was the same as him; there was no way to tell them apart!

w.a.n.g Lin’s eyes returned to normal and he slowly said, “Who are you?”


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