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Read Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 172 – White Tiger Glazed Technique!

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Chapter 172: White Tiger Glazed Technique!


Victor heard her joke and shook his head. He smiled bitterly at her. He did not know how to answer her.

“Alright, I won’t joke anymore. It was the grandmaster who told me. I won’t tell anyone.”

“However, when everyone finds out in the future, I’m afraid they will be shocked, right? Haha!”

Ye Lingxuan smiled and waved her hand. She then followed Victor’s gaze and looked at the arena. She could not help but sigh when she saw the crowd of people.

She then said, “I have to say, this compet.i.tion, whether in terms of scale or number of partic.i.p.ants, is the grandest in recent years.”

“It’s just a pity that I can’t partic.i.p.ate with you guys.”

“Otherwise, I would love to compete with you and see your progress for the past three months.”

“Oh? You’re not partic.i.p.ating?” asked Victor. He was stunned.

“Yes,” Ye Lingxuan nodded.

She then explained patiently, “I’m not the only one who will not be partic.i.p.ating. Zhou Xuan from the Black Tortoise sect, Lin Susu from the Phoenix sect, and Ye Huanhuan from the White Tiger sect won’t be partic.i.p.ating either.”

“This is because the four of us are all spiritual pedestal tier experts. If we partic.i.p.ate in this kind of compet.i.tion again, it would not be as fair to the other disciples.”

“So, for the past few years, the default rule was that the four of us are not allowed to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion.”

Victor heard what she said and nodded his head in agreement.

This was normal.

This solved the big doubt in his mind earlier.

“Victor, I heard from my junior brothers that your name card has also been placed in the lottery box. I don’t know which sect’s disciple you will draw. If you draw Lingyun, you have to be gentler,” said Lingxuan

“Oh? Sister Lingyun, is she going to partic.i.p.ate too?” asked Victor. His face was filled with surprise.

At that moment, a commotion could be heard from the arena.

Soon, a rough voice was heard. The voice said, “The order of today’s compet.i.tion has been arranged. All disciples of the sect, please follow the names that have been read out and enter the arena accordingly!”

The compet.i.tion was about to begin!

Upon hearing the voice, everyone went to surround the arena.

Ye Lingxuan and Victor also walked over.

Soon, the names of the sect disciples for the first match appeared on the curtain of the arena.

“Ye Lingyun of the Green Dragon sect, versus Lin Duoduo of the White Tiger Sect!”

“Please invite these two disciples to the arena to compete!”

After the announcement, noisy discussions soon filled the arena.

Ye Lingyun of the Green Dragon sect.

Lin Duoduo of the White Tiger sect.

Both of them were famous people.

First, there was Ye Lingyun. She was the biological sister of the eldest Senior Sister of the Green Dragon sect, Ye Lingxuan. Almost everyone in the sect knew of her.

As for Lin Duoduo, she was the cousin of the eldest Senior Sister of the White Tiger sect, Lin Susu. [1]She could be considered a well-known figure in the White Tiger sect.

The battle between the two proud daughters of the sect naturally attracted everyone’s attention.

When Ye Lingxuan heard the two names, she smiled playfully and said:

“Victor, you don’t have to worry about being paired up with Lingyun. She already has an opponent.”

“Interesting. This first match is going to be very interesting.”

“Looks like there will be a good show to watch in this year’s tournament.”

She laughed lightly. At this moment, other than her, the other three sect disciples, Lin Susu, Zhou Xuan, and Ye Huanhuan all walked to the viewing platform.

“Victor, I might have to leave first. As a Senior Sister of the sect, I have to go to the viewing platform with the others,” said Ye Lingxuan with some regret.

“Let’s have a good match later. I’m waiting to watch you shock the entire audience.”

She patted Victor’s shoulder and turned to leave.

Ye Lingyun and Lin Duoduo had already walked to the center of the stage.

Victor realized that the woman named Lin Duoduo looked very similar to Lin Susu whom he had just met. She was also extraordinarily handsome.

