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Read You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 1102 – So She Is Mo Xicheng’s Girlfriend (18)

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Read WebNovel You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 1102 – So She Is Mo Xicheng’s Girlfriend (18)

Chapter 1102: So She Is Mo Xicheng’s Girlfriend (18)

She had no wish to cross swords with him, hence she would rather forewarn him.

At the time, Mo Xicheng hadn’t understood what all of this meant.

He had only nodded.

Eventually, Li Shu gave him a bank card and said, “Here’s a 100 000. It’s up to you whether you choose to return home or otherwise.”

Then she turned and left.

He stood there, holding the bank card in a daze.

He didn’t know if he should go home or just leave.

But later on, her car returned after a while.

Li Shu got out and walked over to him. She reached out and put her hand on his shoulder, saying, “Your mother did not sleep a wink last night and she has been crying. She has placed all her hopes on you.”

She left again after saying this.

Mo Xicheng knew Li Shu had hoped that he would leave when she handed him the bank card.

Because that would have been her ideal situation.

However, it was cruel to the young boy.

So her kindness compelled her to return.

Who knew what could happen to a young teenager left adrift?

Mo Xicheng eventually returned home.

Yao Lili did really cry till her eyes were sore. When she saw him, she rushed up to hug him, hitting him and crying at the same time.

After this episode, he had never retaliated again.

Yao Lili had a lot of pent-up anger that she had no outlet for. And being alone, she was quite pitiful.

At this thought, he wiped the side of his face and straightened his posture. He looked at Yao Lili through his pair of melancholic eyes and then shifted his gaze to the others in the room.

Dad Mo stood by the side, watching this with a cold att.i.tude.

There was glee in Mo Zhi’s eyes, but he was also obviously dissatisfied that Mo Xicheng had only been slapped once.

Only Li Shu looked neutral.

Mo Xicheng looked at her and felt a faint aching in his heart.

He could sense the hopelessness and great disappointment in her.

Was it because she had finally discovered her son’s true nature that she seemed so disappointed?

As soon as the thought crossed his mind, he lowered his head and looked away.

Gripping her son tightly, Yao Lili was already berating him in anger, “Say it, did you already know a long time ago that Shi Nianyao is the Shi family’s daughter, and you seduced her to get revenge on your brother?”

Mo Xicheng narrowed his eyes at this accusing remark and looked up.


Were they planning to use this excuse to persuade Shi Nianyao to give Mo Zhi a chance and remove him completely from the picture?

If Shi Nianyao’s parents really did believe this excuse, they wouldn’t let him continue to see Nianyao for sure.

Mo Xicheng’s expression turned deeply sorrowful.

He looked at Yao Lili steadily and then shifted his gaze to Dad Mo. Finally, he said, “No.”

“No? You are stubbornly denying it even now!” Yao Lili continued to berate him angrily, “Mo Xicheng, you give Shi Nianyao a call right now and clarify this to her! The marriage arrangement is between your brother and the Shi family! How could you develop such ill intentions?”

At these words, she picked up the cell phone and said, “If you won’t tell her, I will! You’ve done something wrong and I will manage it! Tell me, what’s her phone number?”

Mo Xicheng kept silent but Mo Zhi immediatly exclaimed, “I know! I know!”

He told her the number.

Mo Xicheng saw that Yao Lili was holding the cell phone and was about to dial.

He felt his blood boil. In his seething anger, he took a step towards her and grabbed her wrist. Then he took the phone out of her hand, disconnected the line and smashed the device on the ground.


It shattered into pieces.


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