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Read You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 119 – His Dark Eyes Wavered (9)

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Chapter 119: His Dark Eyes Wavered (9)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In front of her brother, she always tried her best to appear happy.

But she would have never expected that he would still be the first one to tell her feelings, despite them barely seeing each other.

She laughed while crying and turned her head to the side. After wiping her tears away, she looked back at him and said, “I’m not unhappy.”

“You’re crying.”

“I’m crying because our Xiao Yi has grown up and I’m really touched! Now, your main task is to recover well, don’t seek for immediate results. I’ve just talked to your doctor-in-charge and he said that if you push your rehabilitation practice, your legs may just completely become useless! In the future, you must stringently follow what your doctor had scheduled for you, ok?”

Qiao Yi furrowed his brow. “Sister, where did the money for my medical expense come from?”

Qiao Lian was silent for a moment and spoke, “You know that I’m a eSports caster, and the pay for female casters is really high now. Xiao Yi, quickly recover your legs and go back to school!”

Qiao Yi looked at her, full of emotions, and laughed. “Quit your reporter job then. I know that you don’t enjoy being in the industry.”

Qiao Lian immediately spoke, “I used to dislike it, but now, I really love it! Do you know? The news agency has arranged for me to follow a new artist and it is Shen Liangchuan! He’s my idol and now I can closely interact with him on a daily basis.”

Qiao Yi, “Sister, can you not be so obsessed with good-looking men? You look like your interaction with him has become one with a negative distance!”

Qiao Lian immediately blushed. “Dang! Why are your words so frivolous?”

Qiao Yi continued laughing for a while and then looked at her seriously. “Sister, you should really quit your job. I will check the reason behind… our parents death, ok?”

Qiao Lian’s eyes reddened again. She reached out her hand out and patted his head, ignoring his protest. “My Xiao Yi, our parents’ biggest wish was that we could both study hard and well. You have already delayed it for so long and once your legs have recovered, you should return to school! I have already worked in the news agency for eight months and if I continue for four more months, acc.u.mulating a whole year, I can get my reporter’s certificate.”

After she attained her reporter’s certificate, she would be able to investigate the reason for her parents death from eight years ago.

Knowing that she wouldn’t heed his advice, Qiao Yi changed the topic. “Sister, can I discuss something with you?”


“Can you change my caretaker to a male one?”


“It’s because I have grown up!”

“… Hahahahahaha! Xiao Yi, why are you so cute!”


When Qiao Lian walked out of the hospital, she looked like she had revived and was gushed with energy.

What could her chief editor even do to her?

As long as she survived these four months and successfully got her reporter’s certificate, she wouldn’t bother to continue working for them.

At 6 pm, Qiao Lian alighted from the bus. When she intended to walk to villa 8, she received a call from Xia Yehua. “Xiao Qiao, come to villa 18 for dinner tonight. Let’s have dinner together.”

When Qiao Lian reached villa 18, she realized that the car Shen Liangchuan had driven today was parked there.

Did that mean that Shen Liangchuan was back?

Had he realized that the article hadn’t been her doing and returned back to apologize?

As the thoughts were running through her mind, she lifted her head up and walked into the living room.

The three of them sat on the sofa in the living room and they were happily conversing before she entered.

But after she had entered the room, Shen Liangchuan’s expression immediately turned cold.


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