After looking at them, Victor realized that although this young woman’s strength had yet to reach the foundation establishment stage, she was already at the peak of the spirit gathering stage.

“Miss Ye, I’m sorry.”

On the stage, Lin Duoduo made an inviting gesture and stood in a horse stance. She was ready for battle.

Her heroic bearing and hair made her look like a heroine. Many men were impressed by her imposing manner.

“Miss Lin, I’m sorry.”

Ye Lingyun cupped her hands and entered her state of mind.

The first match had officially begun!

The arena became quiet instantly.

Victor narrowed his eyes. The cultivation and martial arts techniques of the two of them slowly appeared before his eyes:

Ye Lingyun: Spirit condensation thirteenth level

Cultivation technique mastered: Green Dragon Life Form Manual

Cultivation technique mastered: Green Dragon Water Moon Spell (mastery), Flood Light Spear (mastery)

Lin Duoduo: Spirit gathering the thirteenth level

Martial arts skills mastered: White Tiger Glazed spell

Martial arts skill mastered: White Tiger Leap (mastery), Heavenly Mountain Northern Tiger Fist (mastery), Flowing Light Divine Might Sword

“Two spirit gathering realm cultivators…”

When Victor saw the information about these two, he started thinking to himself.

He had already learned the treasured book, Green Dragon Life Form.

This White Tiger Glazed technique should be a top cultivation technique in the White Tiger sect. He could download it and learn it.

“System, how long will it take to download the White Tiger Glazed technique?”

“Ding! Reporting to host, it will take six hours.”

Six hours, it was indeed a top cultivation technique.

Victor’s eyes lit up. He immediately clicked on the download b.u.t.ton.

On the martial arts stage, the battle between Lingyun and Lin Duoduo had already begun.

Suddenly, sword lights started to flicker, and spiritual energy overflowed in all directions on the Green Long Ridge.

These two people were both at the thirteenth level of the spirit gathering realm. Their strengths were on par.

After dozens of rounds, it was still difficult to determine the winner.

Time pa.s.sed by minute by minute.

After an unknown number of rounds, Lin Duoduo had somewhat exhausted her stamina. One of her figures failed to stand properly and was swept down by Ye Lingyun’s sword.

Thus, the first round ended with Ye Lingyun as the winner.

“I’m sorry,” said Ye Lingyun. She cupped her hands and heaved a long sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, Lin Duoduo’s cheeks flushed red.

She nervously said, “Senior Sister, thank you for letting me win.” She then walked down the martial arts stage generously.

She practiced martial arts two years later than Ye Lingyun. To be able to fight Ye Lingyun to such an extent was already very impressive.

The audience below the stage also knew about their background story and applauded in admiration.

Therefore, even though Ye Lingyun won the first round, she was actually under greater pressure.

Other than the well-known reason above, there was another reason as well. In this year’s martial arts compet.i.tion, other than the head disciples like Ye Lingxuan, Zhou Xuan, Lin Susu, and Ye Huanhuan, the most powerful second-generation disciple was Zhou Xuan’s younger brother, Zhou Tie.

He had already reached the second level of spirit condensation.

He had a slight advantage over Lin Susu of the White Tiger sect. He was very dangerous compared to Zhou Xuan.

“Who would be so unlucky to draw Zhou Tie?”

Ye Lingyun thought with lingering fear. She was hoping that she would not meet Zhou Tie in the second round of the compet.i.tion.

If there was anyone in the venue who benefited the most from this compet.i.tion, it would be Victor.

The ‘White Tiger Glazed technique’ that he had secretly downloaded from Lin Duoduo was almost halfway done.

If Lin Duoduo did not leave the arena, the download would be over soon.

“Okay, the first match has ended. Ye Lingyun from the Green Dragon sect has won!”

“Next, the second match: w.a.n.g Shuang from the Green Dragon sect versus Ye Manman from the Vermilion Bird sect!”

[1] Lin Susu was previously said to be in Phoenix Sect, but now White Tiger Sect. We believe it’s an author’s inconsistency. pls don’t flame us.


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