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Chapter 227: The Strange Array

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Seeing the hole that was emitting countless spatial auras, Ye Changge did not hesitate and plunged into it.

The chain behind him increased its speed, but it was still a second too slow and did not catch up.

After leaving, the man who was completely black smiled at Ye Changge and said, “Yo, you’re out. Was it fun inside?”

Ye Changge ignored him and looked around, looking for Ning Manman and Mo Ling.

The lake that was originally filled with spiritual liquid dried up, revealing the wet riverbed.

The wet riverbed was filled with strange, pitch-black water plants.

Looking carefully, the cracks on the riverbed looked like a strange array formation.

But Ye Changge did not notice it. He thought it was normal for the riverbed to have water plants cracks?

After going in, he realized that these two things should not coexist.

Water gra.s.s would die without water, but the riverbed would only crack after it had dried up for a long time!

It seemed that the formation was maintaining the black sun. The strange water gra.s.s was the root of the chains.

“Stop looking. I cooked the two little girls and ate them.”

Seeing that Ye Changge did not pay attention to him, he came out and kept looking around. It seemed that he was looking for the two little girls who had run away.

Lu Yushu had not seen anyone who dared to ignore him for a long time. He was a little angry and provoked Ye Changge.

Hearing his words, Ye Changge was very angry. He waved his hand and gave Lu Yushu a slap, signaling him to shut up.

A casual blow from him who was in the G.o.d realm was not something an ordinary Emperor could receive. However, Lu Yushu did not even blink. That blow inexplicably disappeared.

Ye Changge did not panic because of what he said.

He could feel that the two of them were fine, but he did not know where they had run off to.

Lu Yushu was in front of him, so he did not dare to release his spiritual energy to investigate. He was afraid that he would be ambushed.

He had to be careful.

However, he was still a little annoyed when he heard this. Ye Changge spoke in an annoyed tone.

“If the two of them die, the entire Inner Demon Sect will be buried with them!”

In any case, their sect master might not have broken through that heavenly chasm yet, so they could afford to provoke him.

“Whatever, it’s fine. Anyway, I’m not part of the Inner Demon Sect, so what does it have to do with me?”

When Lu Yushu heard Ye Changge’s words, his bewitching face broke into a wide smile. His face was full of indifference as he laughed and said.

“You are?”

Ye Changge looked at Lu Yushu as if he was looking at a madman. What was this person laughing at?

He asked instinctively.

“Looks like you really aren’t from the Great Xia World. Where are you from? Are there other big aristocratic families like the Great Xia?”

Lu Yushu stopped laughing and rubbed his chin as he carefully sized up Ye Changge for a long time.

“I’m from Great Xia,” he suddenly said.

Then, like an aunt quarreling in a market, he kept asking questions.

“What’s your power? What’s the strongest power? What’s your sect’s rank? Are you the strongest? Do you have a Daoist partner?”

Ye Changge was also very speechless. He felt like he had returned to his previous life and returned home for the new year.

He had been stopped by a bunch of relatives. Then, they had kept asking, “Son, how’s your work this year? Did you get a raise? Did you get a promotion? Did you find a partner? Where’s your partner? How’s your work? Did you buy a house? How many kids will you have in the future? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.”

His scalp went numb!

This scene was so intense that Ye Changge suspected that this person was also a transmigrator. Was he right?

Ye Changge said softly, “The odd and even changes?”


Lu Yushu’s face was full of confusion. He did not know what Ye Changge had said all of a sudden.

He could understand every word, but when he connected them together, he felt that it contained extremely terrifying knowledge.

He could only instinctively ask Ye Changge what he had said.

Ye Changge’s lips curled up. Seeing that he was not from the same hometown, there was nothing to be afraid of.

His two disciples were not dead either. Ye Changge’s mood improved. He looked at Lu Yushu’s purple eyes and teased, “You’re not from the Great Xia?”

“How do you know that I’m not from the Great Xia? I’m from the Five Poison Mountain. You’re the one who’s ignorant.”

After hearing that, Lu Yushu closed one of his eyes. He frowned and his face was full of doubt.

It was as if he was getting old and there was something wrong with his ears.

Five Poison Mountain?

How long ago was that?

He seemed to still remember the arrogant expression and tone of that short woman, as well as the incomparably humble…


Lu Yushu’s heart was burning with a nameless fury. He could not remember how many years it had been since he had been angry.

“Ha. The Five Poisons Sect has been destroyed for so many years, and you found this thing out of an old antique? Can’t you at least brag a little? For example, our Devil Fiend Sect?”

Ye Changge automatically filtered out Lu Yushu’s nonsense. In any case, it was his own nonsense and he did not deceive him.

In any case, he did not count on his information.

But when he heard that the Devil Fiend Sect had even used them, Ye Changge instinctively felt that things were not good. He asked tentatively,

“Devil Sect?”

Lu Yushu nodded and said proudly,

“Yes, I’m the demon lord that the Mo family mentioned.

“This is the first time we’ve met. How is my Human Mountain Seal?”

His expression was as arrogant as a peac.o.c.k. He was saying, praise me, praise me, quickly praise me!

However, when Ye Changge heard about his ident.i.ty, he felt disgusted inside. He had destroyed his disciple’s family. Sooner or later, he would have to cut him down.

And he even praised him? That was impossible.

“Not much.”

Ye Changge said snappily. His gaze shifted to the side, not wanting to look directly at Lu Yushu.

“Lies. Young man, I think you’re very good. Do you want to come to our Devil Fiend Sect?”

Lu Yushu was very arrogant. He felt that his things were definitely the best and that everyone in the world would like them. Ye Changge thought he was definitely jealous of him, causing him to lie again.

He felt that this young man was a little interesting. Moreover, he was able to enter the Human Mountain Seal on his own. At the very least, his basic skills were very solid.

He was interesting and his strength was not bad either. Lu Yushu extended an olive branch to him.

In any case, the Devil Fiend Sect was very prosperous. Now, they had basically unified the Devil Province, becoming the largest sect in the true sense of the Devil Province.

They were still lacking Ye Changge’s cultivation resources?

Unfortunately, the olive branch that Lu Yushu had taken the initiative to throw out for the first time was stepped on for the first time.

“Do you think it’s possible for me to kill so many of you? Do you think it’s possible for me to go in and find something worthy?”

Ye Changge never felt that he needed someone to teach him cultivation directly.

Anyway, with the system by his side, he could cultivate very well by himself. He did not need anyone’s help.

Moreover, even if he was in the mood to join a sect and bully a child, he did not need to join an enemy’s sect, right?

Lu Yushu understood Ye Changge’s thoughts and nodded.

“That’s true. Then you’ll die here.”

Lu Yushu suddenly turned hostile and used the same move as the Mo family’s patriarch. He gathered the devilish flame in his hand and punched Ye Changge like lightning.

Seeing the same move, Ye Changge did not dare to take it head-on.

Lu Yushu was too powerful and was an existence above G.o.ds.

Ye Changge did not dare to be careless.

He even used his full strength to dodge, afraid that he would have a follow-up move.


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