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Read You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 1766 – It Is Hard to Speak of One’s Troubles (6)

You Are My Unforgettable Love is a web novel completed by Young Master Yan, 公子衍.
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Chapter 1766: It Is Hard to Speak of One’s Troubles (6)

Before he could finish speaking, he suddenly heard a surprised voice from someone not far away, “What is going on between you two? Police Officer Liang, you’re too close to Mrs. Lu! Coming here, I saw how both of you were acting. If I hadn’t known beforehand, I would have thought you were a couple.”

Everyone turned their heads simultaneously and they saw a woman, who was dressed beautifully and elegantly, walking over. When her gaze fell on Lu Qingtian, one could tell the arrogance it carried.

When Qiao Yiyi saw her, she immediately frowned.

Who was this person?

Why was she using that tone?

If someone who hadn’t known them beforehand heard her, they would have thought that there was something between Liang Liang and her.

But all they had done was have a short conversation.

But at that moment, it definitely wasn’t the time for her to speak, she had to hold it in. She had thought at first that she was going to get lectured again, considering how much Lu Qingtian disliked her, but Lu Qingtian sneered and said, “Oh, Zhang Minting, what’s up with that look? We are just explaining to Police Officer Liang what happened, why would you think that? Seriously, now if a man talks to a woman on the street, they are seeing each other? What kind of thinking do you have?”

Zhang Minting instantly became furious. “Lu Qingtian, what do you mean?”

“I just said what I meant. Zhang Minting, stop speaking bullsh*t here. You have such a disgusting att.i.tude. Yiyi has done nothing wrong and Police Officer Liang is famous for being a good officer. Don’t impose your filthy thinking on them!”

Lu Qingtian spoke dominantly. After she said that, Qiao Yiyi lifted her head up in disbelief and looked at Lu Qingtian.

Hadn’t Lu Qingtian always hated her?

Why was she speaking up for her now?

But after thinking for a bit, Qiao Yiyi instantly understood.

She was Mrs. Lu now. If bad rumours about her actually got spread, it would definitely hurt the Lu family’s reputation.

Hence Lu Qingtian wasn’t protecting her, but the Lu Family.

But even so, Qiao Yiyi appreciated her kindness.

At that moment, Qiao Yiyi realized that Lu Qingtian looked like Lu Nanze. Lu Nanze was handsome, and that look of his on Lu Qingtian made her seem slightly more pleasant and slightly less girly. Lu Qingtian then looked like a tough woman.

Although this tough woman had a straightforward and hot temper and did things as she pleased, she was someone really intelligent.

She knew exactly when to do what.

Zhang Minting wasn’t able to beat Lu Qingtian’s wit, so she stomped her feet angrily. “You- you should stop being a busybody! You’re already an old woman that left the Lu family a while ago to get married, but you keep returning to the Lu family. Tell me, is it because you know Lu Nanze doesn’t have any sons? And you have laid your eyes on the Lu family’s inheritance?”

Lu Qingtian sneered. “I grew up with the Lu family, what’s wrong with me returning home? Zhang Minting, you should stop living in the past and use your rotten ideas to judge others. You should get to know the modern world! Besides that, what I might think is the Lu family’s business. At least my surname is Lu, what about you? What does it have to do with you?”

Zhang Minting was so angry that she couldn’t speak. After a while, she stomped her foot on the floor and took a glance at the ward. “I was in the hospital and I heard that Lu Nanze was injured, so I came to take a look. Hmph, I’ve already called Tingting. She’ll come to visit Nanze in the afternoon.”


